The Lipstick Bandits’ Secret Santa Look Swap | Big hair & a plush pout, inspired by call it beauty.

!LB look swap - call it beauty

Happy Christmas-Eve-Day, my dearlings!

This month for The Lipstick Bandits, we’ve put together something a little different — a bit of a “secret santa” project, for both ourselves and our readers. Each Bandit has been paired up (by myself, unbeknownst to the other person) to create a look inspired by the other blogger, whether in product, application, colour… you get the idea.

The inspiration: Dani, at call it beauty. 

Dani - call it beauty

I ended up being paired with the absolutely gorgeous Dani, a wonderfully talented Vancouverite with a fantastic blog (and even more fantastic hair.) To mimic her look, I tried to copy said hair (of course), using hot rollers and a flat iron to add as much curl and volume as possible.

I think the hair went surprisingly alright, all things considered, but I’m completely bummed that I forgot to line my waterlines in black, as she usually does!

!LB look swap - Dani

After making my best attempt at getting Dani-hair, I applied a quick flick of coloured eyeliner (Shu Uemura Blackish Satin Purple) overtop a neutral smokey eye (mainly Clarins Smokey Passion, used also here and here), and paired with a pop of colour — in this case, a bright teal along the lower lashline.

Finally, I applied a sheer layer of a coral-y blush, and layered a Marcelle Rouge Vitality lipstick (one of my all-time favourite formulas) with Korres‘ Cherry Oil Lipgloss in Rose for a bright, plush pout, something I absolutely associate with Dani’s look.

! The Lipstick Bandits Secret Santa Look Swap

I also made sure to take the eye shots from my left eye, rather than my right — I feel like I never see Dani’s right eye unless it’s in a full-face shot! :P

My right eye is certainly my favourite, but I have to admit, it was kinda nice to change things up a little & photograph the other one for once.

!The Lipstick Bandits December Look Swap

See the other Bandits’ swap looks

And a warm welcome to Lily of ChloeAsh, who is new to the Lipstick Bandits this time ’round!

!The Lipstick Bandits Look Swap

Products used

EYES: NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in Smokey Passion, ULTA Eye Shadow in Mystique, MAC Eye Shadow in Blanc Type, Sephora x Hello Kitty Graffiti Palette, Karl Lagerfeld x Shu Uemura Painting Liner in Blackish Satin Purple, Marcelle Power Volume Mascara in Black.

LIPS: Marcelle Rouge Vitality Lipstick in Raspberry Pink, Korres Cherry Oil Lipgloss in Rose.

SKIN: theBalm timeBalm in Lighter Than Light, Senna Sheer Face Color in Clarity.

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  • mostlysunnybunny

    Merry Christmas, Rae! Love the liner :)
    My recent post Merry Christmas FOTD!

  • Flawless and beautiful, as always!
    My recent post A Christmas with the Bandits

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  • Lily @ChloeAsh

    Gorgeous as usual, Rae… as soon as I saw the first picture, I knew who it was! Great job :-) Merry Christmas sweetie!
    My recent post I’m A Bandit. A Lipstick Bandit.

    • Eeee! I'm so glad to hear it — thank you, Lily! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday with your family :)

  • Gorgeous, i love the eye look :)

    Merry Christmas!

    Sophierosehearts x

  • Jessica

    So lovely! I'm so excited that you styled your hair à la Dani it really makes the illusion complete.

    Merry Christmas darling!
    ♥ Jessica
    My recent post A Very Lipstick Bandit Christmas

  • Baba

    Give me those lip colors — hooray a picture taken of the other side of your face.

    You look MARVELOUS!!!!!

  • That is such a good idea and I love the look you created :) ill definitely have to check out the others! x

    • Thanks, Fleur! Hope you like the others — our Bandits did such an amazing job with this round!

  • You two are sooo beautiful! You pulled this look off very well!

  • I'm sorry I didn't dimple contour T_T I tried!

    Big hair suits you well, soulmate :)

    Merry Christmas!
    My recent post Lipstick Bandits: Secret Santa Look Swap

    • Consider yourself forgiven :p Merry Christmas to you, too, darling!


    You look gorgeous and luuuuurve the look you created!

    Do you know why I only photograph my left eye? Because out of every 20-30 photos I take of the right, only ONE comes out looking remotely good; but it NEVER looks quite good enough. So I've stopped bothering to try! Haha!
    My recent post Lipstick Bandits: The Secret Santa Look Swap

    • :D Hi, Dani-darling! ♥♥ I'm glad to hear you liked it — Merry (early) Christmas!

      (I feel the EXACT same about my left eye as you do about your right. It's always a little harder to get the correct angle — this one can end up looking weirdly flat if the shot has been taken from just a bit too far to the side. Very strange!)

  • YOUR HURRRRRRRRR. It's amazing, which is right and proper, because Dani's hair is AMAZING. I've seen it in person. I know.

    My recent post The Look Swap: A Lipstick Bandit Celebration!


      Not just of Dani's hair, but the fact that you guys actually got to meet up. One day the Bandits will all have to descend on a city en masse (and it will be terrifying and wonderful.)

  • Merry Christmas gorgeous! I LOVE this, the hair is spot-on Dani. And I do enjoy seeing the other side of your face :) Can't believe you recreated it down to that detail hahaha
    My recent post The Lipstick Bandits Do Secret Santa (but Better)

  • The hair!! Perfect, Rae :D Good job on coordinating the Secret Santas and Merry Christmas!
    My recent post Merry Christmas! I got myself a special gift this year, come by and see!

    • Thank you, Paris! :) Hope you had a great Christmas as well — the look swaps were well worth the effort! Maybe we can bully you into doing one next year, as well? ;)

  • absolutely gorgeous of course Rae :) Great makeup and the hair is SPOT ON
    My recent post Lipstick Bandits Look Swap: Vampy Berry Lip A La Xiao of Messy Wands

  • The hair + the purple eyeliner + the eye shots = perfection! Go team Rae-ni :D

  • toyarosie

    I love this idea of swapping looks – I'm post-stalking all of you and love each and every one! You're hair looks amazing here Rae – just an FYI though, you clearly ALSO have fabulous hair since you can make it look like that. YOW!
    My recent post Boxing Day Sale at!

    • Aww, thank you, Toya! I honestly don't, though — my hair is actually quite thin (density, not diameter) and straight on its own; it's all in the styling :p So glad to hear you're enjoying the look swaps!!

  • Bella

    Hi Rae
    Happy new year to you ! I love your makeup
    Looks , can I enquire if there is a difference
    Between lining the entire upper waterline VS
    Technique of Tightlining ? Litter confused with
    These 2 , hope you can advice.

    • Hi, Bella! Happy new year :) The difference between tightlining and what I do is pretty simple — tightlining is what happens when you line the waterline (the fleshy bit between your lashes and your eyeball), whereas I push product into the lashline itself (keeping the waterline product-free.)

      Hope that was the answer you were looking for! :)