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    Easy fall cleaning & mandarin orange scent memories

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    In the past few weeks, I have cleaned things that I literally didn’t think would ever be clean again. I’m not talking elbow grease and a bit of hope – I’ve wiped down things that have been off-white for so long that I just assumed they were off-white, only to find that they were still sparklingly radiant beneath a thin layer of grime.

    Which, as I type it, is actually a horrifying thing to admit to this many strangers. But there you have it: I am a mess, and I’ve been trying so hard to keep all of my cleaning products green that my furniture has taken a bit of a beating as a result. (Also, the stylus for my drawing tablet. I was legitimately surprised to find out what colour it was originally.)

    Pine-Sol’s Mandarin Multi-Surface Cleaner has been my go-to for pretty much all of my fall cleaning, and even though I know it’s not some fancy, small-batch, all-natural product… I kind of love it. It makes cleaning SO much easier on my joints, and I’m done in half the time. Plus, it leaves all of my surfaces smelling vaguely like those little orange candies that you’d find in jars as a child, which always puts a smile on my face.

    I’ll be totally honest with you: I never would have tried Pine-Sol if their PR firm hadn’t sent over a few bottles, so thank you, blogging life. I’m glad that I tried these out. These three scents smell NOTHING like the acrid lemon cleaners of days gone by, and they take the muscle work right out of fall cleaning. I’m using them sparingly (only on days when I’m too tired for the green stuff), but man, they help a lot.

    What scent brings back the best memories for you?