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    Lipstick: how much are you willing to pay?

    I was chatting with my mum and sister the other day about (what else?) lipstick, and we got onto the topic of the painfully expensive ones. So, rather than the usual new-this-week spread, I thought I’d do a small feature on lipstick for this Sunday’s post.

    (Because, seriously. Who pays $75 for lipstick, and don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, that’s a little bit insane?)

    For me, there are the drugstore lipsticks ($5-$15, and isn’t it lovely when you accidentally fall in love with one of those formulas?), then the midrange ones ($15-$25), and finally the ones in the higher end of the spectrum: anything above $30–or, good lord, above $40. I just… I just try really, really hard not to get hooked on any of those.

    It’s going surprisingly okay so far. I just have to put on my blinders when people start talking Rouge Gs and Lip Mists and look the other way. :P

    What’s your price limit for lipsticks? Is it “anything goes,” or do you try to put a cap on it?

    P.S. (And then there are all of those skinny little surprise!expensive lipsticks. You know the ones: they look just a little bit costly, but then they turn out to have a third of the usual amount of lipstick in them. Yeah, NARS Pure Matte, I’m looking at you.)