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    The Organic Skin Co Cheeky Lips Pods review, swatches: My lips, but perfect

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    The products: The Organic Skin Co. “Cheeky Lips Pod” Cream Lip and Cheek Colour in Desert Storm, Lush, Spice, and Velvet

    The Organic Skin Co. is one of those brands that has it all. Low-waste packaging, easy-to-transport wood palettes, silicone-free formulas… they’ve absolutely perfected the art of the cream product.

    If you’ve been reading theNotice during this slow summer, you’ll know that I love the brand’s cream eyeshadows. They’re one of those rare products that can deliver a full day of crease-free eyeshadow for me, and the only one I’ve found so far that can do it with absolutely no silicones or parabens. But I’ve been wearing their Cheeky Lips formula just as—if not more—often, and it deserves a mention too!

    The Organic Skin Co. review paraben silicone cruelty free beauty

    A cream blush to love

    These little pods come in low-waste clamshell packaging, and fit neatly into a palette. The clamshells, which are cruelty-free and vegan, are shipped in paper sachets.

    The Cheeky Lips pods are creamy with a little bit of stickiness, and they wear for a good long time on me. I don’t find that I need to touch up my cheek colour by the end of the workday, but I do like to add a little bit more lip colour after 4-ish hours (which is standard for my lips.)

    The stickiness feels hydrating, and helps dictate how much product to use: as blush, these pods feel completely skin-like once blended in. As lipsticks, these pods feel like lip balm if used as a stain, and a little more like lipstick if applied with intensity.

    The Organic Skin Co. palette review swatches photos

    The Organic Skin Co. Cheeky Lips Pod shades: Desert Storm, Lush, Spice, and Velvet

    I was sent four of these to try. I only fell in love with one (Spice), but I’ll be damned if all four of The Organic Skin Co’s Cheeky Lips Pods aren’t phenomenal.

    Desert Storm is a unique, yellow-based orange. It’s almost a little muted, which you wouldn’t expect from the pan. I can’t ever see myself pulling off this kind of shade, but orange lip and cheek colours come into style again every five or ten years—and this one is perfect. It’s creamy, pigmented, and really polished.

    Lush is, I’m guessing, one of the brand’s most popular shades. A vibrant blue-red, it’s the colour of Snow White’s lips (but in 4K). Blotted, it looks like a matte-finish stain; applied a little more heavily, it’s opaque and a little glossy.

    The Organic Skin Co. Desert Storm, Lush, Spice, Velvet swatches

    The Organic Skin Co. Cheeky Lips Pods swatches in Desert Storm, Lush, Spice, and Velvet

    My favourite of the bunch is Spice, which can only be described as the epitome of a “my lips but better” shade. It’s balanced, mauvey, and medium-opaque, and it adds the perfect amount of colour to the lips or cheeks — but it never looks anything but completely natural. The pigmentation on this is divine: worked into the skin, it’s everything that I wanted Colourpop Zuma to be, and applied more heavily, it looks like a custom-made everyday shade. This colour is the embodiment of what I think it feels like to roll out of bed as Adriana Lima. 

    Finally, Velvet is a stunner (but it’s not really my jam). It’s bright and punchy, with impressive vibrancy for an organic product. It has a strong blue base, but runs a little more purple than fuchsia.

    The Organic Skin Co. packaging review

    The Organic Skin Co verdict?

    I’ve tried a handful of The Organic Skin Co products now, and I have to say: they continue to impress. I’m just as wild about their lip and cheek creams as I am about their cream eyeshadows. These wear for just as long as a non-organic product, but they’re cleanly made and come in low-waste packaging.

    If your colouring is anything like mine, Spice is a shade that I would highly recommend. It’s the perfect colour to sculpt and flush my lips and cheeks!

    Availability: $29 CAD at The Green Jungle.

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