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    Sephora x Disney Jasmine Magic Carpet Ride Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

    Sephora Disney review - Jasmine eyeshadow palette A

    The product: Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Palette

    The new Sephora x Disney Ariel collection is still just that side of available (well, other than the Storylook Eyeshadow Palette, $55 USD/$66 CAD), but for those of us who can’t wait, Sephora already has a gorgeous Disney collection out & ready for the hauling.

    Today’s review is of a beautiful, Aladin-inspired eyeshadow palette, on shelves now.

    Sephora Disney Jasmine review swatches Magic Carpet Ride

    The overall aesthetic

    There are four shades in the Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Palette, all of which are named with overwhelming confusion. Sephora’s descriptions of these shades doesn’t quite seem to match up with their placement in the palette, so instead: there’s a taupey lilac, a dark plum, a shimmering peach, and a bright blue.

    The palette is rather summery overall, and the shades serve easily as an all-over wash, crease shade, highlighter, and “pop of colour,” respectively. I can’t see myself wearing all four of the shades at once (I’m not quite that bold, I’m afraid), but you can definitely put together a handful of different eye looks with just this palette!

    Disney Sephora review - Magic Carpet Ride

    The textures & shades

    The taupey lilac looks more silver in the pan, but swatches as more of a purple taupe on my skin — I bet it would look more silvered on someone warmer. A true frost, it applies uniformly with finely-milled shimmer throughout; beautiful and subtle whilst still adding colour and lightness to the eye area.

    Next to it, the dark plum stands alone from the other shades. Much drier in texture, it’s more of a matte plum with blue and fuchsia micro-shimmer shot through it for depth: gorgeous and not unlike a starry night on LSD.

    Sephora Disney Jasmine Eyeshadow Palette swatches

    Sephora x Disney Magic Carpet Ride swatches in warm, indirect sunlight

    On the bottom, a light peach provides shimmering, slightly-chunky texture. It’s sure to make a standout inner corner highlighter on any skintone, but this buttery eyeshadow has a much more “aggressive” shimmer to it than the lilac — closer to the glitter end of the spectrum.

    Finally, the bright blue. It’s not as smooth as the peach, but not as hard the lilac. Think of it as the shimmer to the lilac’s frost and the peach’s glitter; this medium-sheer shimmer feels vibrant, beachy, and surprisingly on-trend.

    Sephora Disney Jasmine Eyeshadow Palette

    Sephora Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Palette swatches

    Swatched on primed skin; indirect sunlight

    The fallout

    I’m not entirely sure which eyeshadow is at fault (if I had to guess, I’d say the plum), but an eye look with this palette always involves glittery fallout during placement and blending. Whether it’s over a primer or foiled, even a stiff tap doesn’t get all of the glitter chunks off. Be prepared to use a shadow shield… or suffer the consequences of fairydust cheeks throughout the day (or night).

    Disney Jasmine + Sephora Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Palette review

    The verdict?

    At $36 CAD, I don’t think this palette is a must-have — but it’s still a good palette, and is nice to have if you love the shades inside. The amount of shimmer fallout means that these eyeshadows fall (ha!) short of great, but it’s not an uncommon sight: even well-loved brands like Urban Decay and Stila are often guilty of their over-shimmery eyeshadows dropping down.

    Overall, Magic Carpet Ride is a pretty, well-packaged palette that houses four beautiful eyeshadows. It has its flaws, but makes up for them with a cohesive, summery aesthetic that I think many beauty addicts will love.

    Availability: Limited edition this Spring/Summer at Sephora, $30 USD/$36 CAD.

    P.S. If you wanted to pick anything up from the Cinderella collection, make sure to do it now (before Ariel launches)! Once Ariel is up, I have a feeling that Cinderella will be coming off shelves for good.

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