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February 2010

    Lash Boosting: Week Zero

    There are a lot of things that come with being Asian — some good (mantao, fresh egg tarts, and that greyish soupy thing with tapioca and red beans that you get in the bakery or at the dessert stand, but no one ever tells you what it is in English so you have no idea what it’s called,) and some bad (being short, having wimpy lashes, and crazy relatives.)

    While there’s nothing that can be done to fix the shortness (except for six inch heels) or relatives (but really, everyone has some crazies in their family,) we can at least hope to fix this “wimpy lashes” issue. (Without this crazy “iris darkening” crap!)

    So here are my lashes right now, without mascara or liner or any of that jazz. Unlike most photos on theNotice, which are taken in less-than-desirable lighting and then fixed to death with backend work, these are un-retouched, save for cropping and resizing, and have been taken without flash in natural light — if we’re watching for changes, it’s only fair to use raw images!

    (Why yes… I do have about ten more of these photos, including shots of my other eye. But I’m feeling empathetic today, so I’m not posting them all!)

    And here’s our possible solution — L’Oreal‘s Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum!

    I’ll report back every Sunday for the next little while to let you know how it’s faring — if it’s working or if it’s just glorified glycerine. I’m not expecting miracles or anything, but some lenthening or added fullness would be nice! And (psst!) I’m feeling a related giveaway coming up soon…

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    Open Door Policy

    I’ll be uploading some swatches later today (LORAC glosses and Tarte stains, anyone? Yah, swatches overruled my craving to review.)…