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    Juvente Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream review, photos

    *this post was sponsored by Juvente.

    The products: Juvente Parfaite Day Cream, Absolue Night Cream, and Radieuse Eye Contour Care

    Late last year, I was introduced to a new, Canadian skincare company called Juvente. Designed to provide users with a plant-focused cosmeceutical option for their skincare, the 98% natural brand targets free radical damage to combat the signs of ageing.

    As I’m sure longtime readers know by now, I love anti-ageing products–but not for their anti-ageing properties. Instead, I love how they provide deep, dermal hydration (a must-have for my dry skin), and I really appreciate the fact that they minimize damage caused by pollution. So, because there’s no better time to start a new skincare regimen than the beginning of the year, I thought I’d kick off 2017 with a skincare post!

    Juvente products are free of silicones, gluten, parabens, mineral oil, animal byproducts, and phthalates, and the brand is committed to never using microbeads, artificial colourants, or SLS. Their packaging is designed to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint, right down to the vegetal ink. (I’d love to see future iterations of these products with glass bases instead of plastic – it’s a more eco-conscious alternative, and would be incredibly satisfying to use.)

    The science behind Juvente

    Juvente calls their product range a “7/3 solution.” Each product uses 7 key ingredients, with 3 key actives.

    The crowning ingredient of this line is beta-glucan, extracted from GMO-free oats. It’a water-soluble polysacchraide that, like hyaluronic acid, can absorb right down to the dermis, where it’s been shown in vitro to stimulate collagen synthesis. The products also feature anti-inflammatory oat-derived avenanthramides, and astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant that comes from the sea. (It’s a micro-algae extract from the carotenoid family.)

    The Juvente Anti-Ageing Day Cream – Parfaite ($107 CAD)

    The Juvente Parfaite Day Cream comes in packaging with a sunny yellow stripe. It has a very subtle sweet, floral fragrance, and a cushy, almost gelatinous texture. It absorbs easily and is moderately hydrating – I’d like to see more hydration for the price, but it should work well for anyone with normal to combination skin.

    These products get their pink tint from astaxanthin, which helps protect against UV damage, but this day cream doesn’t contain SPF. I enjoy my Juvente Day Cream, but I’m going to level with you: I don’t use it unless I know for certain that I’m going to be indoors all day long.

    As any skincare junkie knows, sun damage is a key part in slowing down free radical damage. I know most luxury day creams don’t contain SPF (and I will forever wonder as to why), but I’d really like to see an updated version of this day cream in the future with a physical sunscreen component.

    The Juvente Anti-Ageing Night Cream – Absolue ($103 CAD)

    I also tried out the Juvente Absolue Night Cream, which has a super-subtle herbal fragrance. Honestly, the scent is so faint that it just smells good. Clean, but like nothing at all. Like the other Juvente products, this one is very experience-based: it has that cushy texture, hefty packaging with super-smooth threads, and just the barest hint of fragrance.

    The Juvente Night Cream is creamier and heavier than their Day Cream, but I definitely need to pair it with an oil or some squalane. (Thanks, Alberta.) The packaging, however, is just a pleasure to use, and I hope it’s here to stay.

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