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    The violet crease | A quick, easy way to wear colour

    One of my favourite everyday looks (perhaps my top favourite, even) is one that, ironically, I will never be able to wear.

    I’ve always loved the clean simplicity of a light, neutral lid with a soft pop! of colour in the crease – an eye that can be done in under two minutes, but still create a very polished, fresh look. So, to share it with you, I borrowed a friend’s lids (and, er, face)! Everyone, meet Becky. Becky, meet… everyone.

    Hope you enjoy the look :)

    Okay, so, a moment of honesty? These photos are over a year old (I wasn’t kidding when I said that I really do procrastinate a lot), and I’m not completely sure what we used. I’m going to guess the GOSH Golden/Chocolate duo on the lid (Golden as a wash, and Chocolate lightly on the outer 1/3, both on the lid and along the lower lashline), plus a blend of Korres Plum and Annabelle Violet Vibe in the crease.

    With my predictability, I’d say there’s a 90% chance that these guesses are correct :P

    P.S. I’m a huge fan of violet in the crease, but you could really go with anything! Blue, brown (a basic neutral eye), green…. anything. Hit up our colour posts for swatches of some of my favourite colour families.

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