Lunette Menstrual Cup review, photos, and… rave

The first cup that I wanted to review today was the size 1 clear Lunette, simply because I’m awful at saving the best for last. Of all of the cups that I’ve tried, this was by far my favourite! It turns out that it may actually be a good thing that this review is so delayed – the Lunette site has gotten a facelift recently, which should make picking one up a lot easier. (They’re hard to find in-store, at least in Canada.)

The shape: I wanted to give you ladies a really good idea of the size of the Lunette, so it went on a bit of a photoshoot with some popular beauty products ;) The Lunette ismore pear-shaped than the DivaCup – it’s the parabola to the DivaCup’s absolute value function, if you will. To each her own, I know, but I personally find that this helps it sit more comfortably (and makes removal a fair bit easier!)

It also has more of a “tail” than many other cups, but don’t let that scare you away (it’s actually a good thing). I find the longer end makes guiding the cup out easier, and despite my initial worries, you can’t feel it. It doesn’t stick out much, and if it does, you can trim it yourself at home. (Plus, you’ve already got fold-y stuff going on down there. A bit of soft silicone doesn’t make much of a difference!)

The dimensions: The size 1 Lunette…

  • Is 41 mm by 47 mm, with a 25mm stem
  • Holds 25ml (that’s about 4 regular tampons, three super tampons, or 2 super plus tampons)
  • Is appropriate for most body types (the model 2 is usually for those who have given birth, and/or have particularly heavy periods.)
  • (I’m thinking I should probably try out a model 2 sometime, seeing as I bleed like mad and the DivaCup #2 fits me decently. The Selene is tempting, and hey – it would give us another photo op! Hmm…)

A cost breakdown: I wasn’t kidding when I said that I bleed a lot; for the first two days of my period I go through about seven extra super tampons in a day, plus two pads and then another extra super and an overnight pad while I sleep. After that, I use about two regular tampons and one pad for the next three days or so.

Now. The Lunette is $39.99, which seems pretty pricy… at first. However, you can keep a cup for three years according to the FDA (though most cup users say that they’re good for about 10; the FDA’s probably just covering their arses!) so let’s do some math. AURGHHH I hate math.

Tampons: 1 box of Extra Super Tampax per month ($5 for 20), plus two packages of Always pads ($9 for 28) per year. Assuming 13 periods per year. TOTAL: $249 over three years

The Lunette: 2 cups (just in case), plus… say, six boxes of disinfecting wipes (2 per year) and a bottle of Feelbetter? TOTAL: $80 over three years

I rest my case.

Other stuff worth knowing:

  • I find the Lunette easier to wash out than the DivaCup, as its holes are slightly larger and there’s less writing on the inside.
  • The Lunette is made in Finland out of medical-grade silicone
  • Fakes DO exist. Make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller!
  • Getting the cup in the first time is difficult; I won’t lie. But to be 110% honest, I now find inserting and removing my cup more comfortable than inserting and removing a tampon, as cups won’t dry out your vaginal lining. It’s hell to get in the first time, but it’s worth it!
  • The Lunette can be worn with an IUD, and can be worn for up to 12 hours.

Have more questions? Hit us up in the comments – I know menstrual cups are a strange concept, but I honestly think they’re a lifechanger. So, feel free to ask as many questions as you want (seriously)!

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  • ok, when i first heard about this, i was a bit grossed out. i'm still not exactly sure how it works (NTS: must do research) but i have to say i'm quite intrigued. maybe my curiosity will get the better of me one of these days and i'll actually try one :p.

    "fold-y stuff" has got to be the best descriptive phrase i have ever heard concerning the, well… "fold-y stuff."
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    • LOL! Well, it keeps our search terms clean, plus… everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about :P

      I hope you do give one a try! I love my cups so, so much – way less waste, more time between changing/emptying, more comfortable… <3 <3 <3

  • Hanhan

    would u recommend the lunette or the fleur? thanks (:

    • galthea

      well, that depends. some women like fleur better, some lunette. google for some comparisions and pictures and just go for that one which you personally like better.

      when i was choosing, i found out that most women go for fleur (but that could be just coincidence that i foud such posts), so i bought that one and it's my favourite now. but do the research and just choose the one you personally like better.

      • Good answer, galthea! Cups are very ymmv, and I haven't tried the fleur (so I can't compare the two) :)

    • dilarazmi

      The small fleur cup and the small lunette cup is almost identical in terms of capacity and circumference. The only differences are that the small fleur cup is softer than the small lunette cup and a little shorter with a slightly different shape. Oh and also the price! The fleur cup is cheaper ;)

  • Looks just as the DivaCup does to me. I'm happy with the DC, but I think if I ever replace it, I'll try the Lunette next. I like the longer tail…
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    • I'll try to post some comparison shots soon! The two are shaped pretty differently, imo – I like the shorter, plumper Lunette, myself ;)

      • I'd be okay with either I think. Just preference I guess!

      • Olivia

        I like the smaller Lunette as well. The large lunette is made from a stiffer silicon rubber.

  • I'm confused as to how we're supposed to insert the Lunette or Diva Cup… Yet, I don't think I want to know.
    I've tried using tampons before but they were all unsuccessful tries so since then, I've stuck to pads. It would be better for the environment if I could successfully use the Lunette or Diva Cup but I'm so scared!
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    • I am the same as you (i do know that you fold the cup on insertion though)

      I have bad luck with tampons and so am hesitant on trying the cup. I also am not sure how it would be having to change the cup in a womans wash room (ie one with stalls)
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      • Changing them in a stall is a bit of a pain, but it's not actually hard – it just takes some time :) It's no different from changing them at home, really, but you have to wipe out the cup (and wipe off your hands) with tissue, rather than quickly rinsing them under water.

        Sorry to hear that you (two) can't use tampons! I can't imagine what I would do if I could only use pads :/

        • jhr2678

          I may try this actually. with me the issue with tampoons is they dry me out to the point that they can not be removed with out excruciating pain… and since no one likes pain that means i cant get them out on my own
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          • :/ That sounds… pretty awful, to be totally honest. Perhaps the tampons you're using are the wrong brand for your body type? (Each brand expands differently; I'll only use Tampax if I have a choice, but my sister won't touch anything but Playtex!)

            But I digress – cups ftw!

      • Olivia

        I also had trougble with tampons. I hated the fact that they dried me out. Once I switched to the Lunette cup (my favourite brand- greaqt design), I had no problems whatsoever!

    • Aww! *comforting hugs* The cups are really flexible, so you sort of… fold them closed and let them pop open once they're fully inserted? I promise, it's a lot less scary than it sounds! :p

  • splattergirl

    can you find those in any stores in Canada? I am in Toronto.

    • I haven't seen them in the shops, but the Lunette site ships to Canada if I'm not mistaken :)

    • EJB

      I used to find Diva Cups at London Drugs, but now I have to go to our local healthy/organic grocery to get one. HTH!

    • Olivia

      No, you can only buy online since the packaging of the Lunette brand is not bilingual, like it should be in Canada. The government does not appove until they change it to French/Eglish packaging and instructions.

    • dot1spot

      The available cup sold in Canada is the Diva Cup – I'm not sure why. I liked the Diva cup but found it a bit long. I read about the Lunette size 1 and really wanted to try it. So, I ordered from the USA @ Glad Rags
      I really like my Lunette. I perfer it over the Diva Cup.

  • laura r

    the Notice- bringing women's ed into the 21st century! i love this series and will have to consider my ways anew. i get on well with tampons (including OB) so i might do well with these.

    • Aww <3 I'm glad you're enjoying the series, Laura! I simply cannot rave enough for cups – so, of course, I think you totally should give them a try!

    • *blushes* If only we were deserving of your praise!

      Do give cups a try, lovely :) They're so worth it!

  • Olivia

    The cup design looks so elegant and pretty. I guess pads and tampons CAN'T compare :)

    • Too true : ) There isn't really such a thing as a "cute pad" or an "elegant tampon"!

  • Popppy

    Hey I have tried the Lunette over 3 periods and each time I end up also having to use a pad as there is too much leakage. I don't bleed a lot and I have tried positioning it in several places. What am I doing wrong? Or will there always be leakage with menstruation cups?

    • Hi Poppy,

      It's possible that the Lunette doesn't fit you, or that it's just not sitting in the right place. (Let's hope for the latter!) When you insert it, are you sure the cup is 100% expanded, and that it's not still folded? From what I've read, that's the most common reason for leakage.

      To make sure it's totally expanded, slide your finger up (okay, I know this is going to sound gross) your vaginal wall, alongside the cup, and run it around the entire edge of the cup. If you can feel "soft spots," then you just need to get your cup to pop open fully! (I find the easiest way is to push against your vaginal wall, which creates a passageway for air to get in and expand the cup. You should be able to feel it – and perhaps hear it – pop open!)

      Hope that helps :) Good luck with your cup!

  • Mariko

    What other cups did you use, may I ask? I'm in the UK atm and am deciding between a Lunette and Mooncup, but am also wondering if there are better ones out there.

    Also, how often did you have to change your Lunette size 1 on a heavy flow day?

    • Hi Mariko,

      I've tried the Lunette size 1, Diva Cup size 1, Diva Cup size 2, and Instead disposable :) If you're looking for even more cup comparisons, the mac_cosmetics menstrual cup community is a great place to start.

      On a heavy flow day for me, I have to change the Lunette every two hours or so – but take that with a grain of salt; I literally do not know anyone else with a flow as heavy as mine! The average period is 35ml, but on my heaviest days, I'll bleed up to 10ml… an hour. (And yes, it sucks!)

      Hope that helps, and feel free to ask for clarification if I've muddled up one of these answers : )

      • Mariko

        Wow, that really sucks! Your answer did help a lot! I've calculated, and on my heaviest days I'm probably about 5ml/hour (I'm really sorry to hear that you have to deal with double the amount). I just have to decide whether I want something smaller and comfier that needs more frequent changing…or something larger (and potentially more uncomfortable?) that can be left inside longer.

        • Lol well I'm glad it actually made sense! :P

          Personally, I would follow their sizing guide (eg. if you're under 30 and haven't had kids, a size 1; a size 2 if you have) – I'm lucky enough that both the size 1 and 2 in the Diva Cup line fit me to some extent, but it's possible that the larger size would be too large for some! (In which case I'm pretty sure it would still go in and all, but may leak if it can't comfortably crate suction.)

          Good luck with your cup adventures, babe! :)

          • Mariko

            Thanks hun. :) I'm so excited haha!

  • I've used a Lunette menstrual cup (model 2) now for four years, and LOVE it! I Since having a D&C with Mirena IUD placement to correct menorrhagia, I'm planning on using a model 1, if I ever bleed again. If not, I will still recommend this cup as the most comfortable and easily useable one I have tried (over DivaCup, Keeper Mooncup and Femmecup).

  • Mandy

    Thanks for the review! I’ve had the DivaCup for about 10 months now and just noticed when I did my last boil that the suction holes are starting to tear on two different holes. I wrote DivaCup, they don’t se to care so I’m switching to Lunette and i guess I’ll continue to use my diva also until the tears get so bad I can’t use it anymore. I have a heavy period too, which is why I switched to a cup as I was full on using the super O.B.s and a pad every two or three hours on my heavy days, not to mention I was sick of cleaning blood off the walls every time I removed my tampon. Not only that I was pretty upset when they recalled the super o.b.s as there was no way in hell I could use regulars. I love the function of the cup, I’m just pissed after proper care that the cup is falling apart in less than a year and the cup manufacturer doesn’t even have the balls to back their product. So after researching Lunette I see it has about the same capacity as Diva and right now because they are switching the packing on the regular clear cups, they are on clearance for 19.99! Yay! Which is about 10 dollars less than I paid for my diva. I’m buying my new cup tomorrow. I thought I might add (since I didn’t see anyone else mention it) I do have to use a pantiliner as back up on my heavy days and after switching to the cup I didn’t want to use disposables anymore, also they were causing problems down there. You can use cloth pads. They are wonderful! I bought one pantiliner off eBay and the rest I have made myself. They are pretty much the same concept as cloth diapers. I’ve never had a full on period with one as I use my cup but I am going to try one I made this period. You can either soak them or rinse them out and just put them in the wash. The only thing you can’t use on them is fabric softener as it ruins the absorbancy. Anyways sorry for the long post.

  • Amy

    How do I know if my Lunette cup is a fake or not? Can you describe the details of the real one. I bought one for $40 from a well-rated Amazon seller but still paranoid. It seems legit except for one thing, on one side of the box, the word "insert" is mistyped "in sert".

    • Nope, that sounds legit, Amy! Mine says "inse rt" on the side, and it came directly from Lunette.

      Hope that helps! :)

  • Aly

    Hi, on your heaviest days of your period, how often do u have to change your lunette cup? Thanks x

    • I change my cup every 2 hours or so on my heaviest day, but that's not the norm — it's equivalent to two extra super tampons. I believe every 6-12 hours is closer to what most women experience (the Lunette holds 25ml; the average menstrual cycle only produces 35ml of fluid overall!)

      • kero

        Ok, I'm unfamiliar with menstrual cups but this sounds kind of intriguing… but also messy. How do you deal with changing your cup when you're out (in public, at work, etc)? Specifically, the cleaning before re-use….

  • Abby B

    Hi, what is your favourite menstrual cup for heavy periods (if you've tried any)? X

    • This one, actually! It doesn't have the largest capacity, but it's by far the most comfortable for me.

      That said, every body is different, and I'm sure many have better luck with other cups! I'll also wear the Diva Cup size 2 on my heavy days (I believe it holds an extra 5-10 ml?), but it's a little large for me — not so big that I can't get a proper seal, but large enough that it feels noticeably heavy, especially when full.

      Hope that helps :)

  • Thanks so much for this post Rae! You've definitely convinced me!

  • jackiebolen

    Have you heard of the Anigan Evacup? 2 for $30 and manufactured in the USA. It's kind of a new player on the scene but I think it has a lot of good stuff going for it.

  • Ella Z.

    I really love my menstrual cup for a ton of reasons-finances, the environment and it’s just way less hassle than any of the other alternatives. Thanks for helping to spread the word about them.