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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash review

The product: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash – Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub

Do you ever have skincare products that you want to use, but… don’t really have a reason to? I feel like I run into this problem all the time — I don’t have a ton of skin concerns, but I’m pretty easily swayed by a great fragrance.

Neutrogena silicone-free skin duo

With Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Cream Cleanser, another of their silicone-free cleansing products

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub review

Neutrogena’s Pink Grapefruit line has always had me wrapped around its little finger, and I started using it again a few weeks back. With super dry skin, however, I’ve never used it on my face: rather, I’ve returned to the Oil-Free Acne Wash lineup by using their Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub on my back. (I used their Body Clear Pink Grapefruit body wash years ago, but moved onto something else somewhere along the line.)

What? It smells amazing, and (overshare alert) my back has a tendency to break out. It’s not exactly pleasant, but I’m not complaining — I’ll take back-acne over the regular kind any day, thanks.

Availability:,, & drugstores

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100 Pumps of Marcelle Essentials Cleansing Milk | A question asked, answered.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

100 pumps of Marcelle Cleansing Milk

Have you ever wondered what a hundred pumps of your favourite product would look like?

I have. This is it, emblazoned by the sun — one hundred evenings’ worth of Marcelle Essentials Cleansing Milk ($14.50 CAD), the one cleanser I just can’t quit. It’s perfect for balancing out my dry, dehydrated skin, and cleanses away the day’s detritus without stripping out an ounce of moisture.

I’m borderline fanatical about Marcelle, and I think this cleanser has a lot to do with it. I can’t find anything else (at any price point) that ticks all the boxes I’m looking for: scent-free, non-stripping, gentle, balancing, comforting.

Marcelle Essentials Cleansing Milk review holy grail

Marcelle Cleansing Milk on steroids. Available in-stores now (and at a great price)!

Cleansing milks take a little getting used to, sure, but I think they’re worthwhile for anyone with dry or combination-dehydrated skin. Even my [very dry] complexion will overproduce oil if it’s being overcleansed, and this cleansing milk absolutely helps keep my skin from getting oily throughout the day – with the help of a heavy moisturizer and my Marcelle Face Powder ($14.50 CAD), of course.

You could almost say that it’s… Essential. (I’m sorry! I couldn’t pass on such a terrible pun.)

Best cleansing milk - Marcelle Essentials old packaging

My first bottle of this stuff (long since repackaged). We’ve been through a lot!

The ingredients:

Water, Carbomer, Beeswax, Cetyl Alcohol, Cucumber Extract, Diazolidinyl Urea, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Aroma, Glycerin, Methylparaben, Polysorbate 60, Propylene Glycol, Propylparaben, Peach Fruit Extract, Sorbitan Stearate, Triethanolamine.

P.S. I love the Marcelle Essentials Cleansing Water ($14.50 CAD), too!

P.P.S. It’s kind of weird that all of my Marcelle favourites are the exact same price. Clearly, what we can learn from this is that all $14.50 Marcelle products are cosmetic gold!

Marcelle Essentials 400ml

ob for shu uemura, Summer 2013 | Coming Up

Friday, April 12, 2013

ob for shu uemura cleansing oil teaser

Just a quick preview of a few products that will be up on theNotice (hopefully) soon! I haven’t photographed & tested the three cleansing oils that I have yet, but I’m loving the two UV mousses – they’re not ‘cone-free, but the results are fantastic. Good enough to tempt me into wearing them around despite my silicone intolerance, eep!

Availability: online at ($10 off any purchase over $50 with ARTOFSHU), (free shipping on all orders over $50), and in-stores at Holt Renfrew & select Sephora boutiques.

Here’s what’s in the collection…

ob for shu uemura collection

ob for shu uemura

the cleansing oils

  • fresh pore clarifying gentle cleansing oil (pink packaging), $79 CAD
  • high performance balancing cleansing oil advanced formula (yellow), $79 CAD
  • cleansing beauty oil premium A/O advanced formula (green), $89 CAD
  • whitefficient clear brightening gentle cleansing oil (blue), $89 CAD

the UV under base mousses

  • POREraser – pink (pink), $46 CAD
  • POREraser – beige (yellow), $46 CAD
  • BB mousse – BB beige (green), $46 CAD
  • brightening mousse whitefficient – pink purple (blue), $46 CAD

ob for shu uemura spring 2013 collection teaser

coming up

rouge unlimited lipstick

  • ob princess coral, $36 CAD
  • ob dream orange, $36 CAD
  • ob sakura pink, $36 CAD

pressed eyeshadow refill – all matte (M), $19 CAD/ea

  • light blue 630
  • light green 434
  • light purple 716
  • salmon beige 132

pastel eyeshadows - ob for shu

  • yellow beige 814
  • medium brown 852
  • medium brown 864
  • dark brown 896

cases & lashes

  • ob compact case (fits one Face Architect powder refill), $19 CAD
  • ob duo custom case (fits two eyeshadows), $11 CAD
  • sakura flower mini false eyelashes, $32 CAD
  • ocean beads mini false eyelashes, $32 CAD

ob for shu lashes and cases

Shu Uemura Ultime8 Cleansing Oil review, photos | Unmask Limited Edition

Monday, January 28, 2013

Shu Uemura Ultim8 Cleansing Oil

The product: shu uemura ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil (unmask edition packaging)

The collection

To celebrate a classic (and one that’s been on shelves for 46 years, at that!), shu uemura have released their top-selling cleansing oil in limited edition “unmask” packaging – a far cry from the minimalist bottles in the permanent range.

Shu Uemura Unmask

From left to right, we have the ultim8 cleansing oil (reviewed here), the fresh pore clarifying gentle cleansing oil (for pore concerns), the high performance balancing cleansing oil (for all skin types), the cleansing beauty oil premium A/O (for ageing skin), and finally, the whitefficient clear gentle cleansing oil (for brightening).

ultim8 cleansing oil

Shu Uemura - Ultim8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil

Created to target global skin concerns, the ultim8 cleansing oil is something of the crème de la crème of cleansing oils. Its eight oils are infused with botanical ingredients to fight any of the skin concerns you may have, and shu uemura describe it as a “cashmere-like cocooning oil.”

I’ve tried two of shu’s cleansing oils so far  (the other was their A/O formula), and this one has been my favourite. Lighter than the A/O while still feeling comforting and a little weighty, I much prefer the scent of this one — and, of course, its cleansing powers don’t disappoint.

Shu Uemura Ultim8 Cleansing Oil Unmask Skin Purifier

As a blogger, one of the things I struggle with the most is getting super-pigmented swatches off of my forearms on swatch days. It doesn’t sound like much of a feat, but trust me: with very pale, dry skin, my arms pick up colour like crazy.

Cleansing oils aren’t my favourite way to remove makeup from my arms (you need a sink, and I’ve yet to find one that’s truly cost-effective), but when I have a lot of products to go through in very little time, the shu oils have been my go-to. Without even needing a cleansing cloth to scrub with, they remove product more quickly and gently than anything else I own — including bi-phase makeup removers and micellar waters!

Shu Uemura Unmask Skin Purifier - Ultim8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil

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Thinking outside of the bottle | Sephora Collection Creamy Body Wash Caps photos, review

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The product: SEPHORA COLLECTION Creamy Body Wash Caps

One of the coolest new products in travel beauty are the Sephora Collection Creamy Body Wash Caps — little single-serving shower gels. They’re quite novel, and perfect for things like weekend trips: a few caps will fit easily into your carry-on without breaking the 100 mL limit.

You don’t have to leave the city to have an excuse to try out the caps, though! Sephora has put them out in 14 different scents, from Blueberry, to Green Tea, to Lemon Verbena or Chocolate. There’s actually more scents available in the caps than in the full-size Creamy Body Wash, but they’re a great way to try out the full-size versions without the 140 ml commitment, too.

Better still is that they’re perfectly scent-sealed — meaning you can throw a handful (of different scents, even) into your luggage without having to worry that everything else is going to end up smelling like some sort of chocolatey-floral tropical-fruit-punch monster.

I had first mentioned these on theNotice here, when I went over some of the products available at Sephora France. It’s great to see that they’ve finally landed in North America, though their Cube Effervescents (fizzing bath cubes) have yet to show up in stores!

The verdict?

Okay, so these clearly aren’t suited for daily use — but I think they’re a bit brilliant, really. At just $1 each, they’re perfect for trying out a new scent, throwing into your luggage, or adding to a goodie bag.

I go scent-free in the shower almost all of the time, but sometimes it’s nice to mix things up with a bit of fragrance, you know? I’d never go through an entire bottle of scented body wash (I’ve tried; it never works) so these are perfect for those rare times when I want something with a tasty, lingering scent.

(I’m not kidding about the tasty: that really is the best way to describe some of these!)

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