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How happy does this much Aveeno’s Skin Relief Chamomile Body Wash make me? Well… about this happy:

Happier than fresh beaver tails pastries at a food truck. Happier than fresh-cut grass and a warm summer day. Happier than watching ducks splash around in pools of water. Happier than – okay, almost as happy as a little kid playing with a puppy dog.


These are a few of my ride-or-die skincare products: Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash, and their Fresh Essentials Moisturizer SPF 30.

I have hella dry skin that’s intolerant to silicones, as I’m sure all of my longtime readers know by now, and these two products really help get me sorted. The Skin Relief Body Washes smell amazing and leave my skin more hydrated than it was before soaping up (they’re like in-shower body moisturizers that cleanse), and they’re so good that both Boyfriend and I swear by them.


Daydreaming about chamomile body wash showers…

During my post-shower routine, the Fresh Essentials Moisturizer provides me with daytime SPF 30 coverage at a really affordable price point. I need to add a couple drops of serum or oil to it when I apply, but it’s well worth the extra step–and for that matter, I have yet to find any moisturizer with SPF that I can use on its own.

I’m on my second bottle of Fresh Essentials Moisturizer and my third bottle of the Skin Relief Body Wash, so when I say that this is good stuff, I mean it!

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  • 1 – Omg you are SO gorgeous STOOOOOP IT.
    2 – I really need to try this body wash because it's been cold for about two days now and my skin is already drying up like an old fruit.

    • 1) No, you!! And also thank you ^.^
      2) You sooooo do. It's really fantastic stuff!

  • Kate & Zena

    I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Aveeno's skin relief body wash. I tried my mom's lavender version and said, "Aveeno, you finally figured out the no fragrance thing aside from the herb? FINALLY?" I have just the regular ol' skin relief one as lavender makes my nose scrunch up.

    Why did I go back to Aveeno? Dove changed their formula…AGAIN. Ugh, quit changing formulas asshat companies.

    • Yes!!!! I love that you love this one too, Katie.

      I feel like Dove does that a fair bit – I remember when one of their surfactants got recategroized as a fragrance molecule and they changed a bunch of things around in their bar soap line. Stop it!! I just want my favourites to all just stay exactly as they are!!

      • Kate & Zena

        I know, like, stop changing me formulas! Or taking them off the shelves. (Clinique, I'm lookin' at you.) Like, keep my HG products the way they are.

        And why doesn't Benefit have the blue Bad Gal mascara anymore? *cries* I miss that shit something cray cray.

  • shireenplatt

    You look like a model in the pictures, gorgeous! I'll need to check out both of these. I do love Aveeno as a brand and get along very well with the products so I have a feeling I will love these too!
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    • Aww, thank you my love!! <3

      Hope you love the bodywash! So far, everyone who I've rec'd it to has fallen head over heels ;)