NOW WATCHING: The only red is Ellis Red

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ellis Red may or may not be your perfect red, but this gorgeous, blood-inspired shade has been captured beautifully in ELLIS FAAS’ newest film.

Mesmerizing and eerie, the camerawork and music behind The only red is Ellis Red are the perfect complement to Ellis’ concept and artistry. The short film (two and a half minutes — or five, if you’re like me and couldn’t help but watch it twice back-to-back) is soothing, hair-raising, and does a wonderful job of summing up the artistry-based ethos of the brand.

Availability: $35 USD, available in Creamy Lips L101, Milky Lips L201, and Glazed Lips L301. All orders containing Ellis Red ship for free worldwide on the ELLIS FAAS site.

Playing with textures | A violet-eyed makeup look done entirely with cream products

Monday, January 21, 2013

Easy cream eyeshadow tutorial

I love playing with different textures when it comes to my makeup, but it’s not a regular thing for me — I have a set few products that I use all the time (mainly powders), and I don’t really get much of a chance to work with other methods of delivery.

My sister, though, is hugely into creme products. Like, hugely-hugely. She has this weird–and notably false–preconception that the pigments in cream products will stick around for longer, but it means that her stash is easily 80% cremes.

Illamasqua Zygomatic Cream Blusher

Anyhow. For something a little different, I borrowed a couple of her favourite creme products (the Estée Lauder  cream eyeshadow and Illamasqua blusher) and threw together a violet-eyed, neutral-cheeked look.

For the full tutorial, don’t miss this post on She Said Beauty! 

!Violet and brown eyeshadow tutorial (s)

The eyes

For the eye, I started with a base of Estée Lauder Ivory Lace (the ShadowCremes are being discontinued; try something like MAC Bare Study instead), added Ellis Faas Light in E304 to the outer half of the lid, then layered Clinique Lid Smoothie in Born Freesia overtop in the centre. And it… went actually horribly, to be honest.

I’ve never tried to layer one of the Lights before; I will never try to layer one of the Lights ever again. 

(Actually, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I’ve come to this conclusion before. Anyone else find that Ellis products are glorious only if used without a primer underneath?)

!Winter violet lids (s)

I don’t know if it was the layering or the blending, but — never; never again. Fingers or brushes didn’t matter; drying time didn’t matter… again and again, I ended up with flaky bits of fallout and an increasing amount of eye irritation.

To get around this, I actually mixed the two violets on the back of my hand & applied. It went really well, surprisingly — E304 added an intensity that Born Freesia doesn’t usually have, but the texture of the Lid Smoothie was maintained and led to a really easy, smooth application.

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Four sites to check out this Sunday

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4. Beautezine

This one’s not corporate, but I thought we’d start off with a little blog link love. Jessica, who writes Beautezine, is a gorgeous Ottawa (hey, does anyone know the demonym for Ottawa?) writer, editor, makeup artist, and photographer who has just begun blogging full-time — basically, every beauty blogger’s dream.

If you’re not reading Beautezine yet, you should be!! Jessica’s photos are always great, as are her reviews and looks. I’d call her a triple threat, but that doesn’t do her coding skills justice: I’m loathe to use the phrase, “she can do it all,” but she really can. (And she does it so, so well!)

3. Fresh Faced

Fresh Faced opened up early last month, as a small Canadian online shop catering to green beauty junkies. Founded by Sally Glover, who wanted to create a beauty & wellness site for eco-conscious consumers, the clean, easy-to-navigate layout features brands that are “safe and responsible without compromising luxury or effectiveness” — and, really, why wouldn’t you be in support of that?

The site carried a mix of Canadian and international brands, including Alima Pure, butter LONDON, Dr. Bronner’s, Green Beaver, Nvey Eco, Revolution Organics, and Weleda.

2. Ellis Faas

It’s no secret that I’m kind of crazy about Ellis Faas, so it’s probably also not a surprised that I’m thrilled about their recent redesign. Sure, so Ellis is kind of like my crazy Asian grandmother, with fantastic formulas but completely irritating packaging, but it doesn’t stop me from raving (or ranting) about the line on a (too-)frequent basis.

The stunning new site doesn’t just look sharp, though — the layout now includes skin swatches of each product, ingredients lists, packaging photographs & editorial looks, even the occasional how-to video. 

1. She Said Beauty

Like the Ellis Faas site, She Said Beauty has had a major redesign — and it, too, has been a lot more than a topical facelift.

The new site is a “social media experience” that lets you create your own profile, follow blogs, “like” products and brands, view & share product reviews, upload videos and videos… it’s kind of a big deal. Create an account to have a peek around, and don’t be shy! My bare-bones profile is right here, so feel free to say hi & follow when you have time ;)

The perfect Spring colour palette | Ellis Faas Spring 2012 Set (review & swatches for E304, E106, and L207)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The product: Ellis Faas Spring 2012 Set

   ↳ Milky Lips L207, Creamy Eyes E106, and Light E304

Every now and again, I tell myself that I’m done publishing on Ellis Faas. The packaging’s so finicky, after all, and my click-pens are constantly breaking.

Giving up Ellis products is kind of like giving up chocolate cupcakes, though. You know they’re bad for you, and you really shouldn’t, but… well, maybe just one more. 

Ellis Faas E304, E106, L207 swatches

This year’s Spring set contains two eye products and one lip product, which I really like – it’s always nice to have at least two textures and shades to create an eye look, and I’d much rather be getting another eyeshadow than a mascara or blush. (I’m extremely loyal to tubing mascaras, which Ellis’ isn’t, and I worry about the silicone content of these blushes with my sensitivities.)

And oh my god, these shades. You know how, usually, there’s a product in a set that you just know you won’t wear? For the first time in a very long time, I’m finding this isn’t the case. Not only are all three shades gorgeous on their own; together, they’re absolutely perfect for the season.

Ellis Faas Light E304

Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes E106

Ellis Faas Milky Lips L207

This year’s Spring set contains Light E304, a gorgeous, shimmery lilac; Creamy Eyes E206, a complex, creamy taupey-brown; and Milky Lips L207, a warm nude-pink.

And honestly, I don’t think the shades could have been better picked. I actually owned L207 before this, and it’s my most-worn Ellis product; comfortable, lightweight, and with a really natural-looking finish and shade. It’s bit warm for me (I tend to mix it en masse with a tiny bit of lavender pigment in a sample jar), but it would be a great MLBB “natural nude” for neutral and warm skintones. (Lip swatch here, though the post is old and the comments have been lost.)

As for the eye products – well, I think the swathes speak for themselves. I love how longwearing Ellis Faas eye products are, (they hold up to my oily lids like nothing else), and both the shades and textures of E304 and E206 work well together. The sophisticated taupe of the Creamy Eyes shadow seems very “grounding” to the shimmer & sheen of the Lights formula, making the bright lilac more demure than daring.

Ellis Faas E304, E106, L207 swatches (Lights, Creamy Eyes, and Milky Lips, respectively.)

The verdict?

Maybe it’s not that I shouldn’t feature Ellis Faas at all; maybe it’s just that I shouldn’t give strict yes-or-no answers to them. As always: I think these products are absolutely gorgeous, and I love how long-wearing Ellis’ eye products are, but the packaging drives me up a wall.

The Spring set is $85 USD (€65/£55), which, while pricey, is $28 cheaper than buying the products separately. (Lights are $42, Creamy Eyes are $36, and Milky Lips are $35.) And as I mentioned before, I do actually really love all three shades and products in the set, so if you’re an Ellis fan… I think I’d actually have to recommend it, despite all of my problems with the packaging.

Because, seriously, you guys, these shades make me want to run around doing happy flails until the cows come home.

(What can I say; I live in Alberta. I don’t actually have any cows, but that’s more or less negligible, right?)

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A bit of Easter beauty to start off your long weekend

Friday, April 6, 2012

I don’t think we’ve covered Easter beauty on theNotice in the past, but there are a few sets and products out this year that are just too perfect to pass up. So, without further adieu: let’s get eggy!

(I can say that, right? It’s not, like, weird or sexual or offensive in any way?)

The eos Easter Basket

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the eos smooth spheres, but I promise it’s not because I love them any less now than I did then. I just get distracted; you know how it is. (Plus, my sister appropriated my Honeysuckle Honeydew balm a while back, and I’ve yet to pick up another.)

I have to be honest, here: when the eos Easter image popped up in my inbox, I couldn’t not post about it. I mean, how cute is that? When a great, 100% natural, petrolatum- and paraben-free product turns out to be the perfect beauty-addict version of an easter egg, you just have to share the joy.

And if that little piece of joy just so happens to be $3.99 CAD and USDA-certified organic, well.

A bit of LUSH

Reusable bubble bars, eggs with tiny birds inside of them, and random donkeys, oh my!

I don’t think there’s any beauty company that does the holidays (by which I mean all holidays) as thoroughly or weirdly as LUSH, and you have to give them points for effort awesomeness. And, just as a testament to that awesomeness: an excerpt from Donkey Oaty.

“We’ll be honest. We don’t really know why we’ve got a donkey for Easter. It’s very odd. We originally had the idea of creating a Bath Bomb piñata that you hung over the bath and then smashed, so we made a big donkey bomb. Although we liked the idea, we couldn’t work out what should be inside the donkey (eggs? A little donkey?!) – so we made him a bit smaller.”

LUSH is about as weird as it gets, and the fact that they’re pulling off both strange and mainstream? Obviously, they’re doing something very, very right!

And, finally, some Ellis Faas.

Ellis’ Spring Gift Set isn’t actually out for Easter, specifically, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s out just in time for the holiday! (Also, Easter colours and Spring colours are pretty much the same, aren’t they?)

The set, at a cringe-worthy $85.00, contains a lavender-taupe (Creamy Eyes E106), a shimmery lilac (Light E304), and a nude pink lip colour (Milky Lips L207). I’m rather at odds with the Ellis packaging, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: no one does cream eyeshadows like Ellis Faas. They can be a bit difficult to work with, but they last all day – quite a feat, with lids as difficult as mine.

Have a lovely Easter weekend!! xx

For my fellow procrastinators | Five Last-Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Sunday, February 12, 2012

5. L’Occitane Cherry Blossom

New this February to mark the fifth anniversary of their Cherry Blossom range, L’Occitane has released a limited-edition Cherry Princesscollection. The super-cute fruity-floral collection is available in a number of separates (here), but they have a few sets on for a great deal as well – their five-piece Cherry Princess Romantic Escape kit looks particularly lovely, despite its cheesy name.

4. Ellis Faas

My relationship with Ellis is rather hot-and-cold, which I think could be said for many beauty bloggers (not just me). Their products are always absolutely breathtaking, both in formula and shade, but the packaging is a thorn in my side. Skip their eyeliners and anything with a showerhead applicator (these clog more easily), but do try their other products – anything with a brush tip, and keep a sample jar on-hand in case of overflow.

Ellis is running a surprise at the moment for all lip products, so if you’ve been thinking about ordering, now’s your chance.

Love is in the air and Saint Valentine is on his way. So until Valentine’s Day, we have a lovely deal: for each Ellis Lips you buy from our webshop, you will get a surprise that will double the pleasure of your Ellis Lips order! Why? Because you have two lips? Not really – we simply believe in “the lippier the better”.

So start browsing now: Creamy Lips, Milky Lips and Glazed Lips, order and get yourself our Valentine’s present(s).

Check out Ellis Faas’ lip products here.


It wouldn’t be Valentine’s without some cheeky products from LUSH, now, would it? ;) There’s the little blue Ex-Factor bath bomb, the tongue-in-cheek Leap Frog (described as an–and I quote–“amorous amphibian for the tub”), and (for the lip balm junkies out there) the scarlet A Million Kisses lip tint.

2. Pink, pink, pink


It’s Valentine’s Day. Enough said.

(Translation, from a beauty junkie’s mind to the real world: an excuse to buy pink products! And you may as well get something you’ve had your eye on for a while, right? After all, this only happens once a year, and a pink lipstick is so very much better for you than an entire pint of ice cream. Or an entire bottle of wine.)

1. The Classic


I’m kind of crazy about fragrance minis at the moment, whether they’re adorable samples, petite sizes, or travel sprays. While not released specifically for Valentine’s, the Love, Chloé purse spray is just too cute to miss.

Canadians should be able to find this set (one container with three 10ml refills) at Holt Renfew and select Bay stores, while Americans will see this on shelves at Saks (this month) and Sephora (in March).

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