A brief pause; a hitch in your breath; a suspended moment.

Real life is kicking my arse, sorry. Posting should resume tomorrow; for now, I’m going to attempt to placate the masses with —

[dramatic pause]

Bennedict Cumberbatch’s face! :D

If you’re not already an avid Sherlock fan, you’re doing something wrong. This perfect show – I don’t even know where to start. The incredible script, the breathtaking cinematography, the delightfully gratuitous attention to detail, the super-sexy wardrobe choices (or lack thereof), and, of course, the absolutely flawless cast.

It’s perfect. I usually take issue with at least one or two pervasive issues for a show, but (save for The Blind Banker), I can find almost no faults in this stunning creation.

P.S. Just in case Sherlock is not your division

(Oh my god, I am so sorry, I need to stop saying things but I haven’t really slept in days and everything is just one big, hilarious blur of Bennedict’s cheekbones and Freud and Jung and neurotransmitters and ego defence mechanisms and object relations and a constant, annoying, all-consuming want for carbs, goddammit, carbs.)

You need to be watching this, too. Suits has been high up in my books since I finally got around to watching the first season late last year, and I am going insane having to wait until the summer for more. (I would forego makeup for an entire week if it meant getting the next season at the end of said week. It’s a serious issue, you guys. It’s serious.)

Pretty boys (hello, Gabriel Macht), pretty suits (did we mention, Harvey’s suits are all custom-tailored Tom Ford?), and pretty shots. Just the right amount of tension, plot, relationships, suspense — and okay, I’m a sucker for a character with an eidetic memory.

It’s not Sherlock-caliber, but, well. Nothing is ever going to be as flawless as Sherlock (except perhaps just… more seasons of Sherlock.)


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  • mostlysunnybunny

    My best friend gave me the whole first season of Suits and I haven't started watching it (beauty blogs have taken all my free and non-free time)! Must do that soon! And hahaha the cat, the cat!!! Hilarious!
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  • Nom.

  • dani@callitbeauty

    Oh, Rae! If I were Benedict Cumberbatch, I would ask you to marry me.

    But I'm not, so… SORRY!

    I'd ask Benedict Cumberbatch to marry me, though…

    …"Benedict Cumberbatch" is a pain to type at 7 in the morning…

    I may or may not have petted the screen while looking at Benedict's face.
    My recent post About Face – Spring For Less

  • MARU!

    I should watch Sherlock as I recently read all the books and enjoyed them a lot.

    I hope real life is ok for you <3 It's been kicking my butt too lately and preventing me from blogging!
    My recent post Coming soon

  • i agree…. sherlock and suits are two of the most entertaining tv-shows in the past year. Benedict and Macht are both incredible sexy and their wardrobe amazing. The banter in both shows between them and their assistant/friend just makes my day!
    My recent post Valentino Slippers

  • I LOVE Sherlock. The second season should be coming to PBS very soon. I normally also love USA shows but Suits just didn't jive with me. However, Covert Affairs and In Plain Sight are two of my tops!

  • I think we should have Benedict Cumberbatch in every single post. Just sayin'.

  • Ah, Bennedict as Sherlock <3 *melts*
    My recent post Beware of the Lipstick Bandits

  • fieran

    I'm a big fan of Sherlock – I love how his coat is cut so well, how flattering. I've never seen a guy wear a black wool coat that well! The script is amazing and the cinematography of London is gorgeous. I have a soft spot for London and I get all warm and fuzzy when they show parts of it.

    I've yet to start watching Suits but now that you've mentioned it, I should probably consider it :)
    My recent post Seeing Red.. Red Velvet Cupcakes

  • This is in our Netflix queue. You may have just bumped it up 230948023984 spaces.
    My recent post January Favorites

  • The kitty action shot is a nice touch.
    My recent post the Girl + the Fig Restaurant

  • Benedict Cumberbatch is voicing Smaug AND The Necromancer in The Hobbit!!! (Sorry, just had to get that out of my system and geek out for a bit).

    I hope your busy life eases up a bit soon!

    My recent post NOTD: Colorito

  • Aimey

    I'm a fairly new subscriber–"fairly new" as in in the past week, and so this is my first time officially reading as a subscriber! I have to say, I enjoy your style of writing. It's sarcastic but not enough to be rude haha Just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to more reads!

    P.S. No wonder "real life" is kicking your butt–you're too busy watching shows! :P JK

  • Kate & Zena

    I didn't get BBC until recently (behold, it recently became one of those channels you have to pay for here in the US), so I haven't been able to see Sherlock (which is sad, because you know me and my love for Sherlock Holmes.)

    However, I have looked at the screencaps at the characters and I kind of twitch. Sherlock and Watson are the same age and I can't stand how they made Watson look older than Holmes. Plus, why does Holmes have curly, long hair? Sherlock is notorious for being well-kept and having short hair, except when he is having one of his moods (or when is high on drugs.) WHY THE H*** IS HIS LONG?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! I don't care if he's in the 21st century or not, Sherlock. Does. Not. Ever. Have. LONG. HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Holmesian addict is annoyed*

    I don't know if I could rent it and not be agitated by the long, curly hair. I'll try. *repressing growls at the hair department*

    • fieran

      It's not exactly a "by-the-book" type of Sherlock. It's filmed in today's time..Sherlock has a cellphone and Watson writes a blog. So it's not the same at all.
      My recent post Seeing Red.. Red Velvet Cupcakes

      • Kate & Zena

        I know that, but you see, every Holmesian has this thing about Holmes with long hair. It. Just. ISN'T. DONE. In fact, this is the first series/movie/tv special/inspiration with him with long hair. If you look back to the time television and movies started doing Holmes & Watson (whether it be updating Holmes or reinventing him as in House, MD), they have purposely avoided the idea of long hair as Holmes can't be bothered by anything that would prevent him from doing his experiments or his job as a detective. It's never written that he had short hair, no, but it's just his nature that someone as insanely obsessive like him would keep his hair short. He may change his mood on a dime, but he's always obsessive and Watson makes sure that is every single story.

        Take it like this, House, MD is Holmes as a doctor (the creator has confirmed this. Interesting story about all of this, but it's long.) If you ever read Holmes, you'll notice Holmes usually can pick and know things about his clients before a client even talks. If you watch House, House can diagnose a clinic patient just by looking at them in most cases. He's as obsessive as Holmes, so he has short hair. Same with Monk. Same with Bruce Wayne aka Batman (he was, in part, inspired by Holmes, if you didn't know.)

        It doesn't compute to put an obsessive man like Holmes with long hair. It's irrational. Unless he's lost all of his obsessive tendencies in the show (which would really kill Sherlock), Sherlock needs short hair as it makes no sense to his personality. It doesn't matter what time you put him in as that's been done a thousand times. A good hair dresser matches a person to their personality as well as the times, not just to the times. So, for all the obsessive men I know (and I know a lot of them. I have quite a wacky family), he needs short hair. It's a description I know as a Holmesian and as someone who knows personalities like him. That's why it aggravating.

        I don't know if that all makes sense, but I think maybe Rae can make sense of all that. I'm a bit mad when I get onto something. (For the record, I <3 House. House is, like, one of the best adaptions of Holmes ever.)

  • Maru-Chan (the cat) totally distracted me from all the cute guys in this post. True facts.
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  • Alison

    I love this show, and Benedict Cumberbatch (What a great name!) as the sexy, stylish, sharp and…. complicated (Way to break your alliteration, Alison…) new Sherlock Holmes! I'll admit I was happy to see that I'm not the only one with a huge crush on Sherlock.

    Are you studying psych at Uni, Rae?

    • For now, yes. But we'll see where that goes! >.<

      (And oh my god, you're in good company here, trust me. Sherlock is <3.)

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  • Jess

    So my friend and I just powered through all three episodes of season 1 in one sitting…
    And I felt the NEED to come back to this post and comment, because it was those cheek bones in that photograph that enticed me to give Sherlock a try. I love Bennedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock – he's brilliant. AND SO GORGEOUS. Most incredibly handsome profile EVER…
    Just wanted to say, "Thanks, Rae!"

    • Ahh! I'm SO glad to have turned you onto Sherlock, Jess! Thanks so much for coming back to comment; turning people into rabid Sherlock fans brings me a practically irresponsible amount of joy. :D

      Hope you like the second series just as much! (I thought it was absolutely brilliant.) Cheers, lovely :)