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Oh my god.

Oh my GOD.

#SO MANY FEELINGS #everything you never knew you wanted #for the love of everything that is good and holy can someone please make this happen

And also, I suppose, #ALWAYS is a good time to embed someone else’s fanmade fake-trailer

And some late-night head!canon:

  • Rowena and Salazar were ridiculously, impossibly in love
  • And neither could come to terms with it because he thought she was naive and rash and she thought he was close-minded and stuck in his ways
  • And both of them were probably right
  • They hid it from the other two founders because they, themselves, didn’t know how to deal with it
  • And it killed them, because they both fought so hard for what they believed in and what they believed in was so, so different.
  • There was a duel, and Rowena begged Salazar to stop because he was about to destroy everything they had worked so hard to create
  • And he couldn’t, he just couldn’t, and he had to sacrifice the thing he loved the most and that was her and she couldn’t let him-
  • So she killed herself before he could.
  • No one found out; no one went after him; he wasn’t persecuted and he wasn’t punished and as the years drew on he went mad.
  • And that’s when he hid the Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts’ dungeons.
  • He disappeared, eventually, and the magical world assumed he had hidden himself away somewhere but really-
  • Salazar went to the unmarked grave where he buried Rowena and he lay down beside it
  • And he let the elements take him back.

Okay, I promise to stop geeking out for the night. I’ll try to find something super beauty-related for Monday’s post because now I feel guilty for drowning theNotice in my Harry Potter and houseware ramblings.

(But not that guilty.)

The lesson of the day is not to blog about Harry Potter while listening to les Gnossiennes.

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  • Nina

    How can it be not real, it's so freakin' beautiful! I love HP ramblings, no need to feel guilty =p

  • Hahaha. I'm guessing you ship..?
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    • Er – sorry, that's a question, a statement, and a fragment, and I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do with it. ?

      • It's a full sentence if you know what shipping is the way I'm using it. xD
        My recent post Knock on Wood

        • Ah! Couldn't tell if you were asking or if you were going to guess :P

          I shipped Harry/Hermione like mad (and still do, to a lesser degree) as the books were being published, but in terms of fandom, I shipped Hermione/Draco :) (I don't read in the HP fandom anymore, so I don't really have a fandom ship past the fourth novel or so.)

          Oh! And a weird part of me ships Blaise/Draco because hackthis' Trade and Twentysomething (two of the most incredible pieces of work I've ever found on the internet, fic or not) broke my brain >.<

          How about yourself? ;)

  • This would be so awesome :D I indulge in fan fiction. :D
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  • makeupmorsels

    OMG this would be brilliant! After I saw the last movie and reread the final book, I was all "ok, that's all done. I don't think there should be anything more." But I wasn't thinking about a prequel, this would make such a good movie *dies*

    *recovers* btw just read your comment above, and I ship Hermione/Blaise xD I think they'd make such a good couple, was never a big fan of Hermione/Ron.
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    • Lol! I'm fascinated by fandom's appropriation of Blaise – he wasn't *really* a character in the books iirc, but people have done some really fantastic things with him!

      I was never really a Hermione/Ron fan either :P Idk, I've just – well, I've never been much of a Ron fan, but I'm a HUGE Hermione fan, so I didn't want them to run off into the sunset! >.<