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Annabelle Glitzy Black review

The product: Annabelle SmudgePaint Creamy Gel Shadow + Liner in Glitzy Black and Muddy

I’ve been falling pretty behind on theNotice these past few weeks, so let me make it up to you. Here’s a gel liner that I’ve had for years, but has only stuck a chord with me recently — Annabelle’s SmudgePaint liners.

Designed to be used both as an intense cream eyeshadow & gel liner, these guys were some of the first on the market to feature this all-in-one packaging. More importantly, though, they’re still creamy and soft, even after three years of sitting in my drawer. If that doesn’t sell you on a drugstore gel liner, I don’t know what will.

Annabelle Muddy Gel Liner shadow review

The formula: Light, soft, and easy to blend, I think the SmudgePaint formula is absolutely perfect for its intended use. It takes a while to dry down, so it’s not a great pick if you’re in a hurry, but that makes the formula really easy to smudge and blend — but it’s moussey rather than slippery, so it does pinpoint precision just as well as a smokey haze.

What I like most about this formula, however, is that it really lasts. Aside from Annabelle Black Spark and Lancome’s Artliners, there isn’t a single other eyeliner in my collection that lasts as well on me as Glitzy Black does — with a bit of silica powder through the lid, I get zero smudging and very minimal creasing over 10 hours.

Annabelle SmudgePaint gel eyeliner review

Annabelle SmudgePaint in Glitzy Black

Annabelle Muddy SmudgePaint Gel Eyeliner, shadow

Annabelle SmudgePaint in Muddy

The shades: I’m not a brown eyeliner fan, but I think Muddy has its appeal as a soft, natural liner or a heavier all-over base. (See it in a makeup look here!) It’s a pretty bronze-brown, with plenty of gold shimmer and no red undertones. (I think red-browns are far more interesting than yellow-browns, but I do admit that they’re harder to pull off.)

While I think Muddy is a little boring, however, I adore the admittedly-dupeable Glitzy Black. It’s quite an intense black, like most gel liners, and it has just enough silver shimmer to give my eyes a bit of a — but the stray glitter particles never irritate my sensitive eyes, and any travelling they do is done completely separate from the base shade. I think it was limited edition, but if they still do a similar shade, be sure to snap it up!

Annabelle Glitzy Black swatch SmudgePaint gel liner

Annabelle Glitzy Black swatched in indirect sunlightAnnabelle Glitzy Black gel liner review

The verdict?

I wish the opening of these pots was a little wider, but honestly… that’s the only complaint I have for them. With a good eye base, a smudgy wing of Glitzy Black lasts well into the evening on me, which is more than I can say of any other gel liner I’ve tried so far — and it’s very well pigmented, to boot.

The handy packaging and great price are just the cherry on top when it comes to these liners, so if you can find them — buy them.

Availability: $10.95 CAD at drugstores across Canada. Maybe. I don’t know. I could have sworn I just saw these in-store, but now I can’t find them on the Annabelle site and I’m kind of panicking.

Annabelle Muddy swatch SmudgePaint Gel Eyeliner

Annabelle SmudgePaint in Muddy swatched in direct sunlight (sorry!!)

Annabelle Muddy gel eyeliner review

Annabelle SmudgePaint Creamy Gel Shadow + Liner in Muddy Annabelle SmudgePaint review

Annabelle SmudgePaint Creamy Gel Shadow + Liner in Glitzy Black

Annabelle SmudgePaint Gel shadow + liner

Annabelle SmudgePaint Creamy Gel Shadow + Liner review

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  • These are sooo cute and so compact! I've never owned a gel packaged like this! My only worry is the product drying out when I wash the brush! I really love the brown shade!
    My recent post Review: NYX round lipsticks in shades Eucalyptus, Chloe, Fire, Chaos and Hero!

    • Nope, the brush is separate from the pot — it's a three-piece design! The brush is super-stubby but CAN click onto the liner lid for length (but I always just close it back up and use a short brush.) :p

  • Lily @ChloeAsh

    The packaging of this liner reminds me of Revlon's but the quality of Revlon's totally sucked. This one sounds so much better :-P

    My recent post Femme Boulevard: Season Appropriate Look

    • Hahaha! Good to know, dude :P I will avoid the Revlon ones if these ever dry up on me!

  • The internet is telling me that the Smudge Paints were discontinued last June. :(

  • sylirael

    Muddy is super pretty. It looks like exactly the kind of colour that I am told is good to 'bring out' blue eyes (whatever that means – I keep thinking of someone bringing out a silver platter, whipping off the cover and there are two blue-irised eyeballs sitting there. Or maybe like that bit with the eye and the tank in Blade Runner), but never immediately gravitate towards. What an unseasonably long parenthetical that was.

    It also reminds me of a NARS gel eyeliner (I think it was NARS) that is on my list of things to keep… eyeballing…

    …sorry, I'll stop now.
    My recent post Tales of Adventure from the Beauty Spotlight Team! Adventuring Tips, Magical Berries and Holy Grails!

    • Oooh, yup. Brown eyes, on the other hand, can't really be "brought out." They're just brown; no eyeballs on platters for us :P (I bet it would be a gold platter for brown eyes, though. But like one of those really gross gold ones, with too much yellow and exactly zero cool tones.)

      I haven't tried the NARS eyeliners, but I remember when they launched! If you mean the gels, that is. I wanted them too. :P

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