The unexpectedly perfect Spring palette: Hello Kitty Graffiti Eyeshadow & Blush Palette

The product: Hello Kitty Graffiti Eyeshadow and Blush Palette

The packaging: Alright, so I’ll start with the packaging, because I’m a little love/hate about it. On one hand, I’m not twelve, I’ve never understood the Hello Kitty appeal, and I can definitively say that I dislike the graffiti-ness of the Graffiti palette*.

*Partly because I’m not big on random splashes and speckles of colour; partly because it “pays tribute to the daring artists who decorate Hello Kitty’s favorite downtown sidewalks.” I happen to disagree vehemently with the whole “defacement of public property is cool!” mentality, so.

(I  mean, don’t get me wrong – street art is very cool, but only when it’s been encouraged and/or commissioned!)

On the other hand, though, I like the solid build of the packaging, the bi-layer design, the inclusion of a mirror, and (dare I say it?) I’m even a little fond of the silver bow. Plus, each palette’s packaging is unique (compare this one to the Sephora stock image if you’re confused), which is quite cool.

The eyeshadows: On the Sephora site, the four shades are listed as a shimmery gray, a greyish teal, a soft pink, and a charcoal. Unlike a lot of product listings, I’d say those descriptions are actually spot on, which is a nice deviation from the norm!

The shimmery grey is on the sheer side, with a watery, translucent vibe and a bit of taupe hidden in the shade. The greyish teal is a breathtaking, intense, slightly desaturated teal. (Aside: I’m really liking this “greyish teal” thing — here’s to hoping we see more of it in the next few months.)

The soft pink is the sheerest shade of the four, with wearable yellow undertones and a very low likelihood of making you look like you have pink eye. Finally, the charcoal is a deliciously pigmented, easy-to-blend dark grey.

All four shades are soft, blendable, even-textured and shimmery.

Hello Kitty Graffiti Palette – eyeshadow swatches, dry on primed skin.

The blushers: I admittedly paid less attention to the two cheek products in this palette, but I can tell you that they’re really quite pretty. And I swear, whoever produced this palette got right into my brain when they did the finishes – the eyeshadows are just the right kind of shimmery, and the blushers are spot-on as well.

The shades are described as a bronzy peach (completely matte; think of a cross between a peach blush and a contour powder) and a dusty pink (that newfangled sort of matte – you know the one; where it’s matte but if you look really closely at the pan, you can see a few super-tiny bits of shimmer?).

And, well, yeah. They’re both kind of lovely; pigmented and smooth. Both shades are medium-toned, as well, so most skintones won’t have to worry about them showing up – they’ll be more obvious on lighter complexions, of course, but I can see them working on most.

Hello Kitty Graffiti Palette – blusher swatches; heavily then blended out.

The verdict?

You guys. You guys. This is perfect, absolutely perfect, for Spring.

I’m in love! I’m in love with a ridiculous-looking Hello Kitty palette and I can’t even bring myself to care because everything inside it is just so pretty!

On a more serious note, though, I was actually quite impressed by the quality of this palette – the shades are gorgeous, both individually and together, and the quality of each of the six (four eyeshadows, two blushers) products ranges from “good” to “great.” It’s hard–harder than it should be–to find a palette without a “weakest link,” but Graffiti manages it with grace.

And it’s paraben-free. And on sale. I don’t think it gets any better.

[[[   can we imagine a page cut, please, folks!   ]]]

— snip snip snip snip snip

Graffiti vs. Blue Sky

Both Hello Kitty’s Graffiti and ClarinsBlue Sky palettes are limited edition products, though Clarins’ is just for this Spring (note: still on-counters; checked last weekend) and Hello Kitty’s has been on the Sephora site for… well, for long enough that I took half of these photographs last  Summer despite its “limited edition” label.

Despite the presence of two very similar shades, I think the two palettes are actually quite different, once you get into it — similar enough to both appeal to shimmery charcoal and greyish-teal lovers, but not so similar you’d get the same effects out of both. Think “siblings,” not “twins.”

Graffiti hits a lower price point, an aesthetic that’s a little more girly, and packs more pigment, while Blue Sky practically reeks of elegance (in the best way possible), with sheerer shades and a handfull of different textures. The former makes me think of a young girl in Paris for a romantic weekend; the latter makes me think of gauzy sheers on an oceanfront estate.

(I’m writing this at two in the morning. I think it’s time to cut me off from the internet.)

For anyone who missed the post, the two can be seen photographed together here.

The ingredients

Hello Kitty Graffiti Palette ingredients & packaging label

A few extra pictures

(Because honestly, I don’t have any self-control whatsoever. And also, I really liked this palette.)

Hello Kitty Graffiti Palette – box

Hello Kitty Graffiti Palette – packaging

Hello Kitty Graffiti Palette

Hello Kitty Graffiti Palette – eyeshadow swatches; different lighting. Possibly a combination of indirect sunlight and flash? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Hello Kitty Graffiti Palette – eyeshadows

Hello Kitty Graffiti Palette – blushers

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  • Jeanne

    Wow that is pretty! I've generally skipped over the Hello Kitty cosmetics section at Sephora (I don't know if 24 is too old to still like Hello Kitty lol!) but this looks promising. I'm totally with you on the graffiti, my poor old grandmother's house was regularly vandalized and that's just not cool :( and even when I was just renting an apartment, it still infuriated me when somebody vandalized the outside of our building!

    • Yeah :( As an art, I think it can be really well-done, but there's still a huge difference between tagging a canvas and defacing someone's house. I wouldn't be terribly pleased if someone watercoloured the side of a building, either! :P

      I've always skipped over the collection, too, but I feel like that might have to change in the future! ;)

  • mostlysunnybunny

    I'm going to be very blunt about not liking the packaging either, but the colors and quality do look great! I think the price is very reasonable for what you get too. MAYBE I can get past the graffiti/Hello Kitty packaging. Hmm

    • Exactly! I love, love, LOVE the insides of this palette, but it looks more like a toy than a makeup piece, y'know? Some of the other palettes' outsides are cuter, but this one's just not really my thing.

  • Oh well, I can't help it but I really love them, I really don't mind the grafiti, but I do get your point however. I'm quite amazed by the pigmentation, especiaaly the shade on the right is gorgeous! Love the blushers as well, I really understand why you love these products!
    My recent post Catrice Revoltaire Part 2 with a Quick look

    • Glad you agree, Teri! ;) I've yet to try out anything else from the line, but this? Was a very good starting point.

  • It's cute! I honestly like the blush colors more than the eye shadows, though, but I think that's because those colors do not look good on my eyes. Not. I'm also with you on the love/hate aspect of Hello Kitty makeup…ah, well.
    My recent post Tarina Tarantino Jewel Eyeshadow Palette in Wonderful

    • I think the blush colours were really good inclusions, too! But (regardless of how they look on lids, on anyone's lids,) I'm a bit of a sucker for a grey-teal :P

  • I not very fond of the packaging, either but the heft – the heft! – makes me happy. Are the four colors expected to be worn together or individually?
    My recent post Memex ?.0

    • Up to you! ;) They all complement each other quite well (the mark of a great palette, if you ask me), so you should be able to get away wearing just one, all four, or any combination thereof ;o)

  • Damn it–I knew that was going to happen. I diss Hello Kitty products and then get served with an AMAZING product from them (her??). I must say, those shadow shades look phenomenal against your pale (freaking perfect) skin. And the blush shades look so pretty! Don't know if I will be able to pull of those colors like you obviously can, but heres to hoping…cuz I am definitely picking up one of these guys!
    My recent post The Sample: NEW Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Nude Beach Review

    • Haha, sorry about that, Becca! :p Let me know which palette you pick out, yeah?

  • I'm thinking about getting this for my mom for mother's day :)
    My recent post Ode* to Modern Pewter

  • I didn't really give it a second look when I saw it, but as usual your posts make me want it desperately! That teal is gorgeous.
    I like my dose of cutesy Hello Kitty and tokidoki in moderation (ever Googled "Hello Kitty collections"? *shivers*) I do agree I'm not a big fan of the graffiti packaging, but more for aesthetic reasons. The Mon Amour and Parisenne palettes are more my style.
    My recent post Review: Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush in Living Doll

    • *cringes* No I have not, and I hope I'll never have to! :/

      I have to agree with you on the palettes – the Graffiti packaging looks a bit garish, in my (probably overrated) opinion, but I like the look of some of the others. (Memoirs of a Kitty was so cute!)

  • I am such a girl… All I can muster up is a big fat "awwwww" ^_^
    I'm not fond of the graffiti either (the Mon Amour and Parisienne are cuter in my books) but the colours in this palette are put together so well. And they're not cruddy quality either, yay!
    My recent post

  • Gasp! Might I actually need the Hello Kitty palette? I was taken in by the Clarins palette but the HK swatches… Wow!
    My recent post Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Transparent Mattifier

    • I was surprised, too! Graffiti is like a reinvention of Blue Sky, but with more pigment and (dare I say it?) possibly even better texture. It doesn't have the same elegance, of course, but I think I might actually like this one more!

  • Oh, this is surprisingly pretty! I never quite have faith in cartoon character makeup.
    My recent post Philosophy Haul @ Sephora Singapore

    • Same here. I'm just like– if it's based off a character that doesn't even really have a face to apply makeup on, how is that a selling point?! :p But this one's just lovely; I was quite taken with it!

  • toyarosie

    I'm with you on not being a fan of the Hello Kitty aesthetic, but the shades inside might negate that entirely – I'm VERY impressed! I'm also hoping for more 'greyed teal' in the future, what a stunning shade. Maybe I can just close my eyes to the fact that the outer packaging is slightly gag-inducing, the palette itself might be worth it!
    My recent post Favorite Product of the Month: MAC #138 Brush

    • I'm keeping an eye out for a nice, conservatively-packaged greyed-teal single eyeshadow, so I'll let you know if I find one! ;)

  • I don't like the 'art' of it the shape is okay. I really hope this goes on sale at Sephora because I just got the paris one ;)
    My recent post Beauty Round UP – April 2012

    • I hope so, too! I have to admit, I don't really understand the Hello Kitty palette pricing – I mean, one at $17, a handful at $36, one at $20, and this one at $35? This is too much for my brain to handle!