Etude House review: cheek stamps, you say?

What it is: Etude House Peach Cheek Stamp blusher, in Smile Pink.

A bit about it:  The Peach Cheek Stamp blusher is just what is says — a stamp! For you cheeks! That smells like a lovely, soft, synthetic peach! 

On a less Prozac-infused note: the whole line features a lovely, matte finish, and the “stamp” (sponge) is washable. (Just make sure to dry it well before putting it back into the lid, where the pan of blush is housed.)

(blended lightly on right)

Okay, but seriously: You press the cheek stamp onto your cheek and blend. It’s quite an interesting concept, non? The pigmentation of this one is on the sheer side, but not too terribly sheer, and the product itself blends out very easily, with either fingers or a brush — talk about crazily smooth powder! I have heard that others in the line (namely, the peach shades) tend to be more pigmented, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about purchasing one.


The shade: Despite the product name (Peach,) this is a lovely pink (in line with the shade name,) and is very, very light — I haven’t another pink blusher in my collection that’s quite this light! (Their Shy Pink shade has even more white in it, though. Want!)

Compared to NARS Mata Hari (far left) and Lancome Rose Fresque (far right.)

The ingredients:

The verdict? In terms of being a novelty item, this is a lovely blusher. But I mean, obviously, it’s not for everyone! I do like that it’s insanely silky and quite easy to put on, and the fact that this shade looks gorgeous on fair skin is just the cherry on top :) It’s the perfect “innocent” glow, and I definitely want to try a few more shades!

The blusher in action — I wear it as a natural flush, but it can certainly be built up a bit more!
Image from this FOTD.

Try it if…

  • You’re on the hunt for a pink that’s very, very light/white/bright. (She runs! She jumps! She plays with words like a child!)
  • You want something adorable! It’s cute, it’s cheap, and it’s pretty darn unique.

Skip it if…

  • You’re looking for a lot of pigmentation,
  • You have a skintone that’s darker than about NW/NC30.
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