Everyday Minerals haul, pics only!

Sunday Brunch blush. Do not like! This blush is pretty damn orange, and wasn’t flattering on either myself (NC15/20) or my mum (no idea, but she’s medium toned and very warm)

The rest of mum’s samples.

Mine! Swimming pool, for pressing, and Start to Finish as part of my powder hunt.

First two: free samples.
Third: sample-sized.
Fourth: mini-sized.
It’s nice to see that even though they use the same containers, you get the amount of product that you pay for!

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  • Rae

    It creases on me as well if I'm concealing between my brows (I have a rather unfortunate acne scar there, though it's fading quite nicely!)For the undereye, though, I just pile on the primer, let it sink in for a few minutes, pat on some TimeBalm, tap it in well, and finish with a touch of mineral foundation. From there, it's kinda hit/miss – some days it works, some days it doesn't! x.xYou *must* try Swimming Pool – it's great if you want a bit of contour without all the hassle, and if you buff it out really well upwards onto your cheekbones, you can get away without any other blusher ^^As for the foundations, I love Semi-Matte, and matte if you have really oily skin. Original Glo in a shade or two lighter than your skintone works to make a gorgeous hilighter or nude colour wash on your lid, but I wouldn't pick the formula for an all-over foundation – it's a bit too shimmery for me.Review on the powder on Monday!

  • ' * : . b | u 3

    I actually like Sunday Brunch but when swatched, my sample looks more reddish while yours looks sorta orange. Maybe they changed their formula a bit? My sample was from a year and half ago…

  • Rae

    Definitely very orange for me – maybe they did, or maybe I just got part of a bad batch? The swatch on the site looked gorgeous, as did those that I found online, so I was quite surprised that it seemed so garishly orange!

  • Arianne

    Ooh let us know how how you like the powder! So I know you told me you use The Balm Time Balm concealer… and it happens to be my “secret” concealer right now. I find that after a while it creases in fine lines… my current pressed powder, and loose foundation doesn’t seem to set it.

    Any tips on how to make it not crease? I really like the coverage it gives me.

    I never tried any Everyday minerals stuff. What products of theirs do you like?

  • Rae

    I know!! I'm always a little paranoid ordering from smaller MMU companies – it feels so dirty, like a back alley deal gone bad x.xIt is! I have photos of it somewhere – try searching "contouring" or "swimming pool" in the search bar!! (Or sifting through the "everyday minerals" posts – there aren't too many!)

  • Audrie

    Hey! I just got an EDM order too lol. They have got to be my favorite mineral makeup brand, just the fact that their website looks nice and easy to navigate is alone a selling point for me, most MMU websites look like they’re from 1998. Swimming Pool looks like it would be a nice contouring color.