Salcura DermaSpray, Hand Therapy, Shampoo/Conditioner reviews & GIVEAWAY!

Salcura Bioskin DermaSpray review

The products: Salcura Bioskin DermaSpray, Autumn Skin Awakening Hand Therapy, Winter Skin Warming Hand Therapy, and Sensitive & Dry Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner

Do you ever feel like Europe gets all of the best eczema/dry skin/pharmacy brands? I always have — I mean, just look at things like E45, Embryolisse, and Oilatum.

I have another brand for you guys to add to that list today: Salcura. They’re a (mostly, like 98%) natural brand that uses no SLS, parabens, silicones, mineral oil, etc., and they focus on providing gentle, hydrating care for people with dry skin conditions.

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Salcura Sensitive & Dry Scalp Conditioner & Shampoo (£8.99 each)

What I thought was really cool about the Salcura line is that not only do they aim to treat dry skin on the body, but they have a couple products for people with dermatitis of the scalp, too. Their Sensitive & Dry Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner duo is rich in omega oils and super gentle on the hair, and my dry scalp has been loving them.

With regular use of this duo, I’ve seen a dramatic decrease in how peel-y and dry my scalp is — so much so that if I use a different shampoo (even a different one made for dry hair) for a day, I’ll notice more dry flakes and flyaway hair immediately.

I find that I have to use a little more product than usual with this shampoo, but I can good a good foam going if I do. Both products smell a little oily (think grapeseed, not canola), but they leave my hair and scalp looking and feeling super hydrated.

Salcura DermaSpray review photos

Salcura Bioskin DermaSpray (£16.99)

Another super cool product from Salcura is their DermaSpray, which is made for daily use on itchy skin. Made with labender, rosemary, and eucalyptus essential oils, this spray is milky and watery — it provides instant soothing with no oiliness (I can even spray it onto my scalp and my hair looks fine).

I didn’t see strong results with this one on my problem areas, but this spray would be awesome for someone with normal skin who wants totally weightless, easy moisture OR for someone with dry skin (like me!) who is planning on layering it with another moisturizer.

Salcura Winter Skin therapy review hand cream

Salcura Autumn & Winter Hand Therapy Creams (£12.99 each)

Even more exciting than Salcura’s spray and haircare range, though, are their hand creams. I tried the Winter Skin Warming Hand Therapy, which doesn’t actually warm your hands and smells very strongly of ginger oil (one of my least favourite smell so, I’ve since discovered), and the Autumn Skin Awakening Hand a Therapy, which on the other hand was the BEST thing that I’ve ever smelled. 

Salcura says that their autumn scent comes from freesia and pear, and while I can’t pull any distinct notes from it, I can tell you that it smells great. It’s floral, juicy, and fruity, with a scent that lingers and gives me serious heart-eyes all throughout the day.

The formula of Autumn Skin is awesome, too — it’s almost airy, but it’s very creamy, too. It’s quite hydrating (more hydrating than L’Occitane, Neutrogena, or Lush), with a silky, non-greasy finish. 

Salcura Autumn Skin therapy review hand cream

I told the kind folks at Salcura about how much I loved the Autumn Skin Awakening Hand Therapy, and they offered to send one reader not just the Autumn hand cream, but all four seasons! So: please use the giveaway widget below to enter to win FOUR awesome hand creams that are silicone, phthalate, and paraben-free. ;)

The giveaway will be open until Sunday, January 31st at 11:59 PM MST. Good luck, you guys — you’re going to LOVE these!

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The verdict?

If you have eczema on your scalp, you need to give Salcura a try. I saw the best results when I used all three of their hair-appropriate products together, but if you love your current shampoo and conditioner, even just adding their DermaSpray to your morning routine will help a ton.

I also think their Autumn Skin hand cream is a must, although I’d take a pass on Winter if you’re making an order!

Availability: You can find Salcura at Boots, Whole Foods, and

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  • Helen Moulden

    Definitely autumn. I love the colours!

  • esharp1978

    The Shampoo and Conditioner sound really appealing!
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    • They're fantastic, Erin! Whether or not you have a dry scalp. ;)

  • Helene

    The Fall just has to be my favourite time of the year: the sweaters, the smell of leaves and the return of warm drinks!

  • Sheri

    The hand cream sounds great!

  • Coline T.

    I love summer! It's a time for vacations and family get-togethers :-)

    • Aww, I love your reasoning behind that, Coline. That's so sweet! :)

  • Steph

    My recent post Head-to-Toe Acne Solutions // #NeutrogenaCA

  • This sounds amazing. I've suffered from eczema on my scalp right at the hairline on the back of my head for years. It comes and it goes but definitely gets worse in the winter. I've tried many solutions but they never stick. I'm interested in trying these out so I may have to pick them up. Great recommendation.

    • Aww, I'm so sorry to hear that you have scalp eczema too sometimes, Tracy! I would definitely give that spray a try (and switch to a hydrating, SLS-free shampoo) the next time your scalp starts bugging you! :)

  • kuri

    it's difficult to decide between spring and autumn but I'll say autumn
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  • BooBooNinja

    Summer is my favourite.

  • MelanieG

    I love the fall! I really want to try the salcura hair and scalp products for my eczema. I have had it since I was 9.

  • vanillacreamdream

    wonder of this will be my HG shampoo
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  • I don't know what ginger oil smells like… but the Autumn Skin cream sounds great!
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    • Baaad. Ginger oil just smells — bleh. I keep trying to love it, but I just can't get behind it.

      But yes, Autumn Skin!! It's so lovely and floral-fruity and generic-ish in the best way possible. I love!

  • Anne Taylor

    My favourite season is Autumn! I love the cool crisp air and all the beautiful colours of foliage!

  • The shampoo & conditioner sounds exactly like what my scalp needs! I've been flaking and peeling all around my scalp and the back of my neck since July and it's really gross tbh.
    My favourite season has to be autumn though. I love wearing sweaters and booties more than shorts and sandals. Plus, makeup doesn't melt off in the autumn like it does in the summer :p

    • I feel you, girl. :( My hairline is the WORST for this, but my nape definitely feels the stretch, too!

  • EuterpesDelight

    My favourite season is summer :) Birthday and music festival and food festival and omg it's light out! xD

    • Yeah!!! It's slowly getting more and more light out, though, which is awesome! It was so glorious outside today.

      • EuterpesDelight

        I know!! It's unreasonably thrilling!!!

        • IT RAINED ON THE SOUTH SIDE TODAY!!!! I thought it was hail because of the way it sounded, but nope. RAIN! D:

          • EuterpesDelight


  • LauraH

    My scalp is a mess. Really tempted to place an order right now even though their website gives me questionable vibes…you've never failed me on a recommendation! I pretty much stick to Neutrogena t-gel for flakes and itchiness (well really Target's generic) and t-sal to kill build-up occasionally. I'm almost out, but was thinking about getting Aveda's scalp benefits line again, but $$$

    • The website looks SO hokey, but I promise that the stuff they make is really good! I've tried a lot of stuff for my hair (dandruff shampoo stripped the flakies away but made my scalp even drier; coconut oil works well but it takes 20 min and the effects only last for a wash or two; light moisturizers take the edge off, but they make my hair greasy), and this stuff is by far my favourite.

      I personally really like the shampoo (I feel like it's gentler on my scalp than most of my shampoos, including other all-natural ones) and conditioner (which leaves my hair feeling super smooth and not too flyaway), but the DermaSpray is definitely the most effective for me. I'd say give it a try before you go back to the Aveda, unless with the currency conversion the Aveda is magically much cheaper or something!

      Caveat: this stuff is great if your scalp flakes due to dryness or eczema. Not sure how it would do if your flaking is caused by something else, though!

  • I think that my favorite season is spring. I love summer too, mostly for the long days and warm nights, but I don't do well in the heat.
    This is a really cool giveaway, and again I discovered a new, interesting brand thanks to you!
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    • Aww, yay! I'm trying to line up as many indie brands this year as possible, so I'm really glad it's (probably?) going well so far. I have three more very exciting product lines on my "inbox" shelf right now & I am so excited to share them!! :D

  • latanya

    I like Spring

  • Amy

    Can you get it at Whole Foods in Canada or is this European only?

  • Shauna

    Autumn is my favourite. There's just so much to love! Scents, colours, sweater and boot weather, temperature perfect for long walks without overheating!

    • Yes!!! SWEATER WEATHER. Sweater weather without feeling like your legs are going to turn into ice blocks! :P

  • Linda

    I love autumn for the changing leaves on the trees.

  • Marissa

    I enjoy your blog! You give great reviews and this was no exception. These products are exactly what my dry scalp and skin need right now. Thanks for this opportunity and keep up the good work!

  • Deb C

    Fall is my favorite season. The colors and the crisp air are wonderful.

  • My favourite season is fall! =) Love to hike with all the beautiful foilage. =D

  • St-Amour


  • aly3360

    My favourite season is spring because i love the cool weather and the occasional rain.

    – amber y

  • Lushka Smith

    Fall is my favourite.

  • ellieintheocean

    As much as it is an itchy terrible time, I love winter!