Bronzed skin & bright summer lids, plus a ramble about reviews vs straight-up editorials

I did lightly bronzed skin and bright, shimmery lids for this past She Said Beauty look, and I kind of love how the photos turned out – you know those days when the sun’s just right and everything looks really good? It was one of those days, which are kind of fabulous all around. I mean, my face just looks like my face, and the makeup (while I love that Eye Dust) is nothing special, but– the lighting, you guys.

[ //break: momentary pause for photography geeks to have a bit of a flail ]

Of course, since then we’ve had nothing but clouds (literally; it’s been days on end and nada), and I’m getting vaguely concerned about if when the sun’s going to come back. But that’s Edmonton for you, right?

The ramble about editorials

Anyhow; I wanted to share a link to the tutorial & talk a bit about the products used – I don’t like getting really in-depth about them when doing contributor posts elsewhere, because I feel it’s a bit unprofessional (hi, you hired me for a tutorial, but actually I’m just going to use lots of exclamation points about brands that most of your readers won’t be able to buy anyways), so I tend to ramble on about the products on theNotice, instead.

There’s something to be said for reviews, of course, but I like reading stream-of-consciousness posts about products as well. I think it helps to get snapshot takes on different products, and I feel like you often get a better picture of what someone actually uses on a day to day basis after the fact — is (s)he still using it a month after the review? Two? What about a year later?

The products

Okay. Let’s start off with Marcelle LUX Eye Dust in Go-Violet. I haven’t reviewed Go-Violet yet (it’ll happen eventually, I hope), but I’m rather fond of it. It’s on the sheer side; more of a shimmering violet glow than a pigmented, sharp-edged shade. The shade and shimmer make it lovely for summer, if you ask me, and perfect if you’re just starting to integrate colour into your makeup – it’s a great, bright shade; easy to blend and just generally hard to mess up.

Then there’s Senna Eye Color in Arabesque; I’ll more or less hold off on this one because it didn’t really show up on film. Gorgeous in real life, though – just a dot in the inner corners. It’s part of the Mod Muse collection, and it’s sort of peachy with some very cool, almost chunky gold shimmer.

On the cheeks, I was wearing Lise Watier Bronzing Powder in Summer Sunset – and, okay, this is pretty much the entire reason why I’m writing this post. I’m not a huge bronzer fan (not by a long shot), but I think this one has my heart this Summer season. I’ll review it soon, and you can see more photos of it here, but — just, wow. It’s luminous, gorgeous, and just the right shade.

Finally, a quick nod to Clarins Gloss Prodige in Candy. These were launched with the Spring Colour Breeze collection, but I’ve yet to get around to reviewing the glosses – they’re permanent, so I’m not in a huge rush. Candy made me think of something syrupy, like honey or agave nectar, and not just because of the name. The glosses are on the heavy side, with a sweet scent, but I’m not yet sure if those are good things or bad things! The shade definitely gets a huge thumbs-up from the peanut gallery, though; it’s going to be perfect for Spring and Summer this year.

Anyhow – I’ll cut myself off here (five hundred words and quite possibly nothing of note; not exactly a paragon of self-restraint), but I hope you enjoyed the ramble!

{ Read the bronzed + bright post & tutorial here. }

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  • i love the look! your complexion is literally glowing! and your hair looks extra soft and silky, too!
    My recent post new header & i'm on twitter now!

    • Aww, thanks hon! <3 My hair's actually been rather unmanageable recently, but I guess that's a good camera & lucky lighting, for ya :P

  • luxiehoney

    Your skin looks so flawless and beautiful! And the eyeshadow is very pretty :) xx

  • You are such a stunner, like seriously! I totally get what you mean about the lightning, there are times when it's sunny, you get that extra amazing effect! I'm not fond of bronzer and stuff, but I love how you used it, it's just perfect! And about the sun, here where I live we finally got some sun, but it's very hot and humid atm, aarg!
    My recent post Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish

    • *blushes* Thank you, Teri!

      Sorry to hear it's been so hot and humid in your area :( Those are the two things that drive me absolutely crazy, so I can't imagine how you must be feeling! Edmonton does get hot in the summer, for a few days, but it's (thankfully) a dry heat most of the time.

  • mostlysunnybunny

    You glow in the most impossibly great way in these pictures!!! Sooooo gorgeous!

    I get what you mean about product reviews. The thing is that I used to write REALLY REALLY long product reviews in the beginning because they're from my stash and I knew them so well. I've tested them out in different seasons and for different occasions. Nowadays I have 10 days or less to play with something before I want to put the swatch and review out there, because a lot of it is limited edition and if I don't do it fast enough it's going to be sold out, and I think that's very frustrating for blog readers.

    Maybe I'll start doing a monthly favorite feature or something, just to show people how many thing I raved about that I actually still use a lot. With the size of my current stash that's still possible. I have no idea what's going to happen when I have EVEN MORE.
    My recent post For a Non Gloss Girl, Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Totally Won Me Over! Gold Sunrise &amp; Pink Bikini Swatch, Review, FOTD

    • Hahaha, ten days! I admire your work ethic :P Products are lucky if they're *photographed* within ten days when they arrive on my desk, unfortunately – reviews are a whole other can of worms! I'd rather test something out & be really sure about it than rush anything, y'know?

      (And okay, I'll take the blame for that >.< I've always been really indecisive, I'm afraid!)

      I would LOVE to see a monthly favourites from you, for the record ;) Or maybe even just a seasonal favourites! I can never keep up with the monthly ones, lol.

      • mostlysunnybunny

        LOL If it's a new collection I try to photograph the pieces immediately, but do note I say I "try!"

        I think I've had the luck because mostly it's eyeshadows and lip products, so these can be tested out relatively easily. If it's something like a foundation (that always takes me so long to write a review) or powder it could take longer. I try to write after my initial excitement has worn off though. That way it's fairer haha

        I'll try to put together a monthly/seasonal favorite feature :)
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        • Haha, the wonderful "try." Gets a girl out of all sorts of nooks and crannies :P

          I *try* to photograph things immediately, too, but I feel like I'm always running out of sun! Puts quite a bit of a damper on things, unfortunately.

          Can't wait to see what you've been loving recently! : )

  • Gorgeous look, as always! And now I think I'm definitely getting that bronzer…
    My recent post The New Love Of My Life – Jo Malone's Dark Amber &amp; Ginger Lily Cologne Intense

  • Down with self-restraint! Another five hundred words, please!
    My recent post Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact Swatches

    • Lol!! Well, I'm glad you're enjoying reading all 500 of those words, Kate :P

  • Liz

    Hell, I'm just going to flail and squawk over EVERYTHING. The hair, the skin, the light — aaaaah! :D :D :D
    My recent post And then there are days like this.

  • *flails around at the lighting* and at your gorgeous face/cheekbones! I'm still waiting for one of those days…perhaps the sun would like to bless me next? :P

    Summer Sunset is wow indeed. It looks so natural and warm, but not overdone at all, which can sometimes happen with bronzers and it is a very sad thing. Also, I like wordier, stream of consciousness posts (I'm sure you can tell by my writing, I can't shut up), keep them coming!
    My recent post Victoria’s Secret Come Closer Quad: Review &amp; EOTD

    • *flails*! (Because why not, right? Flailing can totally be a group activity.)

      I'm glad you liked the stream of consciousness format, because it's pretty much all I've felt like writing recently :p Sending good sun vibes your way!

  • I like a good combination of posts. On the one hand – certain brand reviews used to annoy me until I bit the bullet and bought them anyway. Of course, the reason I wasn't buy wasn't a lack of funds but a lack of….willingness? So that makes a huge difference. I enjoy all your posts, Rae! And you're definitely making me lemming Summer Sunset.
    My recent post MAC Hey, Sailor! Satin Lipstick in Sail La Vie – Review and Swatches

    • Aww, thanks hon :) I'll keep trying to get a combination of posts into the mix (which works well for me, because I have a tendency to get bored if I don't :p) but I'm really glad to hear that everyone doesn't hate the stream-of-consciousness ones, lol!!

      And might I ask — which brand was it? (My guess is on MAC, of course!)

  • Lara

    Why looks your skin soooooooo beautiful????????????? Can you make a skin care post??? *___*