Chocolate eyes and pink lips: a Dianna Agron-inspired look

Agron, my most recent girlcrush (she always looks so flawless!) tried out a bolder-than-usual look at the 2011 SAG awards with celeb makeup artist Kate Lee. While I know a lot of people (really) didn’t like it, I absolutely ate it up. Yes, it’s a much more mature look than the one she usually wears, but it was lovely nonetheless!

I couldn’t dupe this look spot-on, simply because we look so different, so this is more of an “inspired by” than it is a “get this look.” I kept the rich chocolate brown eye, paired it with lips of a similar tone (though I opted for a darker shade, which I thought would balance the look better on me), and added similarly glowy, warm, contoured cheeks. All in all? The look used very few products and took a mere fifteen minutes to do, so I’m a happy camper ;)


Finally, an excuse to use my gorgeous Ellis Faas E104! I layered this cream shadow over my entire lid, simply using my fingertips to blend it up and away. Then, I hilighted under my brow with a matte shadow (Blanc Type), lined my waterline with another gorgeous chocolate brown (Teddy), and buffed the darkest shade of Annabelle Creme Caramel around the edges to blend out the Ellis shadow.

To finish the eyes, I hilighted the inner corners with the shimmery nude in Creme Caramel, added a half-strip of Revlon false lashes, and concealed with an illuminating concealer (Radiant Glow).

Lips & Cheeks

I kept the cheeks simple, using just one product (Prismatic Neutrals). I used the peach and bronze quadrants to add some contour, then buffed on a touch of the off-white/champagne shade to hilight my cheekbones.

For a long-lasting pout, I lined and filled in my lips with cute medium-pink lip liner (Cranberry). Then, because my lips are pretty dry to begin with, I topped it with some balm and Rimmel Non-Stop Glamour, my current favourite shimmery peach gloss.

Products used

Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes in E104 {review}

MAC Matte2 Eye Shadow in Blanc Type

MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy

Annabelle Trio Eyeshadow in Creme Caramel {review}

Boots No. 7 Radiant Glow in II {very old review}


Marcelle Graphic Face Pressed Powder in Prismatic Neutral {swatches}

MAC Lipliner in Cranberry

Rimmel StayGlossy in Non-Stop Glamour {review}

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  • you look very pretty! i love your cheekbones! :3
    My recent post NARS – Deep Throat

  • very nice look :)
    My recent post Im On A Day Trip In

  • Love :) Dianna Agron is totally my girl crush, too…I think she's gorgeous. And her fashion choices so far have been beautiful! And I think celebrities have the right to experiment with makeup sometimes, too.
    My recent post Zoya Gigi

    • *Everyone* has the right to experiment with makeup! :D Everyone always!

      (I think that everyone should do it, lol)

  • GORGEOUS! i'm convinced every colour looks amazing on your skin :)
    My recent post What Is Beauty

    • *blushes* Thank you! I'm sure I'll stumble across one that looks terrible soon enough :P

  • Tracy2000

    I gotta get one of those Ellis Faas cream shadows! You look gorgeous Rae!
    My recent post Lipstick of the Week-Estee Lauder Wild Violet Lipstick

    • You totally do! They're gorgeous, and pretty darn crease-resistant, to boot :)


  • makeupmorsels

    Ahh, I really like this. It feels good to do a neutral look every once in awhile, doesn't it? :) Her hair looks so smooth and perfect in that picture!

    • Haha, for me, that's like… always :p I almost never wear colour!

  • Lahhhhhve the lashes and the eye look. I'm not really a fan of how far down Agron's MUA brought the colour under her eyes, but imo the girl can still do no wrong :)
    My recent post Hooker- Please

    • Hmm, I agree. It's nice to see some colour down there, but the look would have been even better with just a touch less! : )

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