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What it is: Boot’s No.7 Radiant Glow concealer (which for some reason is called “Instant Radiance” back in the UK, though it’s still Radiant Glow in the US)
Packaging: I love the easy-to-use pen! The brush tip is soft soft, even for my super-sensitive skin, and I could get away with blending only with the tip and my fingers, if I had to. Two clicks of the pen is enough for my undereye circles, and even if I get too much, it doesn’t matter – the cap goes on tightly and keeps the tip from drying out, so any excess product can just be used later! Plus, it’s easy to throw this light little pen into my purse for on-the-go touchups (though I rarely need them, with this concealer).
The colour: This only comes in two shades, this one (II) and shade I, which is substantially pinker. It’s sheer enough to be versitile, but I highly doubt this would work for a dark-skinned beauty.

Crappy swatch: (darn you, lightbulb! Don’t worry, I’ve changed bulbs, but there are a few dark photos like this one)
Its claims:
“No7 Instant Radiance Concealer enables you to look like you’ve had a great night’s sleep, even when you haven’t! With No7’s magic wand, this clever concealer works wonders under your eyes, reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

Light-reflecting particles brighten your skin, leaving it looking healthy and refreshed.

    • Hypo-allergenic


  • Fragrance free”



Does it live up to them?
Yes! It doesn’t irritate my skin, conceals those dark circles, and is blissfully fragrance-free. I know it says it has light-reflecting particles, and usually that’s marketing bullshit for “giant-ass glitter”, but I honestly had no idea it was supposed to glitter until just now, as I read that! It does its job without being obvious.

Finish: Not waterproof, thank goodness, but it stays on all day. The finish is very natural, even moreso than my mineral and other liquid concealers! Not at all sticky or shiny, it’s almost impossible to tell if I have this on – except I look like I got five hours more sleep than I actually managed, of course!

Price: Steep, for a “drugstore” buy, at $18CAD, but No.7 often goes on 15% off sale. It’s crazy-symbol12.50 for the Brits (I have no idea what alt combination to use to get that, and I’m not going to bother finding it! Ha!), and $12.99 in the US. Boots maybe a little hard for some to find, though, as this mid-range product is only sold at Shopper’s Drug Mart (Canada), Boots (UK), and Target (US).

The verdict? Hard to find and a little pricey, but this is worth it! I use this every day, and would definitely recommend it for anyone who’s looking for a natural-looking way to banish those undereye circles. Because of the limited shade range, though, make sure to swatch it in-store to see if it’s right for you!

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  • Audrie

    Thanks for the review! This looks like a lovely concealer, I would definitely try it out if I haven't already found my HG MUFE Lift. The thing with click pen applicators is that I always feel like I could just run out any moment, I mean what if one day I go to apply my concealer and *click click* there are no more left?! How devastating would that be! hahah maybe I am just crazy :P

  • Rae

    Audrie: I find this quite similar to MUFE Lift, but cheaper, and though I do worry about suddenly running out, my lazy side beats out my OCD side, just this once :P Plus, the price difference is, on sale, about $16 vs $24 iirc, up in Canada!

  • ' * : . b | u 3

    I still haven't found my HG concealer…all of them either crease on me or don't come in the right shades. Will have to try this one!

  • Rae

    You must! This one doesn't crease on me at all, and I think one of the two *should* work on your skin :) Hit up one of the gorgeous new Beauty Boutiques – they should have a nice, clean sample for you to swatch! (I went to mine just a week or two after it opened, and got to use the tester on my face – it was literally NEW, not clicked or opened. Whoo!)