The Gift Guide: Luxe for a Little – Small Splurges

A few days ago, we brought you a bunch of “Luxe for a Lot” items – so today, we’re bringing you some “Luxe for a Little” ones. These are some of the fabulous products and great buys that I’ve run into recently, and if you ask me, they’re wonderful for gifting to others… and divine for gifting to yourself ;)

Majorica, Audrey Brooke, ABS by Allen Schwartz

They’re grouped into two categories; “Small Splurges,” and, for those of us who are really short on cash this season, “Under $20,” which will be going up later this week. Enjoy!

Small Splurges

These are a few items that, okay, may be on the pricy side — but not unaffordable so. They’re great if you want to splurge a little but still have bills to pay, or if you want to pick up something lovely for a friend!

Clarins Barocco Rouge Prodige lipstick – at $24 US, the price isn’t too high and the product is great. (We have a review upcoming, by the way!) For the record, this really is just as pretty in real life, and as an added bonus, the Rouge Prodige formula smells fantastic.

Hourglass Extreme Sheen lip trio – Okay, so $40 is a little pricier, but don’t forget that it’s for three products, not just one! I haven’t seen these lovelies in person, unfortunately, (the Sephora by my place doesn’t carry the line) but I’ve heard this trio’s well worth your time.

Benefit All You Need is Gloss set – if the price tag of the Hourglass glosses is making you shy away, I think these would be a great alternative. Plus, the trio is great for splitting up if you need to add an extra item into a gift or three! How do you feel about six shades at $26USD/$30CAD? (If it isn’t clear, I very much approve of this decision.)

Cozzette S125 blush/powder brush – I’m guilty of pushing this one pretty hard, I’ll admit it. But I can’t help myself; it’s just an honestly fantastic brush. Soft, dense, violet… I mean, what more can a girl ask for?

Ellis Faas Lights – the Lights line is new for the holidays, and presumably worth a warm welcome. After all, Ellis has impressed me in the past!

Shu Uemura eyelashes – because nothing says glamorous like a pair of luscious falsies. Enough said? Enough said. Scratch that, I need to add on two more links! I stumbled across a few pairs on sale, and felt obliged to share.

Lipstick Queen Big Bang gloss – I’ll be honest when I say that I’ve always wanted to try these, and really, what better time than during the holidays? At $20 a pop they’re going to run you more than, say, a Le Gloss, but won’t run you into the ground.

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  • Anna

    I tried the Big Bang Gloss and really liked it – just enough pigment, moisture, and non-stick. Used it almost daily for about 7 months and next thing I know, someone looking at it dropped it on the floor of her bathroom and it cracked something fierce. I was so upset since there was so much gloss left, I emptied it into a container but it is so lame to bother with applying out of a pot when originally it was out of a tube with a wand. Now it just sits in my makeup drawer, a tainted memory of my makeup life. I haven't bothered with getting a replacement since I'm up in Canada as well and I refuse to pay for shipping if it were even able to be shipped across the border.

    • Oh no!! That sucks, Anna :( I don't suppose you're anywhere near a Holt Renfrew? Not all locations have LQ, but I know some of them do!