Friday, April 24, 2009

Basically, the title says it all. It’s a five-week French immersion program on full bursary (I just have to get there and pay the admission fees – totalling to about $300 airfare and $300 for admission as well as a two-day stint in Quebec City) and I got in!!!

I’m unbelievably excited. I’m not quite sure how posting will work, though – five weeks is a lot of posts to pre-write and schedule. But I’ll figure it out, and it’ll definitely be worth it.

I could not be more thrilled!

You and I, let’s play the name game…

I get in these ruts: it’s like I don’t belong in my skin. I feel like I can identify with burn victims, plastic surgery whores – when I look in the mirror, it’s like I recognize the image, but it’s not me. I feel like I don’t look like I should, if that makes any sense.

So this week’s YOU? Pretend that my name isn’t Rae… and tell me what it should have been. And yes, you can give me multiple names.

(The below image has been photoshopped to blur out the background – I compared it to the original, and I’m pretty sure that’s the only alteration! I love this direct-sunlight-through-cloud-cover makeup-free shot.)Personally, I think I would have made a terrific Caroline.

Heads up!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bobe is looking for product testers for their new “soap nuts”. They sound like a fabulous concept – I hope I get picked! I’ve been using Tide Free recently, and though I’m happy with it, the nuts sound even better.
Feel free to leave your email in the comments (or email me directly) if you’d like me to forward this month’s newsletter to you.

At home, sick :(

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chuck, one of my favourite shows at the moment, is facing possible cancellation… which makes me pretty darn sad! It’s one of the few clean, funny, and all-around awesome shows on the air right now. (Some other loves? Gossip Girl, of course, as well as Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, the Mentalist, and Dollhouse)

(Major empahsis on Dollhouse. Whedon, I love you.)

I just thought I’d mention that -shrugs- as I’ve just had time to watch this week’s episode. So go watch some Chuck! The lesson we learned (or should have learned) this week?

If a hitch-hiker looks like this, do not pick him up:(And for all of you wondering, that’s the videostic player. I find most of my links through Sidereel, but I prefer to watch on Videostic or Megastic! (Are they different, aside from the urls? I’m not sure.) Yes, megavideo loads faster, but for whatever reason, the audio track is always off by the time the show’s half over!

Foundation: worth the splurge?

Well, every series has to start somewhere… and where better to start than with a base product? After all, in a recession, the sales of foundation (not lipstick, this time!) go up about thirty percent. This post won’t go over different types or anything like that – I’m working on the assumption that you’ll be wearing liquid, creme, gel, or mineral foundation, simply because you can’t mix or get samples of pressed powders!

When foundation isn’t worth the splurge
If you don’t wear foundation every day, or you can find your match in the drugstore aisles, there is no reason you should be spending a small fortune on foundation!

However – if you have an extreme skin condition, a higher-end foundation may be a better choice. I’m not talking “oh my skin gets oily…sometimes”, but if you have dry skin that flakes like mad despite your skincare regime, oily skin that can’t be stopped with blotting tissue and setting powder, or chronic acne, you need to be more selective about what you’re putting on it. (And if you do have bad acne, consider either not wearing foundation, or choosing something for acne-prone skin – I hear there are some great ones with salicylic acid!)

When foundation is worth the splurge
There are some of us who wear foundation every day – I’m not one of them. But that’s the first requirement for justifying a foundation that’ll ring up over $30! If you’re not going to wear it every day, don’t break the bank for it. After all, it’ll be expired within a few years anyways.

If you’re still in this section, it means you fit the aformentioned requirement. But what else? Well, some of us lucky souls (again… I’m not one of them) can find a perfect match in the drugstore. So go out, and get swatching! I prefer doing this in wealthier communities – I don’t intend to sound prejudiced or rude, but they tend to have more testers, be cleaner, and be less busy. If you can find your perfect shade, buy it!

But if not, well, you fit the requirement for spending a bit more on your foundation. It up a makeup store or the department store counters, where the sales associate should be able to help match you to your correct shade – and make sure you wear it around for the day (and into the sunlight) before buying! If you find your skintone is super-hard to match, makeup lines like Prescriptives and Three Custom Color can blend a shade for you.

The pros and cons of expensive foundation…other than the price
Stores like MAC, Sephora, and most makeup counters have more lenient exchange policies than drugstores. So, if after using it for a week or two, you realize the foundation is all wrong for you, you can bring it back and try something else. On top of this, you get to try the shade on before you buy it, and in most cases, get a sample to try it out for a few days before picking it up. If you do wait a few days, though, remember to go back to the same sales associate that helped you before, if at all possible! As long as s/he was helpful – it’ll help out their sales goals, or they’ll get commision for it!

However, keep in mind that expensive does not mean “good”. Even if the foundation was $60, that doesn’t guarentee that it won’t break you out.

Other things to consider

If you just need foundation for a special event, go get a sample! But try not to take up too much of the sales associate’s time if you know you’re not going to buy anything. It’s only polite! At the same time, though, don’t be shy if you need help – that is what they’re there for.

It’s easiest for me to get samples at Sephora, followed by MAC and Estee Lauder (the last because they often send out vouchers for a free 10-day sample to their mailing lists). It can’t hurt to try, though! The only thing I can guarentee you won’t get a sample of? Custom blended foundation!

If your skin varies less than one tone during the year, and your regular foundation is a high-end one, try mixing some drugstore foundation in there during the summer. Why does this make sense? Well, you’ll probably be mixing in a 1:2 ratio of drugstore:normal, if not less. This means that a) you don’t have to be as picky with the formula and shade, and b) you probably won’t use it up before it goes bad.

Lastly – there’s always the option of swapping for foundation or buying it online! Find out what you’re looking for in-store and see if you can’t get a gently used (or even new) one in an online community like mac_cosmetics, MUA, or macsaleswap. As you may have gathered from the names, it’ll be a lot easier to track down your foundation if it’s MAC, but there are a ton of other foundations out there, too!

Foundations to splurge on
Well, I can’t give you any names, simply because I don’t wear foundation! Even if I did – skin is such an individual thing, I couldn’t guarantee they’d work for you. But worry not! I’ll definitely have products to recommend splurging on next time :P

A bronzed Summer look

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[aformentioned title must be said with the voice of a sportscaster. Or a car salesman.]

Here’s the look: (get used to this mug, girls, because you’ll probably be seeing it a lot more from now on, since it’s finally light enough to take natural sunlight photos when I get home!)Photos were taken with flash (they usually aren’t), and with hair tied back to give a more “summery” look. I’m always way more yellow/tanned with flash, which worked well for this look! The bronzer does look much more harsh than it does in real life because of it, but that’s alright :P

And here’s how to get it!

1. Apply normal foundation, or gradually mix your normal and summer foundations.
2. Set with powder.
3. Dust on a non-orange light bronzing powder (I used MAC Golden) all over your face, neck, and chest. Don’t do this while wearing a shirt!!
4. Very lightly apply a darker, more berry bronzing powder (MAC Bronze) where you would contour – under your cheekbones,your temples, and a touch along the peripherals of your face. Blend, and sweep your brush over your nose, chin, and forehead without picking up more powder. This will very lightly tint the areas, but you don’t want to full-out colour them!
-note- If you only have one bronzer, opt for a very light dusting over the face, apply a berry blush, and then concentrate more bronzer in the areas listed in step four.
5. Apply a bronze-berry lip colour (Aura Science Baby Plum) with your finger. Why your finger, and not the applicator? I prefer a moist-but-not-glossy look when I’m bronzed. Using your fingers will help you achieve this look.
6. Dust a sheer shimmery gold onto lids (Fyrinnae Polar Bear). Don’t take it past your crease!
7. Take what’s left on your brush and apply to the middle of your lower lip!
8. Dust shoulders and chest lightly with Bronze. I wanted to do a contouring tutorial for the girls, but with all the teens being charged for child pornography*, I decided against it [eye roll]

Tada! You’re bronzed and ready to go.

*Do you think this is reasonable? For those of you who are lost: teens are being charged for child pornography for “sexting” – sending provocative/nude photos of themselves to their significant others. I think it’s wrong, but it’s not something you should go to jail for!! Sound off in the comments.

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