Dove Shower Foam review, photos

    Dove Shower Foam review

    The product: Dove Shower Foam in Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla, Deep Moisture, and Cucumber & Green Tea Scent 

    Did you know that Dove hasn’t developed a new format for a shower product in 20 years? It’s true: the last time they did, it was 1987.

    This year, they’re changing things up with a skin cleanser that’s altogether new to the brand–a foam. It follows the same mentality as the Bioderma Atoderm Shower Gel that I reviewed last spring, with a lighter texture that rinses off more easily (and gently).

    Dove Shower Foam texture review

    The Dove Shower Foam formula

    The new Dove Shower Foam focuses on cleansing the skin without stripping away its moisture. It uses Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate and Glycinate as its main surfactants, which are gentler alternatives to SLS. (They’re so gentle that they’re used in facial skincare as well!)

    The formula also contains stearic acid and glycerin to help lock moisture into your skin, and it’s easy to rinse off. I’ve been using it all month to soap and shave, and it works well for both.

    I’ve been a little spoiled when it comes to shower products over the past few years, and I can’t remember the last time I used something mass market. But guess what? While they’re a little more stripping than the shower oil that I was using previously, I’m happy to say that the Dove Shower Foam formula is pretty neutral! These foams aren’t too drying, and they never sting.

    Dove shower foam cucumber green tea scent review

    The Dove Shower Foam scents

    Dove released their Shower Foam lineup with three different scents: a soapy “Deep Moisture” scent, a sweet Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla scent, and a light Cucumber and Green Tea scent.

    The three are virtually identical in use, so feel free to choose based on fragrance, not function. I love the way Dove does cucumber scents, so I really like the cucumber and green tea one. I don’t get any green tea notes from it, but it’s a refreshing smell nonetheless!

    Dove shower foam shea butter with warm vanilla review

    The Dove Shower Foam verdict?

    The new Dove Shower Foams are simple, easy products. Each bottle contains more than 250 pumps of product, and they’re just so satisfying–like, they’re inexpensive, but the plastic pumps don’t feel cheap

    The Shower Foam formula is about as hydrating/drying as Dove’s Beauty Bar formula, so let that guide your purchase. I’d definitely reach for one of these over a bar, but I’m biased: I’m not a fan of bar soap, and I’m a sucker for anything whipped or foamy!

    Availability: $7.79 USD/$7.97 CAD at most drugstores, mass market retailers, and grocery stores. Permanent as of January 2017.

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    Annabelle Cosmetics Eye Primer, Eye Shadow, Skinny Palette review, swatches, photos

    Annabelle eye primer beige, matte eyeshadow pink lemond review

    The products: Annabelle Cosmetics Spring 2017 eye launches

    ↳ Annabelle Eye Primer in Beige, Chrome Single Eyeshadow in Rose Gold, Matte Single Eyeshadow in Pink Lemonade, Skinny Palette in Taupe Neutrals, Skinny Gel Eyeliner in Black Onyx, and Brow Show Gel in Medium/Dark

    Annabelle dropped a huge eye collection for spring/summer this year, and I’ve been itching to share it on theNotice. Unfortunately, my review was delayed by a week thanks to a rather farcical mistake that I made last week, but now we’re back and ready to go!

    It’s a big collection, so I’ll try to get through it as quickly as possible. Think of this as a Cole’s Notes review, except more wholesome.

    annabelle rose gold, pink lemond swatches review

    Annabelle Cosmetics swatches: Skinny Gel Eyeliner in Black Onyx, BrowShow Gel in Medium/Dark, “Rose Gold” Chrome Eyeshadow, Eye Primer, “Pink Lemonade” Matte Eyeshadow. On lightly primed skin in indirect sunlight.

    The new Annabelle Cosmetics eyeshadows

    Annabelle has revamped their range of single eyeshadows, and the new line is organized by finish. Annabelle Cosmetics eyeshadows have always been a favourite of mine from the drugstore, and I swear–with each reworking of the line (which they seem to do every five years or so, as technologies advance), they just get better.

    The new Annabelle Single Eyeshadows ($5.95 CAD) are available in a matte, metallic, satin, or chrome finish, and (lo and behold,) I LOVE THEM. I tried the matte Pink Lemonade and the chrome Rose Gold, and both performed really well.

    Annabelle chrome eyeshadow rose gold review swatches

    Pink Lemonade provides a really nice, blank canvas to work on if you have fair skin, and the formula wasn’t too thick or too chalky. For a drugstore eyeshadow, it has great pigmentation.

    Rose Gold, on the other hand, is just a fucking stunner. It gives the same wet-look shimmer as you’ll find in brands like Clarins and Shu Uemura, but again: it’s five bucks. It has a “metallic foil finish” and a moist texture, reminiscent of bouncy blushes and fresh Colourpop singles.

    The Annabelle Cosmetics Chrome Eyeshadows are a little light on pigment, but they’re gorgeous popped onto the middle of the lid after you finish your eyeshadow look.

    Annabelle skinny eyeshadow palette review

    Annabelle Cosmetics Skinny Palette in Taupe Neutrals Basics

    The Annabelle Cosmetics Skinny Eye Palette

    The new Annabelle Cosmetics Skinny Eye Palettes ($9.95 CAD) are offered in six “colour harmonies.” I checked out the very neutral Taupe Neutrals Basics, which leans a little warm.

    Annabelle skinny palette taupe neturals basics swatches review

    Annabelle Cosmetics Skinny Palette in Taupe Neutrals Basics – swatched on bare skin (above) and with the Annabelle Eye Primer (below)

    I honestly don’t know why anyone with the Annabelle Smokey Nudes and Eye & Brow Palettes would ever need other eyeshadow palettes, but the Skinny Eye Palettes are nice. They’re extremely compact, and texturally, they’re good for the price. I would have preferred if the chocolate brown shade was an eyeshadow (it’s actually a powder eyeliner), but it’s still a nice inclusion.

    My only complaint is that the Skinny Eye Palettes are a little boring. For just a few dollars more, I think the full-sized Annabelle Cosmetics palettes are a lot more fun to work with.

    Annabelle skinny gel eyeliner review

    The Annabelle Cosmetics eye accoutrements

    I was really excited to try the new Annabelle Eye Primer ($8.95 CAD), but primers in pots are not usually my friend. This one was about the same–it does a great job of adding intensity to your powder products, but I found that my eyeshadows creased after 3 hours. It’s definitely better than nothing, though, and it’s worth noting that the formula is both paraben and silicone-free.

    That’s rare as heck, so I’d still recommend giving it a try if you’re ‘cone-free.

    Annabelle BrowShow gel medium dark review swatches

    I also checked out the new Annabelle BrowShow Gel ($8.95 CAD), which was nice–but not a must-have for me. I’m not crazy about tinted brow gels, so I’m sticking to their Skinny Brow Liners. (The BrowShow Gels are also paraben and silicone-free!)

    Annabelle seems to be really into the “skinny” and “gel” thing right now, because their Skinny Gel Eyeliner ($8.95 CAD) is new to the range, too. It has good intensity and creaminess, but like with Annabelle’s EyeInk2 Liquid Eyeliner Duos ($10.95 CAD) from last year, it didn’t last. I get raccoon eyes with both in under 2 hours, primer or none.

    Annabelle Skinny Palette Taupe Neutrals Basics review swatches

    The verdict?

    Dooooo it.

    The new Annabelle Cosmetics eyeliner is a skip for me, but the rest of these launches were pretty solid. The Annabelle Chrome Eyeshadow Singles are a total must-have–I’ve literally used mine in every eye look I’ve done since opening it, including this one. And, hey. If you buy them in every single shade available, I promise not to judge.

    (Although I might be a little envious of you.)

    Availability: $5.95-$9.95 CAD at (US/Canada shipping) and at drugstores and mass market retailers across Canada.

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    New 11/04/17 | So I did a really dumb thing

    Estee Lauder Defining Powder Brush

    In a move surprising absolutely no one, I did a REALLY dumb thing this week.

    The What:

    My fibro has been pretty bad recently, and as my fellow sufferers of chronic pain and fatigue will know, that can only lead to one thing: brain fog. I can do some pretty silly stuff when I’m all groggy and disoriented, but this is by far my worst-ever move.

    I accidentally shipped my laptop to another blogger.

    The How:

    “How on Earth did you manage to do that, Rae?” You may be thinking. Or, for the less generous and forgiving of you, perhaps that’s just a simple, “What the fuck, Rae.”

    Well. I was filming some backpacks for a new post on Best Buy this week, and part of the filming involved putting my laptop in a backpack. As soon as I was finished filming and taking notes, the bags went back into their shipping boxes and onwards to my French counterpart on the blog.

    I think you can infer the rest from there.

    The Now What: 

    So, while I can’t give you this week’s planned post because all of my files are AWOL (but hopefully on their way to Myriam and back to me soon), I can give you this instead: a little lust list of the beauty world’s newest and shiniest.

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    LUSH New Shampoo Bar, Veganese Conditioner, R&B: review, photos

    LUSH be cruelty free 2017 review

    The products: LUSH New Shampoo Bar, Veganese Hair Conditioner, and R&B Hair Moisturizer

    I recently got the chance to try out a trio of Lush silicone-free, vegan haircare products, and I wanted to get them up on the blog as soon as possible. Though they weren’t the right products for my hair type, the Lush New shampoo bar shares an important message that I’m happy to see being broadcasted.

    LUSH BeCrueltyFree shampoo bar review

    #BeCrueltyFree with LUSH New Shampoo Bar ($11.95 CAD; tin $3.95 CAD)

    I’ve seen a lot of weirdly named products, but this is the strangest. Lush’s spicy new shampoo bar is simply called “New.” (It’s labelled as “Lush New Shampoo Bar 2017” on the packaging).

    Each bar is labelled with a wooden stick reading “#BeCrueltyFree,” in English and Chinese, so I’m not really sure why they didn’t just name it that. It would have been so easily searchable and hashtagable!

    LUSH New cruelty free shampoo bar 2017 review

    I really like having the option of a solid shampoo, and the Lush New Shampoo Bar is par for the course. A little goes a LONG way (two swipes is plenty for my entire scalp), and it smells like cinnamon hearts.

    As much as I like the cruelty-free theory behind this bar, though, I didn’t love the execution. While the bar contains rosemary and nettle to soothe irritation, the large amounts of SLS and cinnamon leaf oil dried out my scalp and left my skin feeling sensitized.

    I LOVE that Lush formulates all of their products in a cruelty-free environment, but I’d love to see them modernize some of their formulas. The Lush New shampoo bar would have been so much more awesome if it was SLS and artificial dye/fragrance-free!

    Lush Veganese conditioner review

    Go weightless with the Lush Veganese Hair Conditioner ($9.95 CAD)

    Alright, I’m gonna say it: for my hair, Veganese is a crap pairing for the Lush New Shampoo Bar.

    If you have baby-fine hair or you’re looking to co-wash, then sure, Veganese is going to be awesome. But I have dry-ish hair to begin with, and these two together turned my hair into straw. 

    The Veganese formula is really interesting, though. It’s made on a lavender and rosemary infusion base, and thickened with agar agar. You have to use a ton of it for coarser hair, but it’s vegan and optimized for super-fine hair!

    LUSH R&B Hair Moisturizer review

    Stay smooth with the Lush R&B Hair Moisturizer ($25.95 CAD)

    I am nowhere near as smooth as this “hair moisturizer” (AKA leave-in conditioner) smells. It’s perfumed with orange blossom and jasmine, and the formula features fair trade olive oil, avocado butter, and coconut oil.

    My hair definitely feels smoother and silkier when I use this, but it weighs it down as well. Lush R&B is ideal for hair that’s curly and thick, not straight and thin. Is it a good moisturizer for thin, dry hair? Yeah, it’s not bad. But the formula shines on curls, and I just don’t have those to give.

    LUSH R&B Hair Moisturizer leave-in conditioner review

    The Lush New, Veganese, and R&B verdict?

    I really just want to take all of these products and push them at my friends. They’re all great in their own rights–but none of them are ideal for my hair.

    New would be fantastic for travelling with, Veganese would be great on super fine hair (think natural blondes), and R&B would do amazing things with naturally curly hair. Actually… As I type that, I think I know exactly who these products should go to.

    I’ll see you on Monday, folks. I’ve gotta go be a product fairy for the weekend.

    Availability: All permanent products at Lush.

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    Burberry Kisses in Peony Pink, Military Red: review, swatches, photos

    Burberry Military Red swatch review

    Burberry Kisses in Military Red – swatch

    The products: Burberry Kisses Hydrating Lip Colour in No. 37 Pink Peony and No. 109 Military Red

    You know those mornings when you wake up and nothing can fix you up aside from a shot of whipped cream and just the right lipstick?

    These lipstick are for those days.

    Burberry kisses 37 Pink Peony swatch review

    Burberry Kisses in No. 38 Peony Pink review

    The shades: The second I opened up these Burberry Kisses lipsticks, I was enamoured with the look of Military Red. It’s such a soft, fresh red. With its creme finish and buildable coverage, it’s one of the most forgiving reds that I’ve encountered thus far.

    Surprisingly enough, though, Pink Peony turned out to be the shade that stole my heart. It’s a neutral pink that runs almost a tiny bit coral on me, with a touch of shimmer and… I don’t know. It just does really nice things to my face? It’s springy and brightening and it makes me feel like I’m wearing a Snapchat filter all the time.

    Burberry Kisses lipstick Military Red swatch review

    Burberry Kisses swatch – No. 109 Military Red

    Burberry Kisses Pink Peony lipstick swatch review

    Burberry Kisses swatch – No. 37 Pink Peony

    The formula: The Burberry Kisses formula is really lovely and basic. For the most part, it has a soft creme finish, leaving lips looking hydrated but no-fuss. I’ve found that the finish varies a bit from shade to shade. Military Red, for instance, looks a bit glossy, while Pink Peony has a true creme finish that errs almost on the side of “soft matte”.

    Both shades settle into the lips well and fade evenly. They slip around for the first few minutes, avoiding the inner rim, but the colour stays put after that. Moisture-wise, I like to top up with lip balm 2-3 hours after applying these, but colour-wise, I can make it to the 4 hour mark with a light, uniform stain.

    Burberry kisses 109 Military Red lipstick review

    The verdict?

    The Burberry Kisses Lipstick formula is a nice compromise between hydration and a gloss-free finish. They’re lightly hydrating, and they deliver a velvety finish.

    Plus, if you’re on the market for a brightening, everyday shade this spring, Pink Peony is a great place to start your hunt. I swear that it’s like a Snapchat filter for my whole (fair, olive-toned) face!

    Availability: $34 USD/$38 CAD. Available at Sephora and Nordstrom.

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