LIP SET WEEK(end) | Bite High Pigment Pencil Trio: review, photos, swatches

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The product: Bite High Pigment Pencil Trio (High Pigment Matte Pencils in Pomegranate, Honey Berry, and Bouquet)

The formula: the Bite High Pigment Pencils feel absolutely gorgeous. Good mattes have a very specific texture, and it’s hard to describe unless you already own a matte with a similar formula. It’s sort of… well, it’s sort of a bit like poutine. Everyone always says that the cheese “squeaks,” which makes no sense to someone who’s only ever had fries, and so much sense the second you try your first bite of cheese curd.

So, yeah, these pencils have the formula of a good matte. Velvety, surprisingly lightweight, and (perhaps most importantly), not drying!! There’s a bit of a lingering “fruity” scent, which I’d have preferred to do without, but the gorgeous shades & formula more than make up for it. (Worth noting: I believe the fragrance is naturally-derived, so those who have problems with synthetic scent headaches should be OK with these.)

The shades: Bite’s High Pigment Pencil Trio includes full-size versions of three of the line’s six High Pigment Pencil shades: Pomegranate (described as a rich red), Honey Berry (toasted almond), and Bouquet (peachy pink). The amount of pigment they’ve packed into these is really, really impressive – I’m used to being let down by “high pigment” marketing talk, but pigment-wise, these really deliver!

Of course, Pomegranate is my favourite of the three – it’s a delicious, completely opaque, bright blue-red. As fair warning, though, it has a sort of wild red vibe: no red lipstick is understated, of course, but this one seems particularly bright. As far as mattes go, though, it’s very forgiving. The formula of Pomegranate seems to wear  just a bit more velvety than the other two, but I’m not complaining!

Bite High Pigment Matte Pencil swatch in Pomegranate

Honey Berry was perhaps the most surprising of the bunch; it’s a medium brown (which normally look awful on me), but somehow, it looks totally fine – even against my fair skintone. I’ve swatched it for full opacity here, but it really brings its A-game when worn sheerly. It’s an unexpectedly lovely medium nude, with just the right balance of yellow, brown, and pink tones.

Bite High Pigment Matte Pencil swatch in Honey Berry

Finally, Bouquet is a lot brighter than I thought it would be. It looks a fair bit more muted in these swatches than it does in real life, where it (like Pomegranate) comes to the field as anything but demure. It’s bright, loud, and will definitely appeal to lovers of shades like MAC Chatterbox and Please Me. There’s something about this shade that, when paired with the matte finish, takes it from quiet to L-O-U-D in ten seconds flat.

Bite High Pigment Matte Pencil swatch in Bouquet

Is it giftable?

Yes. But with reserves! For a beauty addict, this would be a fab gift – it’s all gorgeous satin-matte finishes and high pigment. For a muggle, though? Perhaps it would be best to hold off. Pick up a Colour & Shine set for them instead, perhaps!

As for whether or not this set is a good deal for yourself: it’s $38 US, but has a $72 US value. The pencils twist up (always a plus; no need for a sharpener), and I’m betting that you’re all going to pick up Pomegranate anyways. So, in short, yeah. It’s a good deal. ;)

As an introduction to the Bite line, the High Pigment Pencils are fantastic. I’m excited to try more! Which, okay, is probably going to take forever, because it’s me, but still. I’ll get to it. Eventually.

Keep reading for ingredients and more »

LIP SET WEEK | Clinique Chubby Colour & Shine

Friday, December 16, 2011

The product: Clinique Chubby Colour & Shine Set

It’s no secret that I’m in love with Clinique’s Chubby Stick Moisturizing Colour Lip Balm (their full name. Isn’t it intimidating?) I’ve talked about them before – or, perhaps more accurately, I’ve talked about the them a lot already. We first reviewed Clinique’s Chubby Sticks last December (when they were revamped and relaunched), went on to add the ingredients, and featured them in this year’s Summery Summary.

It’s been almost an entire year (!!!), and I think it’s safe to say that I’m still in love with the Chubby Sticks. Which, for the record, is phenomenal – I fall in love with new products all the time, but it’s so rare that one product will stay in the rotation for any more than a season. But I’m still crazy for these adorable, crayon-y balms, and I don’t think it’s a love that’s going away anytime soon!

Thankfully, Clinique included my favourite shade in this set. I haven’t tried them all, but I loved Super Strawberry when I first got it – enough so that I didn’t feel the need to try the rest of them, I guess!

Even after swatching and wearing around the other three, Super Strawberry‘s still my fave. It’s the perfect pop of colour; bright enough to really pick up my complexion, but sheer enough to still look really natural and low-key. It transitioned really well from winter into summer (and then back again), which is always the mark of a good MLBB shade!

Swatched L-R: 02 Whole Lotta Honey, 04 Mega Melon, 06 Whoppin’ Watermelon, 07 Super Strawberry

Blended out: Whole Lotta Honey, Mega Melon, Whoppin’ Watermelon, Super Strawberry

The shades

Whoppin’ Watermelon is a pretty, pastel pink, and surprisingly, it has enough pigment to tone down my natural lip colour a bit. Super Strawberry is my go-to natural lip shade; it’s a really well-balanced medium berry-pink with just the right amounts of cool and warm. Mega Melon is a sheer melon-y shade with quite a bit more shimmer than the others. Whole Lotta Honey is a muted, medium brown with enough red undertones to keep from washing you out.

Clinique Super Strawberry Chubby Stick swatch

Swatches of the rest after the cut!

Is it giftable?

Absolutely! The Colour & Shine set retails for $38.50 CAD, and comes with four Chubby Sticks in a silver pouch. Because they’re so sheer, it means that they’re going to work on any (literally, any) skintone, which is always a nice thing to keep in mind when you’re gift-giving. I love that they’re paraben- and scent-free, too; I’m always in fear of being gifted a lovely lip product that I can’t use because of a scent!

Of course, the perfect person to get this set for? That would be you. I’m convinced that every beauty junkie ought to try the Chubby line at least once, and, well, isn’t this just the most perfect way to do it?

(The crayon-y pencils are even cuter in this gift set. Even cuter. They’re the same width, but are about a centimeter shorter. Adorable!)

Availability: Canadians, this set is exclusive to Shopper’s and Murale; Americans, I think you can get yours at Macy’s; UK girls, keep an eye out at Harrod’s, Selfidges, and Clinique – looks like they’re all sold out online, though (sorry I didn’t get to the set sooner!)

Lip swatches and product photos of each shade! »

COMING UP | Lip Set Week at theNotice

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

“But Rae!” you say, “It’s already Tuesday night!”

Well, yes. It is.

We’ll be covering three different (very different) lip sets for the Holiday season this year, so keep your eyes peeled! Reviews and swatches upcoming – the first one should be up by tomorrow night. These lovely kits by KorresBite, and Clinique are great last-minute gifts for anyone you’ve forgotten, from your lipgloss-only niece, to your classic-matte auntie, to your allergic-to-everything best friend.

And, of course, they’d be fabulous gifts for yourself :P

theNotice’s Holiday Gift Guide | get ornamental

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The products

Okay, confession: I like this one way more than yesterday’s natural skincare feature ;) (Not that I didn’t like that one! I just like this one rather a lot more.) This is the only other spread I have done right now, but I’d like to fit in one more before Christmas if I can!

No promises, but fingers crossed. I’ll try to make time :o) The holidays, you know? They’re crazy for us all.

(It’s a pity you can’t delegate to cookies. I would totally delegate to cookies. And then eat them once they’d finished their tasks. It would be gloriously efficient and so tasty.)

theNotice’s Holiday Gift Guide | for the natural beauty

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Look! It’s our first holiday spread! (Actually, it’s our first anything magazine spread.)

Do you like it? Do you? Do you??? Tell me you like it! Tell me you love it! And just – well, let’s not mention the fact that it’s looking extremely washed-out in my Chrome, mmkay? (Google, why do you have to crush all of my hopes and dreams.)

The products

I’ve done just two spreads for the holidays this year (the other will go up tomorrow, hopefully), but let me know what you think! They’re rather a lot of work, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have fun ;) If there’s interest, perhaps you’ll see a few more next year! And… they’re bound to get better eventually. Right? (This one is rather slapdash compared to Arianne and Jessica‘s!)

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