Clarins Passion collection review, photos, swatches

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The products: Clarins Smokey Passion Eye Quartet and Passion Rose Rouge Prodige

Full names; Clarins Ombre Minérale 4 Couleurs Wet & Dry Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in Smokey Passion and Clarins Rouge Prodige True-Hold Colour & Shine Lipstick in Passion Rose. Both these products are limited edition as part of the Clarins Passion collection, Holiday 2011. Sorry for the late posting!

The quad

The Smokey Passion quad features four shades – and they are right up my alley. No kidding; the proof’s in the brackets.

There’s a russet brown (the sort of shade that would fit perfectly into my fall 2011 colour palette), a silver glitter suspended in a creme base (perfect for a glossy eye, if your lids aren’t oily), a classic brown-taupe (and we all know I’m a sucker for a taupe), and finally, there’s a brown-black with gold flecks (and seriously, I’ll sell my right kidney for a flecked brown-black.)

(Wait, before I do: you do have two kidneys, right? Those are the ones you have two of? I always get it wrong, and I don’t want to sell a kidney only to find out that it’s actually your liver that you have two of.)

Photographed under bright fluorescent lighting, to better show the textures and shimmer

Clarins Smokey Passion quartet, swatched & photographed in indirect sunlight

While I really appreciate the inclusion of a new texture in this palette (it’s definitely a refreshing change!), I do have my reserves about the silicone-slippery silver glitter. It’s too chunky to be used as an under the brow product, but not dry enough to use as a base – which keeps it to (a) dry lids, or (b) areas that don’t typically crease, like the inner corner or lower lashline. The effect is gorgeous, though, especially on its own!

See the quad in last week’s Lipstick Bandit feature, or this Monday’s Clarins Passion makeup look. I still haven’t found time to do a darker eye with the palette, but I hope to before the quad disappears from counters for good.

The lipstick

Right off the bat, I thought Passion Rose would be too glittery for me – but, surprisingly, it wasn’t at all! The finish is more like a frost with fine shimmers, and I’ve been getting so much more wear out of it than I’d expected.

Like all Rouge Prodige lipsticks, Passion Rose goes on smoothly, wears off evenly, and carries a light, fruity scent that should honestly be illegal because it smells so tasty and I just want to eat it. In the tube, it appears brown with a slightly pink lean, but swatches (and wears) with a good balance of brown, pink, and gold microshimmer. The effect is pretty without being girly, subdued without being boring, and effortless without being sloppy.

If I’d have been clever, I would have used this lipstick in this monday’s Clarins FOTD. However, I’m not, so you can see it in a look here, instead.

Clarins Passion Rose swatch (applied more heavily on the left)

The verdict?

This year’s Passion collection was a bit of a disappointment for me – compared to last year’s ultra-luxe Barocco collection (Face Palette / Rouge Prodige / Eye Trio), I think we can all agree that it was rather underwhelming. I’d have loved to see a Barocco redux of sorts; another gold-and-black collection with special packaging, a bold red lipstick, and that festive, luxury feel…

…but you know what? I really liked the Passion collection, too, once I’d recovered from the initial shock.

I’m getting a lot more wear out of the Passion collection than I did out of the Barocco one, but – well, it’s not very holidays, you know? So, here’s my verdict, clean and simple: I love both these products, but I think they’d have been better suited as additions to the permanent line-up, or even as a Winter collection. They’re gorgeous, but they just don’t have the bang! I associate with the Holidays, you know?

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A smokey violet and blue FOTD | ft. MAC, FaceFront, and tokidoki

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I had wanted to create a (darkly) colourful smokey eye for you today, and I was really happy with how it turned out… with one (huge) exception: I kind of forgot to put mascara on (or curl, for that matter) the lashes on my left side. And I didn’t notice until I had already finished taking this photo set and the sun began to go down.


But anyways! Here’s a bold blue-and-violet smokey eye to start the week. Just, um, try not to look too closely at the full-face shots, mmkay?

{see the teaser!}

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LUSH Chilli Tingle review, photos, swatches

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

While getting ready to review Chilli Tingle, I learned three extremely important things, and one less important thing:
  1. When flashing a lip swatch, do not, under any circumstances, forget to close your eyes.
  2. In particular, do not accidentally look right at your camera’s flash when it happens.
  3. Because that fucker is bright and it will burn itself onto your retinas for the next five to ten minutes. Do not, under any circumstances, be fooled by the innocuous appearance of your built-in flash.

As for the less-important-but-more relevant thing, I also learned that:

  1. I hate the smell of chilli.

The product: LUSH Lip Tint in Chilli Tingle

In case you hadn’t already figured it out for yourself, I’m not exactly Chilli Tingle‘s biggest fan. But, of course, that’s just me being ridiculous – it’s simply not what I’d expected. The product itself, however, really isn’t actually half-bad!

My initial reaction to this lip tint was huh, cool – you don’t see chilli in lip products too often, you know? The market’s mainly just full of peppermint and cocoa butter and vanilla and shea. While Chilli Tingle certainly is interesting, though, I should probably have thought about the fact that I hate chilli (and orange lip products, actually) before giving it a go.

(Yes, alright, you can take a moment to laugh at me.)

(Okay, moment’s over, stop it!)

Chilli Tingle Lip Tint, swatched

With the dry texture of this Lip Tint, I find that I have to put quite a bit of it on when I wear it – too sheer of a layer and it goes rather patchy, clinging to dry patches and otherwise just sliding about. With the amount that I have to wear, the resulting colour is a lot more full-on than I had anticipated: instead of a sheer coral, it’s more of a medium-opaque orange-red.

For beauty junkie with normal (rather than, erm, extremely dry) lips, though, and for lovers of orange lip products? I would definitely recommend giving this a go. There’s way more pigment in this product than you’d think, and the colour wears for quite a long time (especially for a “tint”!)

Swatched L-R: LUSH Lip Tint Chilli Tingle, Marcelle Rouge Xpression in Delirium, Annabelle Volumelip gloss in So Sanguine.

The verdict?

Steer clear of Chilli Tingle if (duh) you’re not a fan of chilli or orange lip colours, and/or if you have dry, sensitive lips. (Sometimes I think I need to have my brain checked out. Are you sure all of this perfume-sniffing hasn’t damaged my frontal lobe?)

However, if you’re looking for a natural (and we mean this in terms of production and ingredients, not colour) orange lip colour, don’t miss it! Just – make sure to think of it like a lip colour, not a lip balm, which was one of the many, many mistakes I made while writing this review. Remember to layer it on (too little product and it’ll shift around) and you should be good to go.

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No need to rush for these Tokyo Future Cream Illuminators | FaceFront Gold Rush, Rising Sun reviews

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The product: FaceFront Cream Illuminator in Rising Sun and Gold Rush

I was a bit iffy about these illuminators from the get-go, but I gave them a try nonetheless. No matter how I wore them, though – sparingly or sheerly, high on the cheekbones or mixed into my cheek colour, – I just couldn’t get the an appropriate effect out of either shade.

I’m not crazy about the formula of these Cream Illuminators; on one hand, they feel a little greasy when being applied, but on the other, they somehow seem too “solid” to blend out easily. Which – I mean, hello, physics. Aren’t greasy things supposed to have more slip?

If I was behind the formula (which I’m not) and I had to guess the problem (which I don’t), I’d say that it’s probably an issue of a a slightly skewed silicone-to-carnauba ratio. Actually, I’d probably recommend taking out the carnauba altogether. Maybe blending in some organic coconut oil; include it in a summer collection and really play up the coconut appeal. Y’know. If someone asked. (Which they didn’t.)

Gold Rush

Rising Sun

Gold Rush, described as a “super pearled white gold cream with bright 24K-colored refleks [sic],” runs a too green to impart a believable luminosity. Rising Sun, on the other hand, is supposed to be a “warm peachy-gold withs subtle golden reflecks,” but I feel like it got sidetracked in transit, missing the turnoff for Peachtown and ending up in Copperville. Perhaps running over a wild Subtlemon on its way.

In other news, I am starting to doubt FaceFront’s ability to discern what is gold and what is not. These, as you may have guessed, are definitely not.

The large flecks of glitter (in both, but particularly in Gold Rush) transfer and migrate throughout the day, and are easily identifiable even without a 20x magnifying mirror or direct sunlight. Perhaps on someone with strong olive undertones, a medium-dark skintone, and tiny, perfect pores, they would work… but I am none of those things, and quite frankly, neither are most human beings.

FaceFront Tokyo Future swatches: Gold Rush

FaceFront Tokyo Future swatches: Rising Sun

The verdict?

Though they’re just $11 each, I can’t find a single thing I like about either of these illuminators. (Well, I guess, the formula is scent- and paraben-free. That’s good, right?) They’re just extremely disappointing, in general, but the fact that they’re FaceFront (who have created some of my absolute favourite shades in the past) makes it even worse.

It’s sort of like – well, okay. Let’s say that you read about a new lipgloss that was coming out in three months. And you got all excited, and you waited, and you waited, and you checked out the promo photos and went yes, this is the one, and it was supposed to be a really lovely sheer plummy-rose with just a subtle, ethereal gold sheen to it.

And then it came out, and you bought it online, and you waited, and you waited, and you waited some more, and finally, at long last! it arrived on your doorstep and you unboxed it AND IT WAS GREEN WITH SPARKLES AND THE TEXTURE OF ROSIN.

This? This feels feels a bit like that.

Ingredients and additional photos »

Coming up on theNotice | FaceFront Tokyo Future

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Features should be going up over the next few weeks ;) I don’t have the entire collection on hand, but you can find a full product listing below!

Reviews and swatches will start in a bit, and I’ll see if I can get a look up soon, too – I’m not over the moon about all of the textures (more on that in upcoming posts), but the colours are all absolutely breathtaking. FaceFront honestly outdid themselves on a couple of these shades; they’re stunning!

How FaceFront describes Tokyo Future…

Tokyo Future has been inspired by the vivid colour, lights, fast pace and ever-changing technology of modern Tokyo, Japan: characterized by its electric purple, mature, deep oceanic blue and refreshing magenta pink. However, it is also a collection remembering Tokyo’s tradition and past. The warm hues of earthy brown and green as well as an inspiring, crimson red lip color celebrate the fusion of past and present.

In short, Tokyo Future is a collection perfectly suited for Fall/Winter, but best for the imaginative soul to create, repurpose and renew into his/her own colorful canvas for years to come.

Product listing + more images behind the cut »

Clinique Fall 2011, The New Black | Recap and round-up

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

At long last, this concludes our coverage on The New Black, Clinique’s Fall 2011 Black Honey collection. Or – well, I think this is it. Though sometimes I’m wrong.

In addition to the products reviewed on theNotice, the collection included Clinique’s High Impact Mascara and a Brush-On Cream Liner in, well, Black Honey. I’ll get around to reviewing the mascara eventually (it’s part of their permanent line), but I’m a bit petrified to try Clinique’s cream liners! They’re just always so well-received, and I can’t help but think “what if they don’t stay put on my lids?”

It’s not that I’d feel bad giving a popular product a negative review – it’s something I find myself doing all to often – but it’s just always so disheartening to try yet another eye product that won’t stay put on my obscenely stubborn lids. I’ll probably give them a go one of these days, but I plan on putting it off for as long as possible :P

Get more Black Honey

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