Yah, so I pretty much have the lamest hobby ever.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I clean things. You know I do. I love to organize — and I’m pretty darn good at it if I may say so myself!

Anyhow, with all the other beauty junkies making lipstick organizers, I figured I’d give it a go. It turned into a night-long project with lipstick and lip balm organizers, boxes, pencil and brush organizers…

I’ll let the results speak for themselves. Scroll to the bottom if you need a hand making them!!
How-to: boxes

Measure. Cut. Fold. Not much to it :P

How-to: organizers

Cut two identical strips, use a drafting stencil to make the little notches (SO important, it takes them from “crappy five year old’s DIY” to “awesome”) on the tops. The bottoms, too, if you’d like — but it’s not like anyone’ll see them anyways!

Slice halfway up from the bottom to the centre on one strip, then from the top to the centre on the other. Take another small slice to reduce “crowdedness” in the slots so that they’ll stand up without collapsing/folding into themselves!

What you can do with a six-pack of tealights

Friday, July 10, 2009

…make a brush holder for your mini brushes! I used cue cards, cut up and taped in carefully, in order to make three compartments: one for brushes, one for q-tips, and one for nail implements.They’re cute, cheap, and then you have another couple for actual tealights. (Well, I don’t really burn tealights, but I do use that black one to hold fragrance vials.)

Take it on the road

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

(note: this is old, from when I was still using Nivea Soft and Olay Total Effects! I soon found out I was allergic to the latter. Ugh — I hate revamping my skincare routine!)

For: a roadtrip, a DIY facial at a friend’s place, a one-night stand. (Oh yes, the latter is so likely planned.)

Start with your daytime and nighttime moisturisers and an empty (clean!) contact lens case.
Scrape up product from a tub with a cosmetic spatula, in a wheel. Sure, you could just scoop it up – but then you’re left with a whole lot of ugly.
If you’ve got a pump- or squeeze- style container, pump or squeeze some into the other side. Drop the case gently from about an inch off the table to help it settle!

Finally, attach the darker lid to the night cream, or draw on some sort of symbol to signify which is which – perhaps a moon with some stars?

That’s all! In no time flat, you have moisturiser that can get through airport security, won’t leak, is much lighter (and smaller!) than bottles or tubs, and that will last you about a week, depending on what you use and how much.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Just few quick photos! This is from back when I pressed my Swimming Pool into an empty MAC blot powder compact — I took the label from the EM jar and moved it to the compact!
First, I covered the MAC label in white-out. Then, after a half-assed attempt to take off the EM label without harming it, I put that one on top of the white-out (after it dried!) Smooth it out, and cover with clear polish if you’d like (it’ll help hold it down).


Sunday, May 24, 2009

I got tired of having to deal with three stacking palettes, so I reboxed my Senna Makeup Box — here are the photos!
I considered depotting, but that would have cost around $40, with a combination of MAC, Stila, and Japonesque palettes. Instead, I bought three thin boxes at $1.50/each, put some ceiling tile in the bottom (lightweight and the perfect thickness!) and cushioned one palette in each.

They’re “strapped in” with strips of overheads; the palette itself has no glue etc on it!It took about two hours, but was so worth it- they’re much easier to handle (and therefore getting even more use!) Plus, I love day projects ^^

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