Spring collections round-up: part four

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today we have Armani, Clarins (coverage of the collection here and here), and NARS. Enjoy!

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Giorgio Armani, La Femme, Giorgio Armani, Giorgio Armani

Clarins, Clarins, Clarins, Clarins, Clarins


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I’ll stick with you, Nars!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So the beautyblogosphere (which for the record is not a word, do not attempt to use it in an English paper,) is ablaze with people furious with the NARS line for making the gorgeous Amber Valetta look like “an old matron.”

Here are both versions of the advert: 

Personally, I think she looks awesome. Is the look “dated”? Well, yes. But it was supposed to be, and the team did an incredible job “modernizing” the look while still keeping it true to its roots. I love the refined elegance of this photo; in a way it seems timeless to me, keeping the same style but mixing in modern aspects — pinkier blush with a gorgeous golden hilight, semimatte lips, and flawless, luminous skin. (Plus, lots ‘o Photoshop!)

Here’s Catherine in makeup for Sèverine, the very role this look is based off of:

And, for reference, here’s another (gorgeous) photo of Amber chanelling Catherine Deneuve in the NARS Spring 2010 promo:

NYC Pink Cheek Glow: a failed Orgasm dupe

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wow, it feels like we haven’t done product reviews for ages!

What it is: NYC’s Pink Cheek Glow, a supposed NARS Orgasm dupe

On the colour: Yah, I’m really not getting Orgasm out of this. It’s much more pink, if you ask me, and the shimmer is more fine. (Which, in my books, is a good thing!) I’m assuming it gets recognized as an O dupe because of a) its sheerness, and b) its neutrality — I can see thisapricot-pink working on most ladies who are lighter than about NW30, though there is of course some degree of layering to be expected.

On the formula: Sometimes you find a great drugstore Holy Grail… but others, you get what you pay for. Though the colour of this is fairly inoffensive, the product itself is on the chalky side, and the pigmentation is quite low. The wear time is exactly what you thought it would be: nothing to be ashamed of for the price, but it won’t last you through the day. Unfortunately, thecumbersome packaging is too large and too loose to go with you during the day, unless you want powder all over your bag.

On the ingredients:

The verdict? Though this would be a good starter blush for a preteen (it’s hard to mess up when you have this little pigment!) I’m going to tell you to pass on it. Yes, it’s cheap, and kind of cute, but it’s also a waste of time if you ask me — unless you like reapplying every fifteen minutes?

I love you, NARS

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It’s nice to see that not all makeup companies have lost their sense of humour! Honestly, I think one of the main problems with those promo images may have been simply that companies have been taking themselves too seriously — when what they should have been taking was a lesson from NARS! It’s okay to laugh at yourself sometimes :P In fact, it’s healthy!

Possible NARS dupe?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I saw a swatch of the new NARS single – Tropic on Temptalia and had the strangest feeling.

Haven’t I seen that before?

So I went running upstairs and swatched my Fyrinnae Ripped Jeans. Like Tropic, it’s a dark, teal-ish blue matte shade with silver glitter. From what I can tell from photos, the two are very similar (I haven’t yet seen it in person.) However, I’d hazard to say that Fyrinnae will be more wearable for most people. Why? The glitter is finer, meaning it’ll be less “disco” and stay on with much more ease.

Photos from Temptalia (I claim NO rights to these!!!) of NARS Tropic:

My photos of Fyrinnae Ripped Jeans:(wet/dry. Holy cripes, what a difference!)

The verdict? These shades are very similar, and both have their pros and cons (Ripped Jeans stains the skin when used wet, see below, but Tropic has chunky glitter.) But honestly? Tropic is $22 from the summer collection, and Fyrinnae pigments are like $5. Go with the Fyrinnae!

Ripped Jeans, post-washing and post-makeup remover.
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