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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

theNotice was born on the twenty-sixth of September, 2007. The goal? To create a unique type of beauty blog: one that is read for the reading (well, and the aesthetic) rather than just for the facts. In other words, it was created to fill – and to some extent, create – a niche within the beauty blogging world for blogs that are more about honesty, opinion, and writing style than splurges, stashes, and hauls.

theNotice is an “everywoman” blog, covering not only both high-end and drugstore beauty finds, but also glancing over photography, fashion, fragrance, interior design… anything that sparks my interest! For a beauty blogger, I use the term “beauty” quite loosely: if I can find beauty in something, then it’s fair game to post. At theNotice, content always comes first: if it’s not good enough to go in a portfolio, then it’s not good enough for our readers. 

So, without further adieu: I hope you enjoy reading theNotice: a beauty blog as much as I love putting it together. Now, get off this annoyingly wordy “about” page and go peruse the archives!

The blogger

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theNotice: a beauty blog frequently receives press samples from manufacturers and PR firms. All samples are submitted for consideration only – that is, I do not accept monetary compensation for any of the reviews on theNotice, and it is my choice whether or not to post on any given product. I am not financially compensated for any of the reviews posted on theNotice.

Most importantly, I’d like to state the fact that the ideas and opinions on theNotice are my own. I wish I could say something as selfless as “we put the reader first,” but to be quite frank: I put my own opinions first. If I love a product, I’m going to talk about it, whether I bought it myself or received it as a press sample, and the same goes for any product that I’ve hated. In this, I suppose, the reader does come first: I would rather stop writing theNotice altogether than encourage you to buy something I would’t recommend just as frankly to my friends or family.

All press samples and affiliate links featured on theNotice are denoted in the mouseover text of externally-linked brand names and pricing (e.g. under the “The product:” line of any review). In posts with multiple product links, the disclaimer will be present in the first outbound link of the post.

If you are at all confused about what any of this means, please feel free to drop us a line in the comments section of any post, or through the site’s contact forum.