Odacité Pomegranate + Rose Geranium serum oil review, photos | How one skincare brand changed my view on oils for good

Odacite Pomegranate Rose Geranium serum oil review

The product: Odacité Pomegranate + Rose Geranium Facial Serum Concentrate

I’m not a facial oil kind of girl. That’s not to say that I haven’t tried any before (I have; recently, L’Occitane and Marie Veronique come to mind), but… I’ve never loved one before, you know? They always just feel too thin, or too greasy, or they don’t to enough for my dryness. I’ve always loved the idea of them, but we’ve never gotten along.

Until now.

Odacite skincare review The Detox Market

About Odacité

That in mind, I didn’t have very high hopes for this range, but Odacité proved me wrong in every way possible. Unlike other brands, Odacité focuses on freshness and ingredients, and their range of 18 oils are all super-potent, super-targeted, and made to compliment your skincare regimen, not replace it.

Perhaps coolest of all, Odacité labels feature an easy-to-reference “table of pure elements that tells you about your product in detail.

Odacité Table of Pure Elements

Po + R has an origin number of #CVG12GSa, which translates into: cold pressed virgin first ingredient (pomegranate oil) grown in Europe, specifically Germany; and a second ingredient (rose geranium) that’s grown without chemicals in South Africa.

The brand is also vegan and cruelty-free, and you won’t find any silicones, parabens, or artificial fragrances in any of their products.

Odacite Po + R facial serum concentrate oil review

Po + R = HG

I don’t toss the H-word (holy grail) around lightly, but guys, this stuff is amazing. It’s a super-thick oil that mixes into your regular moisturizer like a dream, and it’s insanely effective.

» At $27 & up, Odacité oils are a fantastic way to increase the efficacy of your fancy moisturizer while also stretching out its life by half!

If you’ve ever tried to mix anything into a heavy creme like German Nivea, you’ll know that it’s virtually impossible — the water-repellent cream just kind of slicks away the second ingredient. But, because this serum isn’t diluted with anything, it mixes easily into any type of moisturizer. I find what works best is cutting my regular amount of moisturizer in half, then adding 1-2 drops of Po + R.

Odacite Pomegranate Rose Geranium oil review

The resulting cream is rich, emollient, and super luxurious. I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have serious dehydration (Odacité makes 17 other oils that’ll be better suited to your skin type!), but for those looking for dry skin relief, this is a must-have.

I saw results with this oil literally within 24 hours, and they stick around. After a few days of constant use, stubborn dry patches will disappear, and your foundation will start applying like a dream — this stuff is so smooth and hydrating that it almost seems to prime your skin at the same time.

Full disclosure: I am possibly developing an allergy to something in this oil, so I’m not using it right now. The super-hydrating effects lasted for around 7-10 days before diminishing, though, which is crazy impressive!

Odacite facial serum concentrate review

The verdict?

I didn’t think I’d ever be a facial oil kind of gal, and to be honest, I’m still not — but I am now a HUGE fan of Odacité serum concentrates.

If you have tight skin and dry patches that you can’t seem to shake, you need this oil in your life. Pomegranate + Rose Geranium pairs heavy comfort with great hydration better than any product I’ve ever tried before, and it’ll “beef up” whatever moisturizer you’re currently using, be it high-end or budget. (It pairs well with Odacité’s own moisturizers, too!)

Availability: Po+R is $43 USD/$49 CAD at Odacité, The Detox Market CA (you can get these in person in Toronto), or The Detox Market US. The Facial Serum Concentrate range starts at $27 USD.

Odacite Pomegrante Rose Geranium serum concentrate review

One last shot of this glorious oil!

The Odacité Pomegranate Rose Geranium Facial Serum Concentrate ingredients:

Pomegranate Oil (Cold-Pressed Certified Virgin Organic), Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Certified Organic), Vitamin E Oil (Certified Gmo-Free).


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  • mostlysunnybunny

    This brand has so definitely got on my radar! Glad to hear you're loving it so much! I have to look into the brand in general, but maybe after I use up some of the products I currently have. As opposed to makeup, I do make an effort to finish skincare :)
    My recent post Guerlain Météorites Baby Glow Is the Miracle Fix You Need for Fatigued, Dull, & Sallow-Looking Skin!

    • I try my best, but honestly, that never happens for me. Marcelle Essentials Cleansing Milk, German Nivea, and sometimes, SOMETIMES Marcelle Micellar Solution — those three get finished on a regular basis. Everything else, though? No way. >.<

      Once you have room in your skincare regimen, though, definitely try Odacité. I really like their night cream, too :)

  • I love a company that takes that much pride in all natural ingredients. My skin is so naturally oily I'm not sure if I could use their oils. I'll definitely be sure to check out the entire line. I am only oily in certain spots, maybe they have something that could help me!
    My recent post Illness Diagnosis and Healing

    • They have a lot of oils for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin, actually!! It sounds like their Peach + Cypress Serum Concentrate would suit you well :)

  • OMG, Amen to these oils! I am using the Acai Rose one and man do I love the smell, the feel, the everything!
    That's too bad that you are allergic to something in there…hopefully you can find an oil from Odacite that doesn't upset your skin.

    • Woo hoo! So happy to see another Odacité fan out there, Jayne!

      I'm going to try this one again in a couple of weeks, and if I react to it then, I think I might give the Moringa + Petitgrain one a try. (I can't imagine anything measuring up to this one, though — ugh, for dry skin, it is a DREAM!)

  • Aaa I've been hearing good things about Odacite but must admit I was a bit overwhelmed by all the choices available. Now you've given me a good starting point to check out their product :D
    My recent post TLC Time with LUSH Shades of Earl Grey

    • Yay! I'm happy to have helped, Angela ;) Let me know what you think of the line once you give it a go!

  • amazing! I've never heard of this brand nor their products before! I love to use essential oils in my night time routine (or whenever i can) for a bit of indulgence. The table of pure elements is such a great way for choosing the right product for yo! Thanks for sharing! I'm new to your blog and loving every post, can't wait for more posts lined up

    My recent post

    • Welcome to theNotice, Erica! :) I hope to see you around in the comments thread from time to time!

  • sylirael


    With that out of the way… DEX score notwithstanding, I am totally falling down the face oil rabbit hole! Although I started with Rosehip, which according to their table is for deep wrinkles, LOL! As a fellow Gobi-desert-skin person, this stuff (oil + moisturiser mix) sounds incredible – the potential reaction not so much though, especially to a fellow eczema sufferer >_< HOpe that clears up soon!!! (((((Rae)))))

    I look forward to updates – and I hope your irritation is caused by, I dunno, a brief foray into banana flavoured milk (or whatever would be super easy to cut out of your life in your world of preferences ;-) )…
    My recent post Answer Me These Questions Three! – A Suitably Geeky Makeup Poll #8

    • Oh hai! *blushes* (The photos were SO fun to shoot for this line — it stands out so well against black glass.)

      I haven't tried any banana flavoured milk recently, but I'm really hoping it was something weird like that, too :P I love this one a lot, and I'm going to be so crushed if I can never use it again!!

      If you have eczema, though, you MUST try Pomegranate + Rose Geranium. It is literally the only thing that has ever helped "normalize" my skin this much, and the effects lasted for a really long time. Plus, my skin definitely reacted like an allergy (not an irritation), so I think you're safe on the dermatitis front.

      Seriously. I'm gonna bug you about this one if your eczema flares up and you haven't tried it yet! It's that good!!

  • I hadn't heard of them before, but they sound really luxe! I use oils now and then, but nothing consistently.
    My recent post Groupon Coupons Saves You On Beauty Products And More!

    • I've used oils from time to time as well, but honestly, Odacité has been the only brand that's been able to convince me they're worth sticking with. This one is so good that I don't even mind the finicky dropper-bottle that oils always come in, and that's saying a lot for me!! I hate those darn bottles!! :P

  • truecolorjoy

    sounds really great! the brand is definitely on my radar. it can be hard to find a natural product that gives speedy, visible results. may i ask how long you were able to use the oil before the reaction took place?

    the periodic table is cool but still a bit confusing. what's the difference between youthful and vital glow? what's the difference between using a glow based serum and dull skin serum for dull skin? :P
    My recent post PurePressed Essential Oils Marula Nourishing Shampoo &amp; Conditioner

    • A couple of weeks, I think? I still have yet to go back and re-test the oil, so hopefully it was something else (or a mixture of this oil plus another irritant) that was causing the problem!

  • Dang, this looks and sounds GOOD! You can tell that this brand is really going the extra mile to deliver, ya know. Awesome.
    My recent post Review | Dreambag February Valentine’s Day Love Edition

  • Loooooooove these Odacite boosters. I have not tried this particular one, but my oily/acne-pron skin reacted so well to the Black Cumin + Cajeput and Blueberry + Jasmine ones that they are on the repurchase list! I'm really intrigued by what in this oil is causing your reaction…what exactly is your reaction, if you don't mind me asking? Redness or blotchiness? I have a strawberry allergy so I avoid anything with that in it (though not common). I hope your skin feels better and you figure out what's bugging it!

    • It's (thankfully) over now, but I was getting redness, allergy bumps, inflammation, stinging, and itching around my jawline and the perimeter of my cheeks. Pretty much everything bad and rash-like that you could possibly get! :s Weirdly, though, I'm not usually allergic to pomegranate OR rose geranium, so I'm not sure why I'm having a reaction — maybe concentration; maybe coincidence.

      I'll be testing this again in a couple of weeks to find out for sure, so wish me luck! ;)

  • I have bookmarked this page!! This sounds really amazing, I haven't heard of pomegranate oil before either. I definitely want to try this out.

    • I hope you give it a try, Filomena! Let me know what you think if you do! :)

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