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shu uemura furry fantasy shupette eyelashes packaging choupette

Shupette Furry Fantasy Premium False Eyelash case

The products: Shupette by Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura (holiday 2014)

↳ pampearl-me face powder in pearl; furry fantasy premium false eyelash

This post is a continuation of the Shupette reviews you saw on Wednesday. If you missed that post, make sure to check it out!

Availability: Online at and in-stores at Holt Renfrew (as well as select Sephora and Hudson’s Bay locations) this November.

shu uemura shupette furry fantasy false eyelashes review

Furry Fantasy Premium False Eyelashes ($100 CAD)

I’m not a big fan of outlandish false eyelashes (or outlandish anything, really), so I’ll leave you just with a photo of these ones! The Furry Fantasy Premium False Eyelashes are one of two false eyelashes included in this collection, and are featured in the promo images if you’re interested in seeing what they look like on.

The second, non-premium set ($35 CAD) are shown here.

shu uemura furry fantasy premium false eyelashes

Choupette from the HORROR MOVIE EYES angle

karl lagerfeld for shu uemura shupette pampearl-me face powder review

Pampearl-Me Face Powder ($50 CAD)

The Pampearl-Me Face Powder was the second product in this collection that really wowed me — and as such, I think it, too, would be another great “what one product should I get from this collection” pick. It’s well-priced at $50 and features both Karl’s drawing of Choupette (on the lid) and those adorable little kitty-prints (on the powder puff), and the powder itself is a very fine, delicate shimmer mixed with face powder for a subtle glow.

shu uemura shupette pampearl-me face powder review

Shu Uemura Shupette Pampearl-Me Face Powder swatch review

Shu Uemura Pampearl-Me Face Powder, swatched heavily twice. 

Shu Uemura Shupette face powder swatch review

This one was extremely hard to photograph, on account of prettiness and translucence.

I’ve read some reviews from other bloggers who have said this would make a good spot highlighter (cheekbones, browbones), and I agree, but I also think it could be used as an all-over luminizer (NOT using the included puff). It’s about as obvious as the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders and much less than the Bourjois Poudre de Riz de Java, and its fine pink and gold shimmer disappears into the skin at a distance.

Pampearl-Me is still a little too visible for my tastes, but I think many will like it! Just remember: fluffy brush; buff it in.

karl lagerfeld shupette for shu uemura packaging

Kitty prints!

karl lagerfeld for shu uemura shupette reviews

Actual kitty!

The rest of the collection: traincases, lips, skin, and nails

shu uemura shupette nail varnishes

Shupette ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil ($98 CAD/450 ml); Shupette TSUYA skin under base mousse ($46 CAD); Shupette Fabulous Cat Nail Enamels in Silver and Bronze ($18 USD each; not available in Canada)

shu uemura shupette lip colour tiro, blush, lipstick

Shupette Rouge Bonbon Fantasy Lip Colour Trio in Parisienne Chic and Tokyo Kawaii ($45 CAD each); Shupette Silk Cushion Cheek Colour in Orange and Salmon Pink ($35 CAD each); Shupette lipstick? (not available in North America)

shu uemura shupette train case

Shupette’s Make-Up Trunk ($400 USD, not available online in Canada)

And, finally, a quick ingredients label…

shu uemura pamperal-me face powder ingredients

shu uemura pampearl-me face powder ingredients – click to enlarge

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  • mostlysunnybunny

    Hmm I'm with you on the powder: it's probably a little too shimmery for me as well. On a totally irrelevant matter: I so want to squeeeeze Choupette!
    My recent post Guerlain Un Soir à l’Opéra Sneak Peek & Quick Swatches!

  • Lily @ChloeAsh

    Not a fan of Karl, not a huge fan of cats (*runs and hide*) and who would actually wear those lashes?!?!! LOL! I guess it's a nice collectors' item though :-)

    My recent post Review: Burberry Lip Shaping Pencil and Lip Cover in Bright Plum

  • sylirael

    Not gonna lie, that picture of Karl is pretty terrifying, LOL! I feel like it has kind of a 'old man biker torture fantasy dungeon' chic to it that gives me the heebie-jeebies. Choupette looks good in it, though.

    Isn't it weird how many of the bits and pieces from the collection aren't available in random places?
    My recent post Adventures with the Ballet Monster – Lancôme Lip Lover in #321 Rose Contretemps (Plus Full Set Swatches!)

    • YUP. That sums up Karl's aesthetic SO well. (Which makes the fact that he's so obsessed with Choupette even better!)

      I thought so too! An item or shade or two, I can understand, but whole chunks of the collection is weird. Especially because all of these images were from the North American press kit — you'd think that if they weren't going to sell them over here, they wouldn't be so cruel as to tempt us with them!

  • glambunctious

    Cracking up at HORROR MOVIE EYES angle!!! LOL!!! That powder looks beautiful on your skin. I finally caved and picked up the Silk Cushion Cheek Colour in Salmon Pink. Why we no get the lipstick!?!
    My recent post Review! | Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation

    • Oooh, a choice well-made. I bet that cheek colour looks amazing on you!

      I really wanted the lipstick, too. Everyday kitty-prints for the purse :(

  • truecolorjoy

    lol it does look a look a litte creepy in that shot! i actually dig the pink false lashes but the princess ones i got were really uncomfortable and hard to find an occasion for. i guess my picks would still be eye liner or the bronze nail polish
    My recent post Smashbox Double Exposure Palette: Swatches & First Impressions

    • It's quite alarming! Innocent blue eyes at one angle; DARK VOIDS OF NOTHINGNESS at another.

      That bronze polish looks gorgeous!

  • Alison

    I'm loving every collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and Shu! Prestigious Bordeaux was one of my favorite theNotice reviews, and I think Shupette has been amazing to look at even if I'm not able to buy anything from the collection. (Not that it's any loss, really. I already happen to own the Mother of all powders, Guerlain Wulong *.*) I'll admit I'm not as big a fan as Karl as a fashion designer as some might be, but these collections are to die for, and fun – he seems to really know what makeup fans want. That is, cats, vampy lips and complex, hypnotic shimmers. *.*

    • Aww, it makes me so happy that you still even remember Prestigious Bordeaux! <3 <3 <3 (I really liked that one, too.)

      Tbh, I liked the colours and products in his first collection a lot more — but that's definitely just a personal preference thing. The packaging on this one was way better, though! ;)

      PS: Wulong *.*

      • Alison

        Of course! I loved those posts so much. <3 <3 <3 (That eye makeup look with the Luxe Burgundy Rouge Unlimited lip was one of my favorite looks, ever)

        I agree, personally – I think Prestigious Bordeaux's purples and browns, the mixture of finishes and the gorgeous translucent glitters looked a lot more to my taste (not to mention those blushes! And the vampy lipstick!), but Shupette just has fun, universal appeal. Things with cats on them are hard to resist!

        • Alison

          PS. Yes. *.* The staring in awe at my own powder compact continues.

        • Pulling it out of my Alex right now! I haven't used it in ages but you make me neeeed it again.

          I definitely agree that Shupette is more universal but I think it's to its detriment! This collection lacks the gorgeous breadth of finishes that the first Karl x Shu collection had (which, of course, I loved). Staring at Prestigious Bordeaux right now, I'm seeing one satiny frost, shimmers of two distinct degrees, plus one of those beautiful shu uemura flaky shimmers.

          Gah. <3

  • Alison

    Dawwww! I love that picture of Karl and Choupette. That story of how he came to commandeer his cat was hilarious.

    (Yes, I understand that I have not once mentioned the powder in this review. I know I should be talking about it, but I see this and my brain just goes "CATS!")

    • Pffft, like mine doesn't do the same. I freaking LOVE their story! I want to commandeer a cat someday o.o