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The product: Osmia Organics Oh So Soap and Organic Tea Bath

Today on theNotice, I have a very special surprise for you, dear reader: a review by M. I really wanted to highlight a few products for eczema and psoriasis (Mathew has the latter) this winter, and as someone who hates baths–his words, not mine, though true–I thought you guys might enjoy someone else’s perspective on things for a change.

So, I hope you enjoy this post, and I hope you like the pretty pictures! (How good is that tea bath one??!)

Osmia Organics Organic Tea Bath review

The Osmia Organic Tea Bath ($45 USD)

The Organic Tea Bath comes pre-portioned in six satisfyingly large cloth tea bags with cotton drawstrings. The tea’s scent is subtle and bright; sharp spearmint notes are balanced by sweet chamomile while dry. Add hot water to reveal a strong citrus element, most likely from the orange peel. The combination is pleasing, if a touch mild. The Organic Tea Bath’s scent is without the usual synthetic sheen I have come to associate with bath products, and for this, I am grateful. [ R: Oops. That’s probably because I keep giving him LUSH to try. ]

When “steeped”, the bags turn the water a surprisingly opaque chamomile yellow. (I recommend holding each tea bag under the faucet as you draw your bath for best results.) After bathing, I find that the tea leaves my skin feeling much softer and less dry than it generally would be, especially if I’m in the tub for a while — but though the tea bath is very soothing while I’m in the bath, the results don’t translate into the next day. That said, these are great for anyone who enjoys a cozy winter bath but might be too lazy to moisturize after, or anyone who takes ludicrously long baths like me but doesn’t want to dry out!

–their skin. Who doesn’t want to dry out their skin.

Osmia Organics Tea Bath review sachet photo

Osmia Organics Organic Tea Bath

Does it work? Though tea (especially herbal tea) is usually steeped at much higher temperatures than is appropriate for a bath, the organic ingredients used here–like rose, calendula, and bitter orange–are paired with tried-and-true remedies for dry skin, including epsom salt and rolled oats. Each bag is good for 1-2 soothing baths (3 is stretching it), but I found the process of drying out the large sachets to be rather difficult. Those worried about cleanliness can rest easy knowing that this tea bath left only a very fine film in the tub, which rinsed out easily after use.

Osmia Organics’ Oh So Soap ($12 USD)

Osmia Organics Oh So Soap review

Osmia’s Oh So Soap has been a wonderful surprise. The elegance of the bar’s woven top is reflected in its ingredient list, which contains only saponified organic oils and butters, African pearl salt, and buttermilk powder. This velvety soap would suit the most sensitive of the sensitive, yet it still leaves you feeling clean. It’s great both on the face and body, and is unlikely to offend anyone as it contains no fragrance or essential oils.

Overall, I found Oh So Soap to be far less drying than regular bar soap, and I really liked how gentle it was. It never left my skin feeling dry or squeaky-clean, but rather like it had been magically cleaned without any soap at all. Hands down, it is the best soap I have ever used.

Osmia Organics Oh So Soap gentle dry skin review

M’s verdict?

While neither of these products made a distinct improvement on my psoriasis, I can say that they were a pleasure to use, especially in the winter. On the whole, they were very gentle on sensitive skin, and far less stripping than other soaps and bath products I have used in the past — both in the bath and coming out of it.

The Oh So Soap in particular was especially luscious, and delightfully simple — I would definitely recommend it, especially if you have very delicate or dry skin. (It is also, as Osmia Organics so succinctly puts it, “perfect for babies, even fresh ones.”)

Availability: $12 USD$45 USD at Osmia Organics.

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  • mostlysunnybunny

    I've got to be honest here: I effing hate baths, too!!! Here's usually how things go: I run a bath, jump in, get really warm and really bored within 3 minutes, but thought since I used so much hot water, I might as well sit here for another while. Then I give up after 2 more minutes. Books don't help. I tried once, and managed to drop the poor book into the tub… Unless somebody figures out how to install a TV in the bathroom, I don't think I'll be taking another bath anytime soon.

    With that said, that tea bag looks REALLY good!
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    • !!! Dude! I'm so glad that I'm not alone!

      I loooove the idea of baths, but you're totally right — they're BORING. I'd much rather read a good book next to the (nice, dry) heater, surrounded by cozy blankets :P

  • Arianne

    Ahh, what a wonderful surprise! Thanks M for the detailed review and a man's perspective! :)

    I get super itchy and dry legs in the winter and I am curious about that soap. I'm using AVEENO Eczema Care Body Wash now, which I really like. I feel like it locks in moisture, especially for someone who is too lazy for body lotion.

    I hope this means more reviews from M in the future. :)
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    • I'm using that one too!! I think it's better than my Olay bar so far, but it's hard to tell — I'll have to give it a few more weeks before deciding. I really want to give this soap a try too, though — I really like the idea of a soap-less soap!

      Hope you enjoyed the post, Geeks!

  • Kari

    I would really love to hear more from M in the future as I have psoriasis too! Would be nice to know what fellow sufferers use. I stopped using bar soaps completely as I found them too be too drying.

    • I'll keep that in mind, Kari! And I'll be covering a whole bunch of products that are great for super dry skin (including psoriasis) soon, too :)

  • Thank you M for the review :-)
    The tea bath sounds like something I'd use. I don't hate baths, but I'm just too lazy sometimes, because it takes so much longer than just taking a shower. I do take a long bath if I felt especially stressed though. I listen to my iPod and just soak in there until the water gets cold >_<

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    • With three kids, you definitely deserve those nice, long baths to de-stress when you can find time! ;o) Hope things with the littlest one are still going well <3