Bio Beauté (by Nuxe) review: Detox Mask, Deodorant, Eye Cream, & Lip Balm | French luxury (and natural ingredients) on a budget

Bio Beaute by Nuxe review

The products: Bio-Beauté by Nuxe Vitamin Rich Detox Mask, 24hr Refreshing Deodorant, Eye Contour Care, and Tinted Replenishing Lip Balm

Have you heard of Bio-Beauté? Because until this package arrived on my desk, I hadn’t. But this affordable, Écocert-approved range (available at Shopper’s Drug Mart) has some products–one in particular–that are really worth a look.

⇒ All Bio-Beauté products are free of parabens & mineral oil and are comprised of at least 95% ingredients of natural origin — so they’re non 100% from the earth, but they’re pretty natural. All four products featured here are also silicone-free!

Bio Beaute Vitamin Rich Orange Mask review

Bio-Beauté Vitamin Rich Detox Mask

The showstopper: a mask, in gel form

Ladies and gents, it is difficult for me to tell you how much I LOVE this mask. (A lot. I love it a lot.) It is the first and only mask that I have ever loved, and boy: do I ever love it.

To start off, Bio-Beauté’s Vitamin Rich Detox Mask with orange water ($27 CAD/50 ml) feels nothing like you would expect it to in the jar —  in fact, it is so weightless that I thought perhaps my jar was empty. But, upon opening, it presents as a stiff, translucent gel; perfectly wobbly and smelling divinely of juicy mandarin oranges.

(And yes, okay, sometimes I open it just to smell it. But only sometimes. Not like, every time I pass by it or anything like that.) (Twice a day, at most.)

Bio Beaute Detox Mask review

Bio-Beauté Vitamin Rich Detox Mask (AKA ORANGE JELLY GOODNESS)

99% natural, Bio-Beauté’s Detox Mask is a treat to use: once a week, you simply slather on a fingerful (1/2 tsp is plenty for your whole face, so one jar will last a very long time), wait five minutes, massage it in (it’ll turn to an oil), and then rinse off with warm water. I don’t need a lot of detoxifying or clarifying, but I definitely found that this left my face feeling smoother right after I used it — just make sure not to wash it off with soap.

This mask is meant to be used once or twice per week on any skin type, but I like to use it just whenever I feel like my skin could use some extra smoothness. It’s perfect for facial massage, a morning mask, or “small event prep”: that is, before a meeting or date night or even just lunch with your friends. It’ll give you that extra boost, but it’s affordable enough that you don’t need to ration it out!

Bio Beaute Tinted Lip Balm Raspberry review

Bio-Beauté Tinted Repairing Lip Balm – Raspberry

Everything else: eyes, lips, and underarms

I wasn’t super enamoured with any of these, so I’ll go over them really quickly.

First, there’s the Tinted Repairing Lip Balm with raspberry pulp ($14 CAD/15 ml; 100% natural), which I hated. It smells kind of gross (not like vanilla, peach, pear, and raspberry, as promised) and separates quite badly in the tube.

Bio Beaute Aluminum Free Deodorant review

Bio-Beauté Aluminum and Alcohol-Free Deodorant

Then there’s the Energizing, Anti-Puffiness, Anti-Ageing Eye Contour Care with clementine cells ($25 CAD/15 ml; yes, that really is its whole name), which is 98.7% natural. It seemed quite basic to me; scent-free and fast-absorbing, but with no major de-puffing effects.

Finally, there’s the 24 hr Refreshing Deodorant alcohol-free, no aluminum salts ($12 CAD/50 ml), which is 98.9% natural and does seem to keep odour at bay. However, it smells really weird — exactly like those mall candies with the bananas. (Edited to add: Wonka Runts). Which isn’t necessarily bad, I guess? But it’s… not what you’d expect from the brand that does Huile Prodigieuse.

Maybe M will want it. He’s weirdly fixated on candy — like a very tall, very handsome, very-not-orange Oompa Loompa.

Bio Beaute Anti-Ageing Eye Care cream review

Bio-Beauté Anti-Ageing Eye Contour Care

The verdict?

I didn’t love the Bio-Beauté lip balm, but aside from that, I was pretty impressed with the line — especially at its price point. I’d say it’s comparable to The Body Shop, but more natural and aimed at a slightly older or more reserved clientele.

The line’s eye cream is rather basic and utilitarian, but their orange water mask is absolutely divine. It’s the one beauty product that I’m absolutely crazy about right now, and I would literally recommend it to anyone who likes citrus or just very cool beauty products — men and women alike! (But especially men: it’s cool enough that they’ll want to use it, and quick enough that they’ll keep doing so.)

Availability: The Bio-Beauté range is available at most Shopper’s Drug Mart locations across Canada starting at $12 CAD.

Bio Beaute Raspberry Tinted Repairing Lip Balm swatch

Bio-Beauté Tinted Replenishing Lip Balm in Raspberry, swatched twice (it applies very sheerly!)

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  • I think I need that mask! You have completely convinced me!
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  • Lily @ChloeAsh

    I wonder if we have this here! The mask looks good :-)

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  • Ok, you've totally sold me – I'm definitely going to grab this! I am sort of in the market for a new mask, and at $27 there's no good reason not to pick this up. I've been interested about the brand anyway. Too bad the rest of the products were lackluster, but you can't win 'em all I guess. Thanks for the review, Rae!
    My recent post Halloween nail art…not my forté, but still kinda fun!

  • Makeupsavvy

    That mask just looks a-amazing!

  • I agree, the mask is phenomenal!! The deodorant smell like candles to me, spicy candles. lol I loved the scent of the lipbalm, mine smells kind of fruity?
    My recent post The Body Shop Hand Cream (Shea and Mango)

  • The mask sounds really interesting. I have only tried one product from Nuxe and it's the Rêve de Miel which is fantastic for repairing chapped lips. I have wanted to try their other offerings and thanks for putting this on my radar. Nuxe is unfortunately expensive in Japan where I live but will keep this in mind when I'm travelling :)
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  • Uuuuuuum, wow. I really need to get involved with that Orange Jelly Goodness. o_o it looks so…appetizing!
    My recent post LUSH Wizard Hat Halloween Gift Set*

  • It's so good, Melissa! And it smells amaaaazing.

  • I hope you do, Lily! Let me know if you have the chance to grab it?

  • I hope you love it, Toya. It definitely made up for the "okay" rest of these products! <3

  • I swear, it's even better than it looks. ;)

  • Hmmm… mine smells kind of fruity too, I guess? But not deliciously fruity in the way that Benefit or Clarins lip products smell fruity — kind of ick-fruity. (I wonder if it's turned?)

    Glad to hear you're loving the mask, too!

  • I don't think the orange water mask will quite reach Rêve de Miel levels of beauty product fame, but it's still a wonderful product to pick up! And the Bio beauty range is a little more affordable than the Nuxe brand itself here in Canada, so you might not even have to wait until you're travelling ;)

  • Right??? I deserve some SERIOUS brownie points for never having tried to eat this!

  • Ick-fruity doesn't sounds good to me! Eww! lol
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  • The orange jelly mask sounds aaaaah-mazing :) My only problem is, I've been sensitive/allergic to orange essential oil in the past :/ But, the wobbly jelly in the photo! Look it!
    My recent post My Eyeshadow Palette Collection

    • Eep! Well, if I ever find another one like this (but without the orange), I'll let you know!

  • glambunctious

    YEP. >>Mask onto Wish List IMMEDIATELY!>> Pinning now!

  • sylirael

    You know what immediately made me want to try that mask? The fact that, in the jar, it looks *exactly* like the freshly bread-soldier-stabbed yolk of an egg that has been boiled to precisely the kind of soft jelly hardness that I like. Yep. Now I'm hungry…

    Of course, I like that it doesn't *actually* smell like eggs. That would suck, especialy since you're supposed to leave it on for a while.

    It's a shame that the lip treatment didn't smell as promised, because that fruitbowl sounds like my kind of fruitbowl. Peach *and* raspberry *and* vanilla *and* pear? I'm in. Did it fall through because they overdid the pear and got that weird acetone smell in it? or does *it* smell like eggs instead of the mase? :-P
    My recent post Beauty and the Geek Go To Wonderland…with Alice and the Cheshire Cat

    • Eeeew. I would NOT want an egg mask on my face! (Though I am aware that people do that). This one smells deliciously of oranges and other citrus fruits, which is a much nicer experience. :p

      I thought the lip treatment would smell wonderful!!! But — uh, yeah, no. The blend of fruits and vanilla just comes across kind of heavy; like fruits that are starting to decay instead of fruits in some kind of loaf form. I dunno.

  • Rae, you are the best ^.^
    I've been waiting and searching for more reviews on the Bio Beaute line and then you swooped in and saved my wallet from heartache! You've sold me on the detox mask but I will safely skip the eye cream which I've been humming and hawing over for months now.

  • Liz

    I was so happy to read your review of the mask. I'm definitely getting that. *pats Optimum points*
    My recent post Subtle radiance with Maybelline Master Hi-Light Hi-Lighting Blushes in 10 Nude and 30 Coral

  • Alison

    Ooooh, I like the sound of the Bio Beaute Rich Detox Mask – it sounds like it might be something lovely to do (I love a facial massage!), and I just love skin care. Even when I'm feeling a bit (okay, understatement) sick, I can massage on a nice face oil or my favorite cleanser (and let's face it, chronic illness just makes your skin worse. I've never had so much of a problem with dryness or acne until I got sick) and feel my skin go ahhh…

    Thinking about it, despite my obsession with beauty products, I've never particularly fallen in love with a mask before, and I'm sure I've sampled many. I still love my Clarisonic, and my favorite cleansing oil (I think it's been what, four years? Or even more than that, and we're still going strong…) and my favorite moisturizer, and I do have a few body moisturizers and love a good body oil, but I've never actually found a mask I particularly took to enough to buy again. And light citrus scents are lovely when you're feeling a bit sick. Perhaps I should see if I can find some of this one…