Shu Uemura Pink Hues Prêt-à-Palette review, swatches, photos | Pulling off an easy, pretty pink makeup look

shu uemura pret a palette pink hues review

The product: shu uemura prêt-à-palette (“Ready-To-Wear palette”) in pink hues

As someone who has always, always loved pink eyeshadows, I’ve never understood how they ended up with such a bad reputation. Like, sure, they can be unflattering, but — so can any colour. It’s never the colour that’s the problem, as far as I’m concerned; it’s the way the wearer has chosen and applied it, or the way the manufacturer has produced it.

So, if you find your pinks are too pink, or your pastels are too chalky, add a bit of black eyeliner to your tightline. And if that fails, prepare yourself for a rave review and buy this palette, because, dude, it makes pink easy

shu uemura pink hues eyeshadow reviews

shu uemura matte smokey purple (new), matte smokey dark bluish pink (new), G135, pearl rosy pink (new)

The shades: The Pink Hues palette begins with a matte plum, dusty in colour but not texture. Next, there’s a matte medium pink, which feels very bridal to me — I think it would look incredibly soft and pretty on medium skintones (especially medium Asian skintones!) The matte pink is followed by a pan of clear sparkles, which reflect green, pink, and silver and impart a base colour only in a very heavy swatch over primer. [ I fracking love sparkles, you guys. ]

The palette winds down with a frosty pink-white, which is rather cool, a frosty beige (quite similar, but smoother in both texture and shimmer), and a muted matte ivory, which applies surprisingly solidly but is a little… grey. It’s a rather corpse-like, but it’s designed to act as a base to intensify and brighten the other shades, and it does a wonderful job of it.

Shu Uemura Pink Hues Pret a Palette swatches

shu uemura pink hues prêt-à-palette swatches

shu uemura pret a palette review - pink hues

shu uemura G135, pearl rosy pink, ME126, M813 eyeshadows

The textures: Honestly, I’m smitten with every single texture in this Prêt-à-Palette — but I have to tip my hat to the matte plum in particular. It applies sheerly with each swipe but layers incredibly well, revealing a darker, richer hue that never starts looking chalky.

Overall, these satin mattes preform very well, with a dense, smooth formula and sparse microshimmer that adds depth without being apparent. (I’m partial to the frosty beige for a wash of colour, because, you know, I’m boring.) The frosts perform equally well, and none of the shades kick up any dust.

shu uemura pink hues palette swatches

shu uemura pink hues eyeshadow palette swatches: matte smokey dark purple and matte smokey dark bluish pink (new), G135, pearl rosy pink (new), ME126, M813

shu uemura pink hues eyeshadow palette review

shu uemura pink hues ready-to-wear eyeshadow palette

The verdict?

I love a lot of things about this palette — and there’s no “but…” attached to that.

With both delicate and dramatic shades, this is easily the most elegantly executed palette of pinks that I’ve ever seen. Each different finish (man, I love it when palettes mix finishes) has the quality to back up these wearable shades, and the shiny black compact is so sleek it practically makes me shiver. Which, in retrospect, may be TMI.

I think Pink Hues plays best on the light to medium Asian skintones it was designed for, but it works well with other fair, yellow, and neutral skintones, too. For darker skintones, however, perhaps pick a pink palette with less light frosts and more fuchsia — that way, you’ll get more distinct colours on your lids.

Availability: $85 CAD (ouch) with free shipping at, or at select Holt Renfrew and Sephora locations across Canada. Also available in warm brown, black and white, and blue morning.

The shimmery pink (G135), frosty beige (ME126), and base colour (M813, the No. 3 top selling shade in Japan) may be available for $19 CAD each, or are available in Japan.

shu uemura pret a palette review

shu uemura prêt-à-palette packaging

Shu Uemura Pret a Palette swatches Pink Hues

shu uemura prêt-à-palette swatches: pink hues (indirect sunlight, primed skin)

shu uemura pret a palette ingredientsshu uemura prêt-à-palette ingredients (bottom)

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  • Alison

    Don't Japanese brands make the most elegant palettes? Looking at that clean, black rectangle makes me sigh with happiness.

    • God, yes. I've only owned Shu's limited edition white-cased palettes before, and this one is honestly just a step above. Like, the white ones looked nice, but… /melts

      • Alison


        /melts with

  • Jaa

    Pink overload!!! :D They are really cool-toned, no? I appreciate that the brand included different finishes in the palette because I like to mix finishes in my eye looks. Addition of the plum and pink-white is very thoughtful, too, and makes this palette even more desirable! I'm into pinky/plummy eyes lately so I'll have a look! :D

    Thanks for the review, Rae! How's your monday going so far?

    • Just cool-toned enough to be flattering, if you ask me! I think it's what helps keep the palette from making you look like you have literal pink eye :P

      Monday went pretty good! Hope yours was ok to :)

  • The colour scheme reminds me of the SauceBox Forbidden Fruits palette.
    My recent post SauceBox Cosmetics Temptation Eyeshadow Palette

    • YOU. Stop making me want SauceBox palettes; I'm not supposed to be buying makeup right now! I'm supposed to be saving up for a new cameraaaa >.<

  • I wish the glitter ones weren't it in. I like the idea of a glitter coat, so to speak, but I rarely use them on a day-to-day basis. Also, I am the failure with pink :P
    My recent post Fall Wishlist: &quot;Blame Everyone Else&quot; Edition

    • But this one makes it so EASY, snail! I like the glitter (okay, I love the glitter), but I'm the total opposite of you: I'll wear glitter on days where I'm literally not wearing any other eyeshadows.

      Just a little bit in the centre of the lashline, you know? A couple of pieces from a glitter liner to make me look like a very, very subdued fairy (but only up close). :p

  • I totally agree! The tone of these pinks work perfectly with fairer/light yellow tones in asian skin! I was so close to buying this palette last year in Bangkok but thought not to because I didn't like how three of the pinks look so light and too similar for my liking!
    My recent post Kawaii Stationary Haul! (Rilakkuma bear and Sumikko Gurashi)

    • These launched an entire year ago?! Man. I can't believe North America had to wait so long for something so pretty :P

      I do wish there was a little more differentiation between the two frosts, but the matte base definitely looks different on the eye. I wonder if their similarity has anything to do with the way the cosmetics market works in Asia? I know I see a lot of Korean beauty tutorials where the little details are tiiiiiny, but I'm not sure if that applies to cosmetics in Japan, too.

  • mostlysunnybunny

    Uhh I'm guessing it's not for me. I'm a bit darker than you, and I think the three lighter shades will basically look the same on me! I do like the idea of pink and plum though!
    My recent post Estee Lauder Modern Muse Eau de Parfum &amp; Some Other Novelties

    • Aww, bummer! They did do a gorgeous job of this one, though — I hope the brand puts out a "pinks for medium skintones" palette someday, too ;)

  • So pink! And yet, not THAT pink. I like that they added some darker plummy shades so that the palette can be more versatile. I never really got into Shu Uemura. The cult lash curler doesn't even work on me :-( The only thing I can vouch for is the brow pencil :-D That, and one day, Imma try that drawing pencil that everybody raves about!

    My recent post Sunday Stash Shopping #29

    • Yes!! It's rather contradictory, but I feel the same way: so much pink, but at the same time, barely any pink at all.

      Tbh, I'm not crazy about their curler, either — but this palette and their new mascara (review in a few days!) really knocked my socks off. Their cleansing oils are great, too, though I have yet to try that infamous brow pencil!

  • beautyreflections2013

    This palette is utter LOVE for me as well! It's pink perfection! I think their eyeshadows are my faves-especially their mattes. LOVE.
    My recent post Yves Rocher Sheer Botanical Lipsticks With 100% Cherry Oil

    • I made a D: face when I saw this palette on you, dude!!! You pull off pinks so well!

  • sylirael

    Wait, so there's a palette with a moody plum purple, a selection of lovely clear pinks, and glitter?

    SHUUUUUU. WHY U NO AVAILABLE IN NZ?!?! *flails arms*

    Actually, it's probably good thing for me, to be honest. It's like Urban Decay – if there were actually UD stores here (pretending for 5 seconds that the price would be equal to the US + exchange rate), then I would probably own every eyeshadow and every lipstick they make (for starters). I only get to see Shu Uemura makeup stuff when I go through Duty Frees in Asia, and whenever I'm in front of it, I always forget what I should be looking into, because most of the blogs I've read only reviewed Shu's cleanisng oils/curlers/ etc, not the colour cosmetics. I could just impulse buy something to try, but that's not really the makeup purchaser I am. Rogue's gotta check for traps, yo. ;-)
    My recent post A Rogue Beholder! Eye Makeup Looks From the Sleek Storm &amp; Arabian Nights Palettes

    • Heh. Market restrictions: the only thing controlling our spending habits, sometimes. :P

      The next time you see Shu at duty-free, pick up this palette!! And maybe try their Tint In Gelato lipsticks, if you want something versatile and matte. (I think I'm allergic, so no review yet.) Their Supreme Shine lipsticks are also really comfortable, and I really like their Fresh cleansing oil — but, yeah, skip the curlers. I think they might make a really pretty lavender blush, too, depending on where said counter is.

      Oh! And also make sure to buy one of their infamous brow pencils… and then tell me all about it. :p

  • Love the packaging of this, so simple and sleek, I should use it more, the pinks are surprisingly easy to pull off!
    My recent post Benefit Majorette Cream-to-Powder Booster Blush: Review and Swatches

  • Jayne

    Purple smoky eyes are so easy with this palette and you're right, this palette makes PINKS LOOK GOOD. I wasn't sure about this palette at first, but having that matte plum was what actually brought it all together for me. It's a little expensive, but everything about this palette is incredibly luxe.

    • YES. It's pricy, but for anyone who struggles with pinks despite absolutely adoring them, I think it could be a good investment anyways. And I totally have to agree with you on the plum shade; it really does help unify all of the other shades!

  • howdoesdeedoit

    Im one of "those" people…I stay away from rabbit pink type eyeshadows coz ..well they make me look like a rabbit. But youre right – it is mostly in the application and Ive learnt that about a LOT fo colours lately. Like I never thought I could wear a dark blue eyeshadow but with some blending and colour in the crease etc I actually quite loved it! I feel like using the colours in there as blushes and highlighters though lol
    My recent post BRAND FOCUS: Ben Nye & Camera Ready Cosmetics

    • Hah! Yeah, I bet some of them could totally multitask — especially as highlighters!

      With the right pinks and a bit of black liner, I think you could totally pull of a pink eyeshadow look ;)

  • May

    Oh my, these shadows are the definition of dainty! I wish I could find shu uemura in shops around here.
    My recent post How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

    • I'm sorry to hear that you can't, May! Their line has a lot of great things to offer.