The Lipstick Bandits | Clinique Heftiest Hibiscus Chubby Stick Intense: His Pick (+ a surprise bonus selection!)

Clinique Heftiest Hibiscus Chubby Stick Intense review

This month’s Lipstick Bandits collaboration is something a little different. Instead of a colour or challenge theme, Lily suggested that we do a “his pick” post, featuring a lip colour chosen by a guy in each of our lives.

I gave M free swatching reign of my collection, and lo and behold: he picked a Chubby Stick. It’s like we were made for each other.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Fall 2012 review

The pick

My boy is pretty terrible (like most) at being able to tell when I’ve got makeup on, but he has one thing down pat: his taste in products. Out of everything he could have picked, Mathew gravitated straight toward my Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in 04 Heftiest Hibiscus ($16 USD/$19 CAD), which–despite its terrible name–is one of my all-time favourite Chubby Sticks.

I want it noted, right now, that I did not coerce him into this decision in any way, despite my fanatical love for Chubby Sticks. (And wow, brain, please stop with the terrible innuendo, I cannot deal with you at present.)

!Jesus can I please go to bed now

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Hibiscus swatch review

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus swatch

Heftiest Hibiscus is a gorgeously vivid hibiscus-hued lipstick: a bit tomato, a bit fuchsia, and almost a bit fluorescent, it might just be the boldest shade out Clinique’s entire product range. The Chubby Stick Intense lineup is full-coverage and comfortable to wear, lasting a good 3-5 hours on me — which is to say, however long I need it to last before I give up and wipe it off to eat things.

(Remembering to eat things: very important.)

Availability: $16 USD/$19 CAD at CliniqueSephora, & Nordstrom. Permanent.

The boy

If I was a better blogger, I’d have put together a smokey eye to pair with this lip, had Mathew photograph it, and written up a humorous tale of how we met.

I love this boy.

I did not take this picture of M (but damn, is it pretty.)

We’ve been busy all summer, though (okay, he’s been busy mixing the upcoming Ghost Cousin album; I’ve just been sick), and we never really had a meet-cute. I met him at a quiet basement show, we parted ways. I think it was September. It slipped our minds — I ran into him by chance, months later, and we started talking.

We never really stopped.

Mathew and I have nothing in common, past the way that we think, but I’d like to believe we make each other better. He prods at the way I phrase things; I poke at the words he chooses. He tells me about audio engineering; I talk to him about brains. I tell him that I’m not a fish; he sweeps me off my feet just to hear me laugh.

!The Lipstick Bandits His Pick post

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense review

Clinique Heftiest Hibiscus, fourth from left. (Image from this post.)

The plus-one

The real lip highlight of our relationship, however, is a simple tube of Eucerin Aquaphor. I introduced the boy to this pretty early on (what? It’s not like he didn’t already know he was dating a beauty blogger, and that I’d be shameless in getting him to try out products for me), and some days, I swear he likes this stuff more than he likes me.

(I kid, I kid! Mathew’s never forgotten me anywhere, which is more than I can say of his little pot of Aquaphor.)

Eucerin Aquaphor mini-review

Like Vaseline on steroids, Aquaphor is colourless and emollient, melting into the skin on contact to act as a moisture barrier. It’s a wonderful lanolin-based balm for all your chapped-skin concerns: I use this stuff on my super-dry skin when I just can’t take it anymore, and he uses it as a super-charged lip balm.

And by super-charged lip balm, I mean super-charged kissing balm. He’s really quite bright, I swear, but — well. He’s also sometimes such a boy.

04 Clinique Heftiest Hibiscus Chubby Intense

Clinique Heftiest Hibiscus, from this post. This thing is a nightmare to colour-balance!

See the other Lipstick Bandits’ Boys’ picks:

We’re not all in this one, but here are the Bandits who were able to find the time this month…

Clinique Heftiest Hibiscus swatch review

Clinique Heftiest Hibiscus swatch

!LB Heftiest Hibiscus

Clinique Chubby Stick in 04 Heftiest Hibisucus

Clinique Intense review swatches - Chubby Sticks

The full range of Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balms — review here.

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  • Awww what an adorable story! I LOVE hearing about how people met and all that ;) M picked out such a great shade for you, and isn't it wonderful it's a formula that you love so much? <3
    My recent post Lipstick Bandits Bring the Boys Out!

    • But we're never going to have an adorable love story! *dramatic swooning* I think we met in the most anti-climatic way possible :p Doesn't change how happy we are together now, but it's not exactly one for the books!

  • Lily @ChloeAsh

    Love that you told us how you met :-) It's adorably sweet! And oh, that shade, and a Chubby Stick too!! Either Matthew has been paying attention, or both of you just think alike! Gorgeous :-) And beautiful photo of M too…

    • I think it was just a lucky coincidence! Or maybe I've just been seeping makeup knowledge into his subconscious… :D

  • BellaChique

    Aaaaw, I love your story about you two together! You are such an adorable pair ^^. His pick is awesome, I love this shade as well, and yeah chubby sticks are just so great ^^.
    My recent post The Lipstick Bandits: His Pick

  • You guys are ADORABLE <3 <3
    My recent post Lipstick Bandits: A Flailing Pick

  • DAWWWWWW You win today's most adorable couple on the internet. :)
    My recent post Lipstick Bandits: A Gentleman’s Choice

  • So much cuteness, Rae-whale. SO MUCH CUTENESS.
    My recent post Of Course He Has Good Taste

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  • Awwwwww, love the story of how two! And he's got great taste! Love this shade on you! And I think I will finally try a Chubby Stick now! I've been avoiding them but DANG this one is so pretty!
    My recent post Let’s Hear It For The Boys! Mr.Lipstick Bandits Choose

  • I bought this one and Chunkiest Chili just for the ridiculous names but I agree, Heftiest Hibiscus is a lovely summer lip colour, I've been wearing it a lot lately.
    My recent post Neon Sunset Makeup for The Birthday Massacre

    • LOL! I didn't think the ridiculous names would be a selling point for anyone, but it's pretty great that they were for you! :p This one is so summery — I'm pretty smitten.

  • Oh, Rae, I'm melting because of your story here, it's so so sweet! The color is gorgeous and I like how your minds think alike :) He seems like a keeper!
    My recent post Lipstick Bandits: It's A Man's World

    • ;o) Seems that way! After all, you don't just walk away from a magical psychic bond :p

  • Paris B

    Aww Rae your story is sooo sweet! I love it and love that he’s making you happy :) oh I love the Chubby Stick Intense lipsticks and this looks like something I’d pick up! I’m not sure if we get it but I’ll definitely look out for it :D

    • M takes making me happy like a personal challenge. It's pretty cute! :p

      I feel like you might have gotten these by now — let me know if you need a cp, though, of course! :)

  • abeautifulzen

    what a cute idea for the lipstick bandits and he's a bit of a cutie too. good catch lol :) (love the lippy, as always)
    My recent post Garnier Sleek and Shine Shampoo

    • I didn't even know they make 'em this pretty before M ;) I'm afraid I can't take any credit for the idea behind the posts, but I loved reading them all yesterday morning! Such a fun idea.

  • Liz

    Rae, this is the sweetest thing I read all month. I can't stop smiling! ^_^
    My recent post A Blush A Day: Week 2

  • Kate & Zena

    Sigh, he is cute. WHY CAN'T I FIND A MAN LIKE THAT?! (Seriously? Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.) I shall live vicariously through you.

    Chubby chubby bow bow! I feel like I should sing that every time I see a Chubby stick post. I want a chubby stick! This one is so pretty!

    Isn't your birthday coming up? (My brain…seriously fried. I forgot when your birthday was again. I need to write it on my calendar like a good girl.)

    • I have no idea where they're hiding, but I swear, they're out there somewhere. Try the local music scene, that seems to be a good place to start :p

      Emailing you! (And yep, it's in a couple of days. I am PETRIFIED, I hate getting older!)

      • Kate & Zena

        I see getting older as a means of learning about the world. So, I get a few more aches and pains. I get to see more adventures too (especially when it includes Zena. My word, everything with her is like, "KATIE, WE HAVE TO SEE THIS HOLE!!!! Isn't it deep?!")

        • Hahahaha! Nevermind M and I; you and Zena are definitely the most adorable duo! :D

          I think a lot of my birthday anxiety has to do with my not feeling adequately accomplished. Guess I better either get on fixing the anxiety, or fixing the lack of accomplishments. :p

          • Kate & Zena

            Oh, for real. I get that way too, but you have to remember what you've gotten through. You've conquered your fibromyalgia and your RA. That's a big accomplishment! It may not seem like a big one, but it is! You have a successful blog. I'm sure you have lots of friends who love you for who you are!

            Oh, and you have a boyfriend who loves you for who you are and not JUST for what you do. That's a lot to feel happy about.

            Adventure comes in many forms. It isn't just going to the water park (that was an adventure, my god) or going to another country, it can be going out for a walk, learning how to accept the crap you're given, bowling…anything! Make it what you want! Life is an adventure of adventures, tribulations and journeys. Go out and make your own little adventure alone, with friends, your boyfriend, your family or your sis sometime. Summer is a great time to do it! Hey, Google can be your best friend!

            (God, I just sounded like an old marmot. I have got to stop hanging around with the old people when I go bowling on Mondays! Makes me old and ornery.)

  • The sweetest post ever Rae, made me feel all melty inside :) You both sound like incredible together, and he's rather a cutie too isn't he?

    Good choice in lippy too- Heftiest Hibiscus look amazing on you.

    • *desperately tries to solidify your insides before they become your outsides*

      Thanks, darling! :)

  • Sissi

    Those look yummy! I might give it a try! I love these chubby sticks! Thx for sharing- love your blog!

    • Thanks, Sissi! I hope you love the Chubby Stick Intenses as much as I do :)

  • fieran

    The Chubby Stick is gorgeous – on you :) I have to say Mr. M does have a slight resemblance to Benny C. Hehe. I'm so happy for you Rae *big hug*

    • Hahaha! Y'know, I've never thought of that — but I guess you're not wrong ;) They look nothing alike in the details, but he definitely has the sharp, stately features and the sort of moody eyes!

  • One I LOVE your story. Love it. You've made me rethink my post, I wish I'd included something like this *headdesk.* And that picture of him? Perfect. I would have been startled and disappointed if he hadn't of selected a Chubby Stick. It would just have been wrong on so many levels.

    You two really were made for each other :)
    ♥ Jessica
    My recent post Mr. Cheeky's Choice

    • Aww, thank you, darling! :) I'm super pleased that the boy chose a Chubby Stick, too.

      (PS: I would love to hear the story of you and Mr. Cheeky sometime! Maybe in an anniversary or Valentine's Day post at some point? :))

  • My Lucite Dreams

    I love that he chose a chubby stick! So perfect! I enjoyed your story. He chose a perfect shade, happy beautiful shade :-)

    • I'm glad you enjoyed the story, Taylor! And I love the shade that he picked, too — it might just be the most outgoing, outwardly happy shade that I own ;o)

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  • Aw, Rae you are SO beautiful & your dimples are so cute!! I love this post for it's honest to god adorable-ness :)