Oxblood lips & gold-rimmed eyeliner | A New Year’s Eve look to try this year

Monday, December 31, 2012

Glitter-rimmed eyes and oxblood lips

For all of you who still have to sort out your NYE makeup: a tradition (glitter) and a trend (oxblood).

As much as I love glitter in the eye area, I absolutely cannot stand it elsewhere — perhaps sparingly on the lips, but rarely-if-ever my cheeks or skin. So, when it comes to holidays like New Year’s, I rely on my Marcelle Lux Diamond Liquid Eyeliner in Pure Gold. I’ve raved about it before, but with great wear, zero fallout, and absolutely gorgeous glitter particles, it’s one of my (few) must-have products.

Dark red lip tutorial (s)

The lips in this look are easy to do, but I always encourage taking a few extra minutes to apply — if five minutes more at the mirror will translate into a few extra hours’ wear, why not, right?

Start with primed or bare lips, add a brown-undertoned red lipliner (though the entire lip), and follow up with dark brown-red lipstick. I used Paula Dorf Lip Liner in Tapestry and MAC Lipstick in Desire (last seen worn matte and reviewed), and then followed up by blotting the lip for a less-glossy finish. 

Dark red lip tutorial trick

One of my go-to tricks is using paper (not tissue!) to blot the lip area, particularly for formulas with a glossy or tacky finish. That way, there’s zero chance that you’ll end up with tissue fibres stuck to your lip area, and you know it’ll be an even press — to get your cupid’s bow, hold the paper on the left and right edges and press lightly against a relaxed pout. 

Read the full tutorial here at She Said Beauty.

Gold glitter + black eyeliner (s)

The look, from there, is pretty simple: winged black liner, a good amount of eye primer and silica powder follow-up (the only pairing that’ll really lock things down on my lids, and by “lock things down,” I mean “you’re lucky to get six hours’ wear, now suck it up and stop complaining.”)

Then, your basic skin work, a touch of highlighter or luminizer, and two flicks of gold eyeliner to frame the black — one above, and one just below the wing.

Burgundy winged liner (s)

Gold and black winged liner look (s)

Products used

EYES: Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense in Intense Black, Marcelle Lux Diamond Liquid Eyeliner in Pure Gold, YSL Shocking Mascara in Deep Black.

LIPS: Paula Dorf Lip Liner in Tapestry, MAC Lipstick in Desire (Lustre).

SKIN: theBalm timeBalm in Lighter Than Light, Korres Magic Light/Face Contouring Powder Trio in Santorini.

!Oxblood lips and gold glitter eyeliner

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31 Responses to “Oxblood lips & gold-rimmed eyeliner | A New Year’s Eve look to try this year”

  1. Beautiful & classic! I so agree with you about glitter. I was never a fan and so looking back on old pictures I have nothing to roll my eyes for, except for the hair maybe. :) Happy New Year to you! :)
    My recent post Notable Reads of the Week, vol. 4

  2. Damn! I almost just picked up the Marcelle Lux Diamond liquid liner but left it behind because I hadn't read any reviews about it! So glad to hear you say it's good! I'm definitely going back for it now!

    The look is stunning on you – dark lips really really suit you Rae!
    My recent post NARS Mayflower lipstick – Review & Swatches

  3. Love the gold outline on the wing – I've done a double wing before, but never thought to take the gold under the black, as well. Very nice!
    My recent post Best of 2012, Larie-Style

    My recent post Best of 2012, Larie-Style

  5. I want Oxblood lips! I'm going to run to the MAC counter on Jan 2 and get this baby! You look amazing as always :-)
    My recent post I Feel The Need…The Need for…a Haul?

  6. Oh my gosh, yes – silicia powder over primer or wax-based concealer are THE combination that works for me. I really enjoyed reading your techniques for both lips & eyes. I love the elegant simplicity of this look, but that it's also special and celebration-feeling
    My recent post BECCA Mineral Blush in Wild Honey

  7. Love the gold glitter and black liner.
    My recent post I hate to brag but… I'm super excited about testing out the HTC OneX+ (and YOU can win one)!!!

  8. rasilla, on December 31st, 2012 at 5:19 pm said:

    The post doesn't seem to be up on SSB yet…
    but this post made me rethink my makeup for tonight.
    Was going to go smokey, but too tired to put in the time to do it atm.
    Plus I wanted to go with bold lips anyway~ ^^

    Have a happy new years eve Rae~

  9. Happy new year! Hope you had an awesome NYE! The look is just perfect!

  10. I love this look! I have a tendency to overdo things, hehe, so this is both refreshing & elegant.
    My recent post Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in RD305 (Nymph)

  11. My Lucite Dreams, on January 1st, 2013 at 6:13 pm said:

    A perfect look! Just the right amount of pop. I love the gold liner. I feel the same way about glitter, eyes and maybe lips. Always tasteful :-) happy New Year

  12. You too! :) I think all of us have had hair at some point that we now regret — I know I do!

  13. It's a fantastic product, Annick! (The Annabelle Glitterama liners are the same formulation — both well worth checking out.)

    Thank you! :)

  14. Happy New Year, Larie-snail! :D ♥

  15. Thank you, Michelle! I love (love, love) Desire for a vampy lip — but I don't know if I'd necessarily recommend it. Very drying! :(

  16. Thanks, Catherine! Nice to meet someone else with stubborn lids ;) Hope you had a great New Year's!

  17. Thanks! :)

  18. Eep! Thanks for the heads up, hon :) Hope you had the chance to give this look a try!

  19. Thanks, kerker! Hope you had a great New Year's as well :)

  20. Thank you, Carina! So glad you liked the look :)

  21. Thanks, Taylor! Happy New Year's to you, too ♥

  22. toyarosie, on January 3rd, 2013 at 8:13 am said:

    Just lovely, Rae! The lips look fab! Instantly I found myself wanting to sport an oxblood lip so clearly you've done a good job convincing me :) Happy New Year, doll!

  23. Thank you, Toya! Have fun with the lip ;o)

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  29. I wrote a post about winter looks, and I've included one of your photos as an example. The post goes up tomorrow, but the URL will be: http://alexandrabrovco.com/en/2014/02/16/five-bea

    Please let me know if something is amiss.
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  31. Thanks for letting me know, Yukino! I loved the post — thank you for including my photo in it :)

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