The Dark Eyeliner Rises | An Anne Hathaway (as Catwoman) makeup tutorial + look

Because Selina Kyle is a BAMF.

In a few more words, though: here’s a quick look (tutorial + more photos here) to make up for the fact that I’ve been AWOL recently. Soft red lips, matte neutral eyes, and (what else?) smudgy winged black eyeliner.

While editing these photos, I realized that I look rather… displeased with the entire world in them, which — not intentional, I promise. (Okay, maybe a little bit intentional. It has been so hot in Edmonton this season; I am so, so ready for the fall.)

Honestly, though? This look isn’t exactly prototypical DC superhero — you could get away with wearing it in pretty much any scenario (no ass-kicking or taking of names required). Take the edge off a red lip by applying your lipstick quite sparingly, and then blotting it down with a fingertip for a really soft, lived-in edge.

(Alternately, wear the lipstick full-force for a more dramatic, evening look, or grab a classic-red gloss–with shimmer!–for something a bit more fun.)

Alright. I’m sure you’ve had enough of my boring face for the time being, so I’ll add in one last note and then leave you be!

Black liner through my sparse lashes is my #1 makeup tip for looking just… better, without making it obvious at all that I’ve actually got anything on, and this liner does a fantastic job of it. More awake, larger eyes, more expressive, you name it — liner in my actual lashline (not above it, and not below it) is a makeup trick that I rely really heavily on, and this super-creamy, super-black Annabelle Smoothie pencil has been my pick of the month to do it with.

Licoriche does crease and smudge if I use it on my lid itself (though primer and a heavy topping of silica powder really helps to lock it down), but it does just fine in my lashes. I always apply with an angled liner brush, and the texture of this one is just spot-on.

Products used

EYES: MAC Eye Shadow in Blanc Type, Annabelle Smoothie Jumbo Eye Pencil in Licoriche, Senna Eyeshadow in Sphinx and Fusion.

SKIN: theBalm timeBalm Concealer in Lighter Than Light, Smashbox Eye Shadow in Smoke (to contour).

LIPS: Annabelle Rouge Velours Lipstick in Adrenaline. 

(P.S… had you forgotten that I had a left side of the face? It’s okay, I forget about it sometimes, too.)

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  • mostlysunnybunny

    I love the look and loled when I saw the last one! My camera face is the left side of my face. I recently managed to take a couple of photos of the right side without freaking myself out, but still decided against showing them on the blog. Weird how different the two sides can look!
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  • Ooh smudgy winged eyeliner looks lovely, why have i never thought about doing that!

    sophierosehearts x
    My recent post London Zoo!

  • HAHAHA. Oh Rae. You are my favorite. I have still yet to see the latest Batman. S. keeps leaving town for random crap (conferences, pft) and I don't want to go to the movie by myself!!! Who will share my candy with me???

    Also, I'm pretty sure everyone has a MAC palette but me. I DON'T OWN A SINGLE MAC SHADOW. /frantic flails
    My recent post The End of the Vampy Lipstick Quest

  • Very sexy! Love the look :-) And hello to the left side of your face. Lol!

  • mdpr8208

    I love love love this look! You pull it off so well and I just love Catwoman in this latest flick. Anne Hathaway kicks serious butt. I also love that you made it wearbale for every day, nothing too over the top. Still totally sexy though!

  • Meg

    That lipstick is beautiful!
    I know what you mean about being ready for autumn/fall…and it isn't even that hot here.
    My recent post Antipodes Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum

  • ooohlemony

    This is such a great look–I love the soft-edged matte red lip! I usually go for a clean line with my eyeliner, but the smudged wing looks fantastic. I'll have to try it out! :D

  • That lip color is perfection. You look SMOKin'!
    My recent post Hair Story: Getting the Right Cut

  • fabulouslyfrugirl

    I love this look, Rae!

    I'm going to try the liner in lash line tip. I've got some Annabelle smudge liners which may be able to do the trick until I get Licoriche… :)

  • CJ.

    Hi! I totally love your makeup look. Would you consider doing a video makeup tutorial? :)
    I am Asian. I have large eyelid and double eyelid. How should I do my eye makeup?

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  • Absolutely stunning look. I agree, anything that defines lashes makes the biggest difference and I personally love techniques/products that enhance them without looking like lots of obvious makeup – tightlining, lash curlers and mascara etc :)
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  • Gorgeous look!! You have such flawless skin.

    I can't wait for fall either!

  • honey

    First time visiting your blog and holy crap…you are just gorgeous!!