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Haven’t done one of these in a while, and of course–as it always ends up being– that means this week’s post will be a little product-heavy.

But, well, that isn’t ever really a bad thing, now, is it?

Assorted launches

Noteworthy products would probably be the Sephora Primal Instincts palette (what; it looks cute! And Sephora Collection is underrated, if you ask me — it really holds its own, particularly for an in-store brand,) the launch of Butter London at Sephora, and a matte Stila eyeshadow palette.

Pretty exciting all around, if you ask me.

Fall collection launches

…from Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, and Dior.

Skin & fragrance launches

(Which are, admittedly, probably a lot less exciting on the whole than the other categories.)

I’m probably going to regret saying this in public, but: is nipple balm, like, a thing now? Can anyone enlighten me in the comments? First it was the lanolin craze, and then you had the whole NIP + FAB thing, and now… this.


Happy Canada Day! And also, possibly more importantly:

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  • rokderm

    Loved this! Will pick up that new dior lipstick ASAP!
    Thanks for giving a heads up!

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  • Most nipple balm is a combination of lanolin, vitamin E, coconut oil, and sometimes other soothing ingredients – which makes it great for cuticles and also for scars or wounds. But it does feel weird carrying the tube around, you're right! And my boyfriend laughed his head off the first time he saw me use it…
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  • mdpr8208

    Butter London at Sephora is great, and I also think the Sephora collection is underrated! Love the avengers trailer :) It is my fave movie as of now.

  • A Stila all-matte palette? Sign me up! I have been looking for good matte shades. Amazing.
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  • Tati_D

    The fall collections look great! Love these posts!