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  • Alison

    I really like the Carolina Hererra, Diane von Furstenberg and Donna Karan pieces. I don't have my finger on the pulse of fashion by any means (seasonal trends make my head spin), but I loved ( and think you probably will too!) this Pre-fall collection by Donna Karan:

    my favourite is the second-last one in the third row.

    I've also long been drooling over this dress!

    • Oh, god yes. I didn't cover any of pre-fall on theNotice (because I'm a terrible person with absolutely no time-management skills), but I loved that Donna Karan collection! You have good taste in fashion, girl ;) (By which I mean: it's like mine, which automatically puts you in my good books. :D)

      • Alison

        I know! I was thinking we have similar taste. Things that are classy, elegant, cold, cool and…snarky*.. XD tend to frequent the notice, so I enjoy your blog a lot.

        I saw "Scandal in Belgravia", the first instalment in the new (Perhaps not new in Canada…) season of Sherlock today, and practically died – that show is SO good. I forgot how good over the Summer (All TV stops in Summer over here and is replaced with sport – *cough* – and re-runs….) so the utter perfection of it all and getting back into Sherlock's mind was bliss. Sheer bliss. Bliss with TRENCHCOATS on top.

        (I don't understand why more men don't wear good white shirts and trench coats. I mean, its so easy and classy, but apparently elegance is a lost art. SHAME!*)

        *Please note I'm kind of revved up from both watching Sherlock and being kept up two consecutive nights with absolutely no sleep. Eurgh.

        • Eee! Being revved up from no sleep + Sherlock = the best kind of revved up to be. :D

          I'm so glad you enjoyed A Scandal, Alison! (It's one of my favourites – absolutely loved it.) And yes, it was the perfect way to start the season, wasn't it? /swoons

  • dani@callitbeauty

    Did you see the *glorious* red, Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind-esque ball gown at Carolina Herrera? Ugh, so gorgeous! <3
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  • Wow, I'd actually wear most of these! Love it.
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  • I'm loving all these sculpted silhouettes. They're so incredibly feminine.
    The DVF dresses and that first strapless DK one are gorgeous! I'm such a sucker for dresses.
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  • projectswatch

    The Donna Karan dress made of the pinstriped fabric is incredible; it's like a suit, but not a suit – it's so scuptural and architectural, but also seems wearable and it's just flat out amazing. I just love it SO MUCH. And this is coming from someone who pretty much ignores runway fashion.
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    • I know, right???! God, it's ridiculous. I didn't even know things could get that utterly incredible in real life.


  • toyarosie

    Ack! Loving the DvF silhouettes, DKNY belted jacket, and the Carolina Herrera suit!! WISH I had the money/access to these pieces…ah, dreams ;)
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