THE LIPSTICK BANDITS | The shade that started the fire

This round of Lipstick Bandit posts came with the challenge of the starter lipstick: your very first (for those of us who still remember what our first shade was), or a lipstick that would make a good gateway drug into a full-fledged lipstick addiction.

The lipstick I chose to feature wasn’t my very first lipstick, but it was one of the first that I really fell in love with. I hope you will, too!

The product: Lancome Color Fever lipstick in Rose Tempest

I feel a little guilty about featuring this one, seeing as it’s long since been discontinued, but, well – what can you do, right? It was “the one,” and memories don’t exactly grow on trees. (Though it would be fabulous if they did, wouldn’t it?)

Rose Tempest is an interesting shade; a rather plain-Jane my lips but better sort, but there’s something just so about it. Imagine if you crossed a yellow-based pink with an olive-brown nude, gave it a lovely satin-creme formula, and scented it lightly with rose petals and bright, juicy berries. You’d get Rose Tempest exactly; the perfect daytime lipstick, with an unexpected edge of versatility and luxury. (This would look brilliant on so many different skintones that it’s not even funny, and have you seen that tube?)

A single swipe of Rose Tempest

bare lips

One layer of Rose Tempest on lips

For a dupe, try something like Maybelline Warm Me Up or MAC Modesty. They’re not exact copies (I much prefer the Color Fever formula and scent to both, though of course it isn’t without its flaws), but the shades are almost spot-on.

The Maybelline is great if you’re on a budget, but I’m not fond of scent, and the formula feels much heavier on my lips; on the other hand, I’ve never been a huge fan of MAC lipsticks (I find most of their formulas too drying), and I prefer lip products that are lightly fruity than ones that smell like vanilla.

I don’t get a ton of wear out of Rose Tempest, because I’m rather afraid of what I’ll do when I run out, but, well. If either of these dupes are even half as lovely – you’re going to adore them.

We’re awesome. Seriously.

Want to see what the other Lipstick Bandits chose for their “starter lipstick”? Check out the links below. (I’m dying to see what everyone else picked, but I’m probably not going to read the posts for at least another six hours. Reading week, here I come!)

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  • mostlysunnybunny

    You're right Rae, this is the perfect daytime lipstick! Annnd you're right about the lipstick bandits being AWESOME!
    My recent post Skincare Review: L’Occitane Shea Butter One Minute Hand Scrub (and a Cheap Kitchen Alternative)

    • :D We're the best bandits of all bandits, if only because we wear lipstick instead of robbing old ladies.

  • Maggie

    Such a lovely color, Rae! Rose lip colors are quickly becoming my favorite :) My go-to right now is Revlon's Soft Rose (which is the same as MM's!)

    Darn you, Lipstick Bandits — you're all I see on my dashboard hahaha
    My recent post Teal Enchantment

    • Lol!! Sorry, Maggie :P I'll have to give Soft Rose another look; you both speak so highly of it!

  • What a cute post on remembering which product started the addiction :) This is such a nice shade! Will swatch those from Maybelline and MAC to have a physical feel of Rose Tempest's vibe :D
    My recent post The Grand Palace

    • ;o)

      Dani (Call It Beauty) did a great post on the Maybelline one! Does a great job of showing how versatile the shade is, as well – we're two totally different skintones, but it looks no less lovely on her :)

      • (Then again, *everything* looks good on Dani. Nothing will ever convince me otherwise!)

  • Arianne

    It's totally a MLBB on you! Good for me we're totally different skin tones and this will probably look deathly pale on me, but it's gorgeous on you. ;)
    My recent post Lipstick Bandits: The One That Started The Obsession.

    • Nooo! It would look gorgeous on you, Arianne. Honestly! Just, well, perhaps more of a nude and less of a medium rose :P

  • bloominbeauty

    Wow, it's so lovely, Rae! I had a feeling I would see a few (including my own) that are discontinued. Le sigh, it's bound to happen after several years. But this, I can see why you fell in love with it. It's so wearable and dainty, giving your lips a perfect definition. :)

    • Isn't she (Rose Tempest) gorgeous? ;o) It makes me so sad when great lipsticks are discontinued! :(

  • Jamilla

    Gateway drug = LOL! Very lovely shade!

  • Rose colour is really arguably the easiest to wear for everyone! My first lipgloss was a rose colour from L'oreal. LOL, at that time, I hated lipsticks.

    Till now, I still jump at Rose colour lipstick/lipglosses, because I know I can definitely wear it!

    • I have to agree with you on that one – rose shades are always so wearable, aren't they? :)

      Hope you've become a lipstick addict in the meantime! :P

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  • looks lovely on the lips, too bad it's discontinued!

    • Thanks, Naomi! The MAC and Maybelline ones are really good dupes, though – give them a try! ;)

  • I'm pretty sure I'm the one person these shades do not look good on, but it definitely suits you! :P
    My recent post Back to the Very Beginning

    • Haha, thanks Larie :P & I think you could totally pull off a shade like this one – it's all just in finding the right nuances in the colour!

  • This is such a perfect shade! Why is it gone Lancome? Why?
    I will need to check out MAC Modesty next time.
    My recent post Lipstick Bandits The One That Got Me

    • *cries* :(

      Hope you like Modesty, my dear! Let me know what you think of it – I'd be curious to find out!

  • Beautiful packaging on this one for sure! It's funny how you and Dani chose such similar shades – I think that's a hint for me to start looking for one of the shades you mentioned.
    My recent post Lipstick Bandits: Becoming a Lipstick Lover

    • *nods emphatically*

      If that wasn't a great, big cosmic hint – well, I don't know what is! :p

  • Ah, I love that one of the other Bandits featured Warm Me Up! This looks so gorgeous and wearable, I usually shy away from paler pinks like this because I'm worried they'll wash me out, but you have given me hope. To the drugstore!
    My recent post Here Do I Present An Introduction to Lipstick

    • Haha, yes!! It's because Dani and I are secret brain-twins, obviously :P

      Go give Warm Me Up a try – I hope you like it!

  • messywands

    I have much angry for the discontinuedness of this shade >:(
    My recent post Lipstick Bandits: The First One

  • I have a general unexplained dislike of Anything Lancome (excepted Erika F) but their lipsticks look tempting, and this one adds more to the temptation.
    My recent post Lipstick Bandits: Starter Lipstick

  • Emi

    What a fabulous idea for a post! Would it be horribly uncouth for me to steal this idea and post a starter lipstick of my own, giving full credit and links of course?
    My recent post Silver Chrome and Foil Nail Polish Comparison, Swaches

    • No, go right ahead! I'd love to read the post, Emi – you'll have to send me the link if you get around to doing it :)

  • dani@callitbeauty

    Dupes *and* references to gateway drugs? Great minds think alike? I think so!


    My recent post Said You Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'…

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  • Jen W

    What a beautiful shade. I think I'm going to go into a corner and cry until I find this on ebay.

    • Ha! I know how you feel, Jenny :P Try one of the dupes, maybe?

  • AHHH I love how you and Dani think/thought alike. Though, I must admit, I love Rose Tempest most because of the uber simple and classy packaging. It's strange but I also feel safe knowing there is a dupe out there and it's Lipstick Bandit approved!

    • Exactly! But oh, there's nothing like a Color Fever tube, now, is there? ;) I wish they were still around!

  • It's a very pretty and wearable color. No wonder you fell in love with it. I like the simple sleek silver casing too.
    My recent post Food & Drink : Truffles

    • I'm head over heels for this case – almost as much as the colour! I wish Lancome would have at least kept the packaging concept, if not the formula :(

  • Why why why would they discontinue this? Not only is the shade beautiful, but the name is so … awesome! It speaks to the lit nerd in me.

    It looks stunning on you: I understand why you wear it sparingly.
    ♥ Jessica
    My recent post A Neutral Lover Does Neon: MAC's Viva Glam Nikki

  • fabulouslyfrugirl

    I really like this colour on you! Now that I am starting to experiment with different lipsticks, I now know what beauty bloggers are talking about when they say a lipstick formula is "drying". I've experimented with a few drugstore brands and even though I like the Revlon Blushing Nude colour, I find that after an hour or so, it gets dry, as well. :(

    Would you say that higher end lipsticks in general have a better formulation in terms of being less dry and more pigmented?

    • Hmm. I feel like I don't have a large enough sample size to give you a definitive answer, but in general, yes.

      A bit of a ramble to expand on that: I feel like the quality of high-end formulas tends to be better, possibly because if you're paying more for the product, the company can afford to put more into it, whether that's in the form of more pigment, higher quality conditioning agents, or (this is the dealbreaker for me) a better-composed fragrance. High-end and drugstore markets cater to a different consumer base, too; it's easier to go to a drugstore & pick up a cheap $5 lipstick, but the consumer wants more out of the product if it's $25 – a bigger shade range, a more luxurious feel, a longer-lasting formula, etc.

      Hope that made sense! Sorry for the giant response-comment >.<

  • It's a beautiful natural color!

  • anna

    Aww, this reminds me of my first lipstick purchase. Now I am all nostalgic!

    • : ) What was your first lipstick purchase, Anna?

      • anna

        MAC Snob! Which is humorous to me because I tend toward reds now. (I have a collection, even!) But in the beginning, it was about those neutral-pink shades!

        I do think this is such an interesting question. Because it is a nice way of thinking about what I used to enjoy, and how much my make-up look has changed but I still love lipstick. So I guess I haven't changed too much!

        • Aww! One of the things I love about lipsticks, I suppose, is that there's so much variation – you can go from being into sheer pinks (that's what I was drawn to at the start, too!) to being into super-opaque reds, and it's still a tube of lipstick that pulls your look together. Something like bronzer or lipgloss, on the other hand, isn't quite as flexible – there's still some room for variation, but it's not quite the same, you know?


  • Posting this was just mean! I would have bought it right now if it was still available! Thanks for suggesting some dupes though, I'll have try and get my hands on one.
    My recent post Ciccone Cosmetics Lipstick – Review, Photos, Swatches

    • Haha, sorry Sara-May! Hope you can find either the MAC or Maybelline in your area :)

  • I found it funny how a few of us went for discontinued colours, ranges and brands :D I love how nondescript this lipstick looks but how pretty and natural it looks on your lips without looking dull and washed out. Its no wonder you fell in love with this one :D
    My recent post That REN Skincare video that has me wondering just how clean is clean?

    • I know! But I feel bad for all of our readers; now they not only have one discontinued lemming, but a whole handful of them :P

      Thank you! I felt similarly about your lipstick, too – pretty, not at all dull or washed out, and so easy to fall in love with. ;)

  • Liz

    Well, gee! If my first lipstick was as pretty as this one, I wouldn't be so afraid! But one of my first was a ghastly orange Elizabeth Arden that still haunts me to this day. YOU LIPSTICK BANDITS WILL NEVER CATCH ME! lol
    My recent post Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask and Cream

    • Ha! We clearly just need to continue inundating you with pretty lipsticks – just because the first one wasn't fab doesn't mean the next ten can't be! :D :P

  • toyarosie

    Pretty!! I love this shade! You should definitely give it more love, it looks great on you! I cant' imagine this not working with almost every look! I don't yet have a MLBB shade, but after looking at this I'm thinking I REALLY gotta get on it!

    • I love it, too :P

      Give one of the dupes a try, or see if you can get your hands on a tube online – it's such a pretty colour ;o)

  • Darn youuuuuuuu and your D/c'd lippies D:
    My recent post MAC Zoom Lash Mascara in Zoomblack – Review

  • CeeKay

    I was 15 and my mom bought like six tubes of the same lipstick online, and gave one to me. It was an Anna Sui Rouge S, in a shade slightly lighter and much shimmerier than, say, Mac Subculture lip liner. The S in the product name stands for sheer, and I liked how subtle but sophisticated it made me feel. Lasting power? What lasting power? Oh, and it was expensive. So definitely not something I’d buy for myself. But the nice rose scent and pretty purple packaging… I die.

    • Aww! That's such a cute story, CeeKay :) I've always wanted a lipstick story to share with my mum, but I've always been the one giving her products – she's so not a makeup girl :P

  • Nice shade. I like this lipstick. :):)