FaceFront Tokyo Future Artistic Pigments

The product: FaceFront Tokyo Future Artistic Pigments

» Digital Dragon, Secret Samurai, Lost in Nishitama, and Shallow Depth.

I’m slowly amassing a frightful Artistic Pigment stash, and yet… I cannot find it in myself to care. (Does that make me a terrible minimalist? I’m pretty sure that makes me a terrible minimalist.)

Here’s the thing, though. I have my qualms with some of the line’s other products (their cream formulas come to mind — more on that next week), but their pigments? Damn. When it’s straight-up colour, FaceFront never fails to impress. They just come up with these really vibrant, unexpected, actually unique shades, and I’m always just really stunned by how gorgeous they are. It’s so refreshing to be surprised by a shade; to not already own a dupe of it in some way, shape, or form.

The details: Each Artistic Pigment retails for $10.50 USD and contains 5g of product. These multipurpose products are vegan-approved, made in the US, and paraben-, silicone-, & cruelty-free. The four Tokyo Future shades are all limited edition for Winter 2011.

See Shallow Depth in this violet and blue look and the full collection details here.

As an aside, I’d like to note the fact that I’m not a fan of Orientalism, and I don’t believe in capitalizing upon other cultures. That said, I’m not going to launch into a tirade about it, and I don’t think FaceFront has done anything specifically offensive in regard to this collection – I feel like it focuses more on the “future Tokyo” popularized in science fiction, rather than any given situation in the real world.

Anyhow, the point I was trying to make: feel free to discuss this in the comments, but please be respectful of your fellow commenters!

The shades

(Section alternately titled: Guys. Guys. I have so many feelings about Shallow Depth; I don’t even know.)

FaceFront describes Digital Dragon (Ultra-Steel Finish) as a subtle metallic golden brown infused with bright, rustic bronze refleks; Secret Samurai (Steel Finish) as a highly complex and shimmery taupe with subtle red hue; Lost in Nishitama (Steel Finish) as a vivacious and shimmery cranberry with subtle reflecks of red and silver; and Shallow Depth (Semi-Matte) as a dark, true oceanic matte blue.

I would describe them as…

  • Digital Dragon: an intense metallic bronze that honestly ought to be the sleeper hit of this collection;
  • Secret Samurai: a soft taupe with red undertones (the foiled swatch, behind the cut, displays the colour best);
  • Lost in Nishitama: a burnt red with visible silver shimmer, which is insanely pretty, not to mention really unexpected; and finally,
  • Shallow Depth:the poor girl’s NARS Outremer, though FaceFront’s Semi-Mattes feature microshimmer, which I’m not sure Outremer does.

Comparison swatches later today! (Though I don’t have the NARS; sorry, ladies.)

Swatched L-R: Digital Dragon, Secret Samurai, Lost in Nitshitama, Secret Samurai, Shallow Depth

Swatches with flash

Foiled onto dry skin; taken with flash in incandescent lighting

Digital Dragon

Secret Samurai

Lost in Nishitama

Shallow Depth

The ingredients

The paraben-free, silicone-free Artistic Pigment formula may contain…

Mica-77019, Titanium Dioxide-77891, Iron Oxides (77499, 77491), Silica,Tin Oxide-778161, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate.

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  • mostlysunnybunny

    I think Digital Dragon and Secret Samurai look great foiled! I was worried about Secret Samurai looking too red when used dry, but foiled it is a very pretty taupe!
    My recent post Swatch & Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in #53 Light Beige

    • Yes! I'm not quite sure how that works (perhaps it was the lighting?) but I haven't found Secret Samurai to be too red at all :)

  • Jamilla

    I would love to see you wearing these!

    • There's one with Shallow Depth here! Not sure if I'll have time for another, but we'll see :)

  • BeautyReflects

    These are gorgeous! I can hardly wait to see you wearing them!
    My recent post UNITE Hair Care Will Help You Get Your Dream Hair

  • Yes! Can't wait for a look :D
    My recent post Fitness Friday #1: Bouldering

  • I thought they were gorgeous alone but foiled? Spectacular!

    • I know! They're lovely foiled – Digital Dragon in particular really gets me ;o)

  • Shallow Depth also looks considerably more pigmented than Outremer. (Getting decent coverage out of that sucker was like digging for gold.) Very pretty! Thank you for sharing. =)
    My recent post Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Energy Boosting Moisturizer

    • Ha! Good to know ;) I was really impressed by Shallow Depth – it's best over primer or foiled, of course, but there's just so much pigment packed into that tiny little jar!

  • *GAWK* How incredible are those colors?! They're incredible swatched dry, but when they're foiled?! OH MAI GAH.

    ♥ Jessica

    My recent post Getting Cheeky Turns One

  • Digital Dragon is gorgeous and definitely my favorite of the four! It doesn’t matter if you’re being a terrible minimalist or not if all the pigments are this pretty :)

  • The pigments are gorgeous. I really liked how you used the Shallow Depth in your smokey eye. :D

    As for the collection itself, I do believe that FaceFront is orientalizing the collection. Some of the names like Lost in Nishitama are ok, but names like Bonsai Forest, Secret Samurai, Rising Sun, and Plum Blossom sound like the development team were trying to cobble names from anything Japanese that came to their mind that have little to do with futuristic Tokyo.

    If FaceFront had cared enough to research this theme, maybe the execution in naming the products wouldn't come across so cheesy. Names like Geisha, White Rice, Gold Rush (it was the Chinese and not the Japanese in the Gold Rush) are kinda cringe-worthy. There was also an eyeshadow called "Token." I hope they mean subway token!

    I'm sure these cosmetics are great, but I wouldn't feel comfortable purchasing anything from this collection. The colors are gorgeous and look futuristic. I wish they would have let the colors speak for themselves instead of their silly names.
    My recent post Nivea Creme: The Saga Continues

  • cheeky chic

    Wow, these are just looking awesome. So amazing shades.
    Glad I found ur blog.