I’ve got a Fever for the perfect fall blush | MAC Fever Powder Blush review, swatches, photos

The product: MAC Powder Blush in Fever (Matte)

So, weird little confession coming up. When I’m toeing the line between “vaguely healthy” and “deliriously feverish,” I actually look… healthy. Seriously, it’s like, the only time I ever have a “healthy flush.”

(A little less sickly and I’m just a weird interpretation of pale; a little more and I look like someone’s got me on a stretching rack. Probably because my brain is being held captive on a stretching rack by the flu.)

Where was I going with this?

Oh, right. MAC Fever! And the fact that it’s quite pretty.

MAC Fever Powder Blush swatches

Consider it a strange personality quirk, but I’m really into wearing tiny amounts of really pigmented products, rather than normal amounts of medium-sheer ones. With blushes like Fever, it’s just so easy to get that flushed-from-within glow, because you need so little that they wear like a stain – that is, you can’t see evidence of blusher on your cheeks, no matter how up-close-and-personal you get, and they just last and last and last.

Fever is a really intense, matte raspberry red. MAC describes it as a reddish-burgundy, but I’d go more along the lines of… I don’t know; a brownish raspberry. (Raspberry, oxidized!) It’s honestly just – god, the pigmentation is ridiculous, and the shade! It’s utterly perfect for that expanded-capillaries, blood-beneath-your-skin effect, and the amount of pigment (not to mention, the depth of colour) means it’ll show up on pretty much everyone.

Just as an afterthought: I had originally turned to Frankly, Scarlett for that “flushed” look, but I like Fever quite a bit more. There’s enough plum and brown in it to keep it pretty subd– actually, subdued is probably a bad choice of words, here, because it’s really not. But Scarlett was brighter than I was looking for; it’s a rather aggressively cheery red – spot-on for what it intended to be, no doubt, but I definitely prefer this one applied lightly for a natural cheek.

And I know; it’s crazy to suggest that something this pigmented could turn out a natural cheek. But it can! And it’s lovely!

Had two sets of swatch photos for this review. Still… not really sure why.

But anyhow, here are some extra MAC Fever swatches!

The verdict?

I love Fever. Yes, even as a super-pale makeup junkie, I love it. I love, love, love it, my dear readers! (Which is a fact that I am going to stop announcing now, because “love” is starting to look less and less like a word.)

Honestly, I don’t know why this isn’t more popular. The pigmentation is incredible, the tone is just spot-on, and if the versatility of the product isn’t enough to sway you, then surely the wear time will! I cannot express enough how much you need to check this one out – okay, so perhaps it’s not suited to someone who’s new to blush, but come on. I know there are more blush junkies out there! I can feel you through your monitors and I am infecting you with MAC Fever lemmings!

Edited to add: See Fever in action here and here!

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  • I could definitely see how that would look stunning on you.

  • PinkGlitter

    I have a pale complexion and would never think to pick out a red blush like this. It's really pretty though and I might check it out.
    My recent post Urban Decay F&F Sale

    • Hope you like it, hon!! Give it a go with a skunk brush if you're worried – it's such a gorgeous colour :)

  • Um.. ok now I want this *makes grabby hands*

    I absolutely agree with you though- I am much too lazy (and scared) to wear my pigmented blushers regularly, but I adore the way these reddish berry tones look on the skin.
    My recent post Soap & Glory It's About Prime Eyeshadow Underbase in Bright Light

    • I know! *feigns swooning* I don't wear it nearly often enough, but I always adore it when I do. So very, very worth the effort!

  • dani@callitbeauty


    I must definitely check this out because it makes me think of Christmas and I always want to think about Christmas.

    My recent post Monthly Favourites – October 2011

    • HIIIIIII!!! :D :D

      Tee hee, you should definitely check this one out if it makes you think of Christmas. It's a perfectly legitimate reason to buy a new blush!

  • hmm i will definitely have to check fever out! i guess i have never heard anyone rave about it…but i absolutely agree with your statement on how you prefer tiny amts of pigmented products over lots of med-pigmented products. the color looks gorgeous too! i love how there is a bit of brown in it. thanks for your thoughts! you have enabled me to want this!
    My recent post an ode to warm soul

    • Same here, lol! I did a double-take at first – "are you sure it wasn't LE? Are you sure it hasn't been discontinued? I've never heard of it!" :P

      You should totally check this one out, Kelly. The incredible pigmentation, the tiny bit of brown – it all just works so well together. I think Fever would look great on you ;)

  • I think the red in that blush is what makes it so flush-y. I can see why you like it! It reminds me of Chanel Rouge (or should Chanel Rouge remind me of MAC Fever? Hmmm)

    Get well soon, dear! Miss you on Twitter :( I’m also fighting the tail end of a cold that refuses to let go. So um, shares my chicken soup with you
    My recent post Quick Fix: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Swatches

    • I'm better, actually! *cheering hands* Just have been too busy to have proper conversations :( Hope to find the time to chat soon, I miss you too!!

  • I love Fever blush too. It really is great at giving that nice flush to the cheeks.
    My recent post Tarte Lip Service LipSurgence Collection Review and Swatches

    • Aha! So I'm not the only one out there :P Awesome to find another Fever lover!

  • I love the IDEA of this blush, but red shades always make me look a bit ruddy. I'd love to get a better idea of how you wear it so I can try myself.

    • I'll put it on my to-do list, lovely! No promises (I'm an awful procrastinator, at best), but I'll try to remember to do a post on wearing super-pigmented blushers :)

  • Such a gorgeous colour, I can totally see it work well in Autumn and carry you over into winter too for that "flushed from the cold" look.
    My recent post Navy smokey eye look with Smashbox Smokebox palette

    • Yes, exactly! It actually works surprisingly well for the summer, too, though I have no idea why. (Something about the subtle brown tones makes it harmonize well with a bronzed cheek, perhaps?)

  • Rachael

    I wonder how it compares to Chanel's Contraste blush in Rouge from the byzantine collection. Its super pigmented and very very red. I love the fragrance on it. I think you're making an excellent point with Fever blush. While I don't really care for MAC you'd have probably sold me on it if I didn't already have a red blush! I so love the "winter flush." Its so much sexier than the orange of bronzers.

    • Lol! I'm not a huge MAC fan either, but this one was a must-buy for me :P I'm a sucker for the winter flush, too – I'm all for blush, and all for contouring, but bronzer is something I've never really gotten excited about.

      I don't have Rouge, but I think that one was more of a "true" red – so, it might read a little brighter and more orange on the cheeks. I think the biggest difference would be the finish, though! (This one's matte.)

  • Great review. This blush has been on my makeup wishlist forever!
    My recent post Review: Anastasia Beauty Express for Brows & Eyes

    • You should totally cave on it! ;) Well worth owning – it's such a gorgeous shade, and the quality's phenomenal.

  • BeautyReflects

    Ok, HOW come I DON'T have THIS??? Gorgeous!!
    My recent post USA Shopping List

  • Jamilla

    This would look stunning on your high cheekbones!

    • Aww, thanks Jamilla! I think it would look stunning on just about anyone's cheekbones :P

  • Thanks for the review :D The blush seems nice
    My recent post Sigma Brushes Coupon November 2011

  • I spent all of last month debating whether I should get this or not, and finally decided I had enough blushes. BUT CLEARLY NOT! :D
    My recent post Beauty Reductionista is 1 year old!

  • So, erm, I do own Frankly Scarlet, but now I still kind of want Fever. I feel like your swatches look different from the in-the-pan color, though, which is perhaps why I didn't buy this one.

    Also, this: " Consider it a strange personality quirk, but I’m really into wearing tiny amounts of really pigmented products, rather than normal amounts of medium-sheer ones." ME TOO.
    My recent post Urban Decay 24/7 Travel Set in Electric

    • YAY! :D Great minds clearly do think alike.

      Fever does swatch really differently than it appears in the pan, imo – I'm not really sure why. Maybe my pan photos just sucked that day? :P It's quite different from Frankly Scarlett, though! Karla has them swatched here and here ;o)

  • Ryou

    Hey, using pigmented products sparingly only mean that they'd last longer. ;D

    I may have to pick up this shade. It looks really lovely! <3

    • Haha, exactly! :D

      I think you should go for it, of course :P It's just such a gorgeous shade – I absolutely adore it.

  • Alex

    Can you post a picture of you wearing it? I find blush so tricky sometimes and this is so bright! Lovely but bright.

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  • Michelle

    I need!!!!!!!!!

  • toyarosie

    Um yep – you definitely did create a massive lemming in me for this!! After I mentioned how much I liked it a couple weeks ago, I remembered you mentioned to check out the original post, and here I am. You're KILLING me with this Rae! I'm trying to only buy blush every three months as its getting out of hand, but I might *need* to buy this ASAP. Gah!!

    (But PS – Thanks for the heads up :P)
    My recent post Just a L’il Somethin’ I Picked Up for Vacation: Milani’s Liquif-EYE Metallic Eye Liner Pencil in Aqua

    • Haha, sorry lovely :P Whether you get this now or in three months, though – DO pick it up sometime! It's such a gorgeous, pigmented blush; I'm honestly not kidding when I say that I L-O-V-E this one. I like most blushers, but this one just goes the extra step!

      Not sure if you'd have seen these posts already, but just in case you need any more convincing: see it in action here and here! ;)

  • Lulu

    I have really pale skin and I recently bought this color to wear with darker lip sticks. I'm kind of a newbie with makeup and I'm still learning the tricks of makeup application. How do you suggest applying this color lightly?

    • Just really push the product into your brush? Lulu! Pick something fluffy and not at all dense, tap it ONCE lightly on the blush, then swirl it in the lid before applying :)

      That said, dark lipsticks are often complimented best with a really natural-looking cheek, so be sure to try something nude like Tarte Exposed, too! ;)