Fall swatches | I’m feeling like…

I’m feeling like the colour of leaves in autumn. Like the 40’s. Like Essie Very Structured. Like Joan Holloway. Like Slow Dancing Society’s The Warm Familiar Sound of September.


Maybe it’s something in the air, the light, the era – I don’t know, but I’m head over heels for desaturated greens, burnt sienna, tan, and a mix of mink browns to balance everything out.

It’s strange: I usually fall into a rut of brown and berry in the fall, but I’m just crazy for sienna this year. I mean, sienna; what absurdity! It looks terrible on me, which more or less explains why I couldn’t stand it. Perhaps I’ll have to find it in a handbag or pair of gloves, yeah?

Swatches from left to right: 1. Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Metal Green, 2. Lancome Colour Design Eye Shadow in Mochaccino, 3. Annabelle 4Show Eyeshadow quad in Tiger Eye, 4. Marcelle Wet & Dry Eyeshadow in Coco Chic, and 5. FaceFront Steel Finish Artistic Pigment in Lost in Nishitama.

Lips and Cheeks

Plum lips, of course. Perhaps with a mix of cranberry. And, strangely enough, burnt corals and bronzes on the cheeks – preferably matte. Tons of contouring; no colour whatsoever some days.

Swatched from left to right: Clarins Blush Prodige in Sunset Coral, MAC Lipliner in Plum, Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm in 05 Delicious Plum.

More product photos and swatches…

Fall 2011 colour inspiration

L-R: Metal Green (deep green), Mochaccino (warm matte brown), Tiger Eye (raw sienna), Coco Chic (minky brown), Lost in Nishitama (burnt sienna).

Fall 2011 colour inspiration – eyes

Swatched L-R: 1. Sunset Coral (burnt orange blush), 2. Plum (brown matte plum lipliner), 3. Delicious Plum (shimmery bright plum lipgloss).

Fall 2011 colour inspiration – lips and cheeks

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  • Jamilla

    Very Autumnal! Inspiration for…November!

  • Love all of these – especially the green, and the plum lips! I haven't quite slipped into fall colors…but I have gotten into darker ones. Smoky ones, and red lips.
    My recent post EOTD: Coral (Almost Neutral Series)

    • I haven't been wearing a lot of product recently, but I'm definitely *feeling* these! :P Need to start waking up earlier or something, if only to wear more m.u. :D

  • Yes, I love it! I also haven't fallen into fall colors yet but these swatches make me want to!
    My recent post MAC Cremeblend Blush in Ladyblush and Something Special – Review and Swatches

  • Love this so much. Thanks for the inspirational colour palette. :) That Clarins lip gloss looks stunning, and I'm not even a gloss girl.
    My recent post IMATS Toronto 2011: Show Specials From Canadian Exhibitors!

    • Np! I'd love to see what your autumn loves are, lovely :) Maybe when you get back from your trip?

  • Oh, I loved this, I could just stare at your photos for hours. Beautiful shades! x
    My recent post Finally…! Some Empties

  • Alison M

    Those eye colors are TO DIE FOR! I rediscovered a lip shade recently and I'm trying to get the perfect eye look to go with it that just screams autumn. Your eye shades are right up that alley…I tried something similar to the first two shadows yesterday and got pretty close!

  • MFunnyValentine

    I love these Autumn colours. I wear these types of colours all year round!
    My recent post My Chanel lipstick collection: photos and swatches

    • *thinks about your lovely mug in these shades*


      Seriously though Jenny; these shades were made for you!

  • Clarins Blush Prodige in Sunset Coral looks gorgeous. I don't have any cosmetics from Clarins, but I will definitely go and check out that blush soon. ^_^
    My recent post MakeupByJoyce's Giveaway (Prize Includes 15 Items)

    • Let me know what you think of it! Clarins actually has a surprising number of great products – not something I'd expect from the line (I always associate it with skincare), but definitely a nice surprise ;)

  • BooBooNinja

    Hey Rae, I think you posted the wrong photo for these swatches: "L-R: Metal Green (deep green), Mochaccino (warm matte brown), Tiger Eye (raw sienna), Coco Chic (minky brown), Lost in Nishitama (burnt sienna)."

    Gorgeous colours. I like your taste.
    I wish we were skin tone twins so I could steal all your ideas. :)

    • BooBooNinja

      Never mind. I am blind, a dolt, or both.
      I thought "metal green" was referring to a shadow, not an eyeliner. I was thrown off by the photo/swatches being shown 3x on the post.

      • (1) Steal them anyways! :D

        And (2) you're not a dolt :P It's just confusing – sorry!

  • Nina

    Ahh how I love fall and its colours. And a pair of sienna gloves is a really good idea, I think it would suit you very well =)

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