Burberry Body photos and review

Based on the name alone, I had expected Burberry Body to be a “fresh” sort of skin scent. You know the type – those light, breezy perfumes, perhaps a little aquatic and perhaps a little salty. Usually with a side of something boring: rose, perhaps, or aldehydes, or super-sweet vanilla.

Instead, the first thing I think of when I smell Burberry Body is… shea?

The product: Burberry Body (eau de parfum, 85ml)

Burberry Body doesn’t smell like any of the florientals or fruity-florals on the market right now, and it’s leaps and bounds away from your typical “date perfume.” It’s clean, and a little floral if you really stick your nose into it, but it’s also sweet and soft. There’s a disconnected creaminess about it, almost as if there are two separate ideas in the bottle, intertwined: a smooth caramel paired with a slightly jarring, almost chemical peach accord.

It’s a far stretch from the line’s other fragrance offerings, and I’d almost go so far as to say that it appeals to an entirely different section of their market – it’s more in line with their cosmetics line than their rampantly popular perfumes, as evidenced in everything from the campaign to the packaging. The coherency is still there, though; I think Burberry fanatics will definitely be able to find something to love in Body, as well.

But it’s different. It smells like the bodycare interpretation of “skin,” but the scent (despite being extremely light and close to the skin) wears forever – I can still smell it on my skin the morning after applying it.

The one reserve I have is that the packaging – it’s really, really tall. The 85ml bottle stands around 21cm/8.5″, significantly taller than any other perfume bottle in my collection. It’s very solid (and would make a great bludgeoning stick), but I feel compelled to store it on its side: I can just see myself knocking it over and breaking it! (Photos after the cut to show size.)

The EdP also comes in 60ml and 35ml versions, which look much more proportional, but it’s something to think about! (The body milk, body oil, and 85ml EdP Intense versions feature the same awkwardly-tall packaging; the 60ml EdP Intense, again, looks more normal.)

What they say about it…

An effortlessly sensual, feminine fragrance with an eclectic combination of refined ingredients.

Top notes of fresh green absinthe, illuminating peach and delicate freesia; floral heart notes of natural rose absolute, iris and warm sandalwood; base notes of woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla, amber and musk.

The bottom line

Okay, so Burberry Body isn’t the most original scent, but it’s still really, really lovely. I’d very much recommend it as a warm, comforting interpretation of an “un-perfume” perfume, in the strain of D&G Light Blue or Dior Addict 2. (Similarly: the Clean, Fresh or Philosophy lines).

Burberry Body has amazing tenacity for such a close-to-the-skin scent, and it transforms beautifully over an hour. (If you’re giving it a try, make sure to give it at least that long to dry down!) It may not be revolutionary, but it’s still a really lovely “body” scent! I’ve worn it for the past three days straight, which if you know me, says quite a bit – I quite rarely find scents that I’ll wear for more than one day in a row.

It’s a keeper ;) If you want something that smells like the campaign looks, give this one a try.

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  • fieran

    OK, that is a big bottle :) I haven't smelled it yet but I am a big fan of Burberry Brit. In fact I still have a spare bottle of it (got a two-bottle-deal at duty free awhile back). My new favourite scent is Kate Walsh's Boyfriend. Have you smelled that one before? It smells different, completely non-feminine but it's a pleasant scent.

    • My goodness, girl! I don't think I've ever bought a back-up bottle of a fragrance – I'm a bit too product-ADD for that :P My hat's off to you for your product loyalty, though : o )

      I've smelled Boyfriend, but I think I like it more in theory than in execution. I'll have to give it another try, though; I keep hearing such great things about it!

  • Jamilla

    I wear the spray oil, which is deeply hydrating and has a delicious smell!

    • Ooh, good choice! Everything about this scent screams that it would be perfect as a spray oil – it's nice to know it doesn't disappoint :)

  • AdorableOnYourVanity

    Its so tall! I am a big fan of clean perfumes, so I'll give this one a try~ it sounds lovely~
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  • Oops, looks like I'm the naysayer here…I don't like it! I tried it for a full day, and that peach smell, ugh. Not a fan! I actually would have preferred something more fresh and clean, to be honest.

    • Lol! I think this is just the right amount of fresh and clean :P But, I mean, I'm pretty biased – I'm really not one for zingy, soapy scents.

      • I'm not really either, but I've noticed that perfumes with any amount of fruit tend to smell *really* fruity on me, so all I get with Body is lots of SYNTHETIC PEACH. It's disgusting. Which is a shame, because I could have really used a bottle that doubled as a weapon.

        • No! It just needs time to dry down – the peach is gone within a half hour (at least on me), but the base notes wear right up until the next morning ;)

          • No, I wore it a full day :P It does last long. By nighttime I was sick of it…it was peach allllll day.
            My recent post Silk Naturals

          • *sympathy hugs* :P

  • I literally laughed out loud at the size comparison photo. That is massive!

    I used to wear Burberry Brit, and while I think it's still a nice scent, I find that my fragrance taste has sorta grown up since then. But this sounds really nice actually. I'm going to give it a sniff! :)
    My recent post Look I’m Loving: Giorgio Armani for Spring/Summer 2012 At Milan Fashion Week.

    • I KNOW! It's either a very large perfume bottle or a slightly smaller-than-average bludgeoning stick. :P

      Let me know if you like it – I'd be interested to find out!

  • I wasn't on-board until you mentioned Philosophy. I have two quite different tastes in perfume, one is really sweet, warm and florientals, and the other is soap. I adore the smell of soap, and one of my favourite perfumes is Philosophy's Pure Grace. I have to say I'm now really excited to try this one, I love that clean smell :)

    • But it doesn't smell soapy, Cami! (I actually kind of hate "soap" scents – this has the same clean feeling, but… minus the soap bit.) It might fill your sweet, warm requirements, though ;)

  • Rae don't BEAT me…but…I have a sample of this and I haven't even tried it yet. I AM A BAD PERSON.

  • The message is definitely the method here – I can't imagine Burberry Body being anything but light and airy and feminine. Awesome review, I will check it out soon!
    My recent post Rouge Primer: Thayers & Duchess Marden

    • Ooh, no, not at all – the opening is light and airy, but the drydown is warm and sweet. And okay, so it is pretty feminine, but it's not girly or aggressively floral, so it's not a bad thing in my books :P

      Hope you like it, Julie!

  • This was ALL OVER EUROPE when I was there. I couldn't swing a stick without hitting a bottle of this over there I tell ya. I kind of liked it actually too. I didn't notice any peach on me, just that shea smell. But I do think I will pick up a small bottle of it at duty free on my way back from Disneyland in November. :P Wanna come with. :)
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    • Oh, but if I could! :P

      I wonder if the marketing for Body is going to get more prominent here as the months pass – I think they're doing a phenomenal job with it online, but I haven't really seen the campaign in "real life" yet! Perhaps they're just focusing the scent in European markets for now?

  • It was nice but didn't really capture me upon a cursory whiff. (Next time I'll try a spritz.) I just want it for the bottle. In fact, I wish it was even taller. Then I can use it as a fancy walking stick.
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    • Lol!! How great would that be – a walking stick with your favourite perfume built in? Oooh, and a sword, of course! :D

      Such potential.

  • I've been curious about Body for a while. Definitely must check it out now.
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  • Rae after your review I'm convinced I need this. Bottle height be damned!!
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  • I love this perfume! I'm really bad at describing scents but when I put this on my skin it becomes this warm floral smell. Like a pot of floral tea lol. Anyway, i love your photographs.
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    • Thank you, Jackie!

      That's not actually a bad description at all, if you ask me ;) Sort of… a sweetened floral tea; a nice lavender/caramel rooibos. Definitely tasty!