Three new fragrance trailers

It’s becoming quite a thing, isn’t it? These little mini-films that accompany launches. Well; I’m certainly not complaining!

Lancome Trésor Midnight Rose

I was really quite looking forward to the Trésor Midnight Rose film with Emma Watson, but I don’t know – now that it’s out, I’m not really feeling it. It’s gorgeous, of course, but it just seems too… expected. Girl meets boy, boy loses girl, boy miraculously runs into girl again in a big city, girl and boy falls in love.

Because that hasn’t been in a the ad copy for a hundred fragrances before.

But, I do like the slightly edge to the vibe of the film, and Emma looks amazing (as always)! Thoughts? (Is it maybe a little too violet? I don’t think I’ve ever said that before – but this one feels a little too violet! Or perhaps it’s just the fuchsia undertones that are getting to me.)

Dior J’Adore

Another much-anticipated recent release was the new Dior J’Adore spot, with Charlize Theron. And it did not disappoint! It’s just as riveting and glamorous as their first commercial together, and the CG in the clip is absolutely flawless – not to mention, it’s absolutely ingenious.

It’s easy to do the expected with fragrance trailers, but I honestly think this one is spot-on. I mean, I, for one, totally didn’t see it coming – and love it all the more for that.

Bottega Veneta

Finally, we’ve got a clip that I wasn’t really expecting; wasn’t really waiting for. The new Bottega Veneta films quietly appeared online, without a lot of anticipation beforehand. I didn’t love the first one, but this one – okay, the start’s a little slow, but the visuals are absolutely gorgeous, the bottle is glowing, and the colour palette is breathtaking. I’d love to hear what you ladies think of it!

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  • i was pretty underwhelmed by the midnight rose and in some of the model-y shots, emma looks a bit stiff or uncomfortable. i dunno, i guess i was expecting more coz i kind of love this girl :p.
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    • Same here! She's gorgeous – and I don't think I've ever seen her looking so uncomfortable before! :(

  • BooBooNinja

    I saw the J'Adore ad online soon after it was released. I thought it was wonderful.
    I'll have to check out the other too when I get home. Thanks for sharing!

    • Np! I loved the J'Adore ad right off the bat, too – to be honest, it's the reason why I decided to post post some of the recent fragrance spots :p

  • I do agree with you on the whole front: Emma Watson is a bit… meh, J'adore has a great vibe, and I really enjoy the Bottega Veneta visuals, I actually want to check out the fragrance now that I've seen the clip!
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    • Let me know what you think of it! I haven't seen it on-counters here quiet yet (but perhaps I'm just not looking hard enough) :)

  • Katrine

    The Midnight Rose is super disappointing, I think. All that is lovely in this kind of perfume ad – the magic and glamour, as in the Dior, or striving for some kind of visual that people can imagine as scent, which is what I see in the Bottega Veneta – cut out and exchanged for (beautiful) plodding everyday-ish-ness. I was really looking forward to it, too – I usually love the overdone, humongous budget (I suppose) perfume-films, with likable actresses too, even! :D

    • Well said, Katrine – even if it's an unfortunate thing to admit :P Have you seen the Vera Wang Lovestruck ad, with Leighton Meester? I have to admit; I wasn't expecting to like that one (but kind of did!)

  • I absolutely love the ending of that Bottega Veneta film! I actually rewatched it (just the last 15 seconds because it's so. darn. cool).

    I was a little bit disappointed with the Midnight Rose ad as well, I think they could have done so much more with it.
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    • YES! It was admittedly a little difficult for my ADD brain to get through the beginning, but I absolutely adore the end. Isn't it gorgeous?

  • Soo

    I love the Dior one. I saw it recently and just watched it again. Charlize Theron is so pretty and the CG for the classic ladies was really good imo
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  • Sugar

    OMG the Trésor one is absolutely hideous. Emma looks like a heavily made up kid, the violet hues are distracting, the repeating scenes… Ugh!

    You can't go wrong with Charlize Theron. She oozes class. My OCD doesn't like this clip because it probably can't tell all the classic ladies starring in it.

    The Bottega one is gorgeous!

    • LOL, you really don't mince words, do you? :P It's okay; you can just say what the rest of us are thinking :D

      • Sugar

        Hey, at least I liked the two other ones, hahaha :D

  • The Tresor vid is cute but I agree with the consensus that there's something wrong with it. I think Lancome skipped the teenagers and went straight for the adolescent demo. I'm not even going to bother sniffing it even though I loved the original Tresor.

    I got impatient with the BV video and forwarded to the end. I love the simple look of the bottle and the scene of the woman applying it to her neck. Definitely intrigued! I didn't even know they were coming out with a perfume, so thanks for THE NOTICE! (LOL) ;) ;)
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    • Haha, you're welcome! :P And can I just say that NO ONE HAS EVER MADE THAT JOKE BEFORE?! I've been waiting almost four years for it! :D

      • BooBooNinja

        ha ha :) Now it's going to be the first thing I think of when your blog pops up on my Google Reader.

      • GET OUT! That's crazy!

        *happy dance*
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  • I've always LOVED that Dior one.. I'm a big Charlize Theron fan :)
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