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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I know, I know, we just did one of these ten days ago, but there have just been SO many launches recently! Anyhow, give this post a skip if you’re not interested (I think we’ll put up a Caudalie review in a few, maybe?) but for those of you who are

Nieman’s Dior Nail Bar

Enough said.

(Actually, that’s not true, I do have one more thing to say: I have no idea how that lipstick got in there. But I cannot make it go away.)


God, I just – too many collections to deal with. Styledriven and Posh Paradise are the two coming out right about now, right? I don’t know; all I really care about is the fact that the Pro Longwear Eyeshadows and Lipsticks look amazing. Collection, smollecckshum!

Right now, I’m dying to try on Soft Sell and Till Tomorrow, but I’m never quite sure when it comes to Christine’s swatches: that woman’s lips could make me want anything, I swear!

Mmmm, and the Matchmaster foundation, which sounds absolutely fab (shade range in particular.) It’s a shame the formula contains ‘cones!

Just… stuff. You know, the stuff-like stuff.

This week’s steals

The widget above was getting rather full, so I thought maybe we’d separate these out – just a few great deals. Hello, $8 NARS eyeshadows!

P.S. I’m starting to compile “New…” posts for holiday collections, too. Can I just say that there are some really exciting things coming out this winter?! I mean, this. This. This! /flail

Disclaimer: this post contains a bunch of affiliate links, which means that by clicking on the pretty pictures, you’re helping to support this blog. Said funds help pay for completely frivolous expenses, like running our own domain and paying Canada Post exorbitant amounts of money whenever Rae gets her act together and remembers to run a giveaway.

(One of those is coming up, by the way. A big one of those. Don’t let me forget!)

The New Black – or, perhaps, the gorgeous new brown | A Clinique Black Honey makeup look

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a girl who didn’t love Clinique Black Honey.

You can read the rest of that story here, but the important stuff is going to be in this post. Well – this post, plus a few more, but those ones haven’t happened yet so we can only allude to them for now.

Like the iconic Almost Lipstick, I think the eyeshadow quad and blusher are best suited for warm-toned skin, but that’s not to say they’re not gorgeous on cooler tones as well! I paired this look with MAC Teddy instead of the Black Honey Brush-On Cream Liner – the cream liner is just so hyped; I’m terrified to try it. (Because, well, what if I don’t like it?! It would crush my cream liner dreams.)

Anyhow, I’m happy to report that the eye khol, which I’ve reviewed previously, pairs just as well with the quad as expected (if not better). A review for the quad’s upcoming, but for those of you on the fence about it: if you love Teddy, you’ll love this quad. Honestly, the two are like peas in a (very pretty) pod!

More photos, outtakes, and a product breakdown »

Coming up later today (whenever the internet decides to stop being sketchy)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It was a coin-toss between Clinique Lid Smoothies and Clinique Black Honey, but I think we’ll go with the makeup look (BH) rather than the swatches (LS). Though, you’ll see those soon, too!

(What can I say; I’m in a Clinique mood today. And I want to go outside; it’s deliciously sunny! But instead I’m in here, studying the evolution of the brain, and asomatognosia, and Nissl stains, and telencephalons and diencephalons and aaaaaaHHHHHHHHhhhhh I’m in over my head with this course.)

First time | FACE atelier on HauteLook

Monday, September 19, 2011

I was a little disappointed to see a complete lack of Facade (which Cami totally has me lemming), but I thought I’d give you the heads-up all the same!

The sale can be found here, and our invite link is here. Happy shopping ;)

Get on board for sight | L’Occitane and ORBIS

Sunday, September 18, 2011

There’s a lot about L’Occitane that I simply didn’t know – and, of course, undoubtedly even more that I still don’t know. Today, I found out that the brand partakes in a large amount of charitable work through the L’Occitane Foundation, focussing (currently) on supporting the visually impaired, facilitating the economic emancipation of women in Burkina Faso, and the preservation of the knowledge of nature.

The brand is pairing once again with ORBIS, a non-governmental organization that focuses on fighting avoidable blindness and helping to eradicate and treat eye diseases in India, Bangladesh, and Burkina Faso. Read more about ORBIS {here}, or about about L’Occitane’s support of the visually impaired {here}.

Two charitable products will be launching, inspired by the ORBIS plane: a pink, floral bar (grape, blackcurrant, and white rose), and a fresh, blue bar (verbena, lemon, and grapefruit.) Keep an eye out for these two shea-butter-enriched soaps!

From the release…

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