Black Box Week | Annabelle “Black Spark” Liquid Eyeliner review, photos, swatches

The product: Annabelle Liquid Eyeliner in Black Spark

The shade: Black Spark is an inky black with a ton of super-finely-milled silver microshimmer. It has a non-sticky finish, but I *think* it’s got a bit of a vinyl sheen to it – I say think, because I’m not totally certain! Perhaps that’s just the shimmer being sneaky and tricky.

The wear: I know that I bitch about it all the time, but the fact is, 98% of the liners out there are going to migrate on my lids. Like an Ellis Faas or Lancome liquid liner, though Black Spark holds up like a dream come true – and at just a fraction of the cost. I get zero smudging, flaking, or bleeding throughout the entire day, no priming or powdering necessary.

Annabelle “Black Spark” Liquid Liner in indirect sunlight; no flash.

Also similar to the Ellis and Lancome liners (and for that matter, similarly to almost all the liquid products which wear well in my eye area), Annabelle’s liquid liners rinse off in “bits.” So, if you give this a go, don’t be frightened! :P (Photo under the cut.)

The applicator: Annabelle’s liquid liners feature a short, stiff foam applicator. I’m really quite fond of it; the length and sturdiness give a lot of control, and it’s easy to get your line just right. If I’m doing a particularly large wing or a graphic sort of liner, though, I do find that I have to re-dip part way (because the applicator’s so small). I don’t think this is an issue for “normal” eye makeup, but I figured I may as well mention it!

The ingredients:

C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, water, butylparaben, cellulose, glyceryl stearate, hectorite, isobutylparaben, isopropylparaben, magnesium aluminum silicate, oleyl alcohol, propylene glycol, stearic acid, triethanolamine, xanthan gum. +/- colourants.

The verdict?

Black Out, a liquid liner from Annabelle’s regular line, was my first-ever drugstore eyeliner purchase – and I while I liked it alright, I love this one. It’s not just that the shimmer of Black Spark is spot-on (though it is), or that it’s got a vinyl finish (which it does), but I’m almost 100% certain that the formula has changed.

(For the better. Just in case that wasn’t obvious.)

See, the last Annabelle Liquid Eyeliner I tried was “pretty good,” but this one is is actually awesome. I’ve got it on the back of my hand right now, and I can quite literally scrub away at it with my other palm without incurring any damage to the liner. I can even go at it with a sopping wet cotton pad & come away with zero transfer – it’s that waterproof. But, soak it with a little bit of makeup remover, and it’ll rinse right off!

In short: this is amazing. The amazingest kind of amazing in all of amazingland, and unlike the other two budge-proof liners I’ve found so far, this one’ll run you less than (!) $10.

Even if Annabelle’s liquid liners have let you down in the past, I’d still encourage you to give Black Spark a try. At the very least, give it an in-store swtach – it’s worth your time.

Following a quick wipe with makeup remover on a cotton pad

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  • Love how good you are with the wing! I'm a little jealous!
    My recent post Wet N' Wild Color Icon Trio: I'm Getting Sunburned

    • Haha, thank you! I'm rather neurotic about my winged liner; my lids don't actually match, so it's hart do make it look even :P

  • Rosemary

    Looks like ol’ deep set eyes here will be begging Canadian relatives to make a purchase for yours truly.

    Speaking of le tiny eyes, did you end up checking out the UD eyelash curler/torture device/potential amazingness?

  • if it comes off in bits like that, then i'm going to say you're probably right, it does have a vinyl sheen to it. l'oréal telescopic is the same way. love the shimmer though, reminds me of "mystic black" from their hype collection but that one didn't stick around as well.

    dammit, rae! you've done it again – i want this liner and the smoothie eyeshadow now… *grudgingly heads to shoppers drug mart*
    My recent post Diorskin Nude Glow Bronzer in Sunset – Not Just Pretty In The Pan!

    • Ooh, it does, does it? *intrigued*

      Not sure if this one is LE, but I hope it isn't! Hope you like it, too : o )

  • Thanks for posting this! Saw it in store yesterday and wasn't sure to buy or not. It's very similar to the new Stila Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners which are beautiful and stay forever, but also around $30 after tax. Can't wait to try this…it seems like it's pretty much the same product at a fraction of the price. Woo!

    I was really bored with Annabelle but it looks like they're really aggressively pushing out new (and quality) products!

    • Np! Hope you like it :)

      I was rather disappointed with Annabelle spring/summer 2011 as well (not that it was bad; it's just that I liked spring 2010 a lot more), but things are definitely looking up for the fall! Really loving what I've been seeing.

  • The migration issue is a biggie for me. I want this badly now! Right now!
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    • Lol! Give it a go – it's not even $10, after all; how could you say no? ;)

  • Tracy

    I also saw this in the store and was wondering to get or not to get…should have waited until Black Box Week was over darn it! Back to Shopper's I go…Oh! btw girls there's a $1 off if you buy two Annabelle products coupon on the Black Box display!
    My recent post I'm So Excited About The Muppets Holiday Lacquers Collection!

    • Lol!! I hope you end up picking it up; I'm kinda crazy about it right now.

      & ty for the heads up! Will try to remember to mention that to the rest of our readers : )

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  • BooBooNinja

    I’ll keep this in mind for the next time Annabelle is on sale (unless you’ve found something better). How long did the the bottle last? Did it dry out on you?

    • It's been just short of a year so far, and it still hasn't dried up :)