Airbrushing eye looks | taming brows, erasing dark circles, and perfecting your eye makeup

Before you ask, yes, I will eventually get around to discussing how to take eye of the day photos. For now, though, I hope this Photoshop how-to will suffice!

At twelve minutes and a bit, I don’t think it’s too terribly long, but in case you need some persuading to watch, here’s what it covers:

  • How to Photoshop a portfolio-ready eye shot
  • Perfecting brows by hand (and cleaning up stray hairs with the healing brush)
  • Creating depth with the burn tool
  • Erasing dark circles

But I’m sure you didn’t really need that extra convincing, right? ;)

Wait! Before you go – any interest in learning how to draw in false lashes? I’d be more than happy to do a quick (five-minutes-or-less, I promise) tutorial on creating the perfect fringe of lashes, just let me know!

As always, thanks for watching, reading, and commenting :)

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  • jamilla

    No wonder your pics look so much better than mine – I don't Photoshop!

  • Is it possible to photoshop my actual face? :D I would like to permanently banish my dark circles with a blur brush. Thanks!
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  • Also, I just thought you'd like to know…I had earphones in, and had to turn the volume on my computer way up to hear your lovely voice. I forgot about this when I turned my music back on after the video. My ears are still recovering. X_X
    My recent post Darling Girl Cosmetics Part III: Glitter Glue

  • I have to admit, I was going to watch this, but then got distracted by video games. *bookmarks for a later date*

  • Nina

    You have a beautiful voice! Please do more videos ^^ Oh and a video for false lashes is a good idea, please do that too. I don't have anything to do with photoshop (don't have the skillz and placez for it) but I love watching your videos about it, you're making it quite easy to understand for me.

    • Lol! Thanks, Nina :P I'm really glad the series isn't all just super-confusing!