Redken Nature’s Rescue Radiant Sea Spray is a fresh, silicone-free surprise

The product: Redken Nature’s Rescue Radiant Sea Spray

Redken describes this as a time-touch hair fragrance, and I’ll admit that such a label doesn’t exactly put it up my alley. However, I’ve read good things about other products in the line, and I’ve been promising more silicone-free hair care posts for a while now, so I figured… well, what the heck, right?

I’ve been trying my best, recently, to make sure I haven’t passed up a gem in my pile of products – and this is another one of those gems ;) It’s the first product I’ve been able to use in my hair since going ‘cone-free, and I’ve been absolutely loving it. The scent really does last all day, not really “hanging about” so much as it comes and goes with movement and such. I’d expected that “bursts of oceanic scent” would just be marketingese (that’s the technical term, of course), but the description is surprisingly accurate!

From a haircare point of view, the product’s not too shabby, either. My biggest worry was that it would make my scalp break out (our ‘cone-sensitive readers might know what I’m talking about here), but it’s smooth sailing with this spray. I usually spritz it on after styling, sort of as an afterthought, and it leaves my hair soft, shiny, and touchable – another huge thumbs-up. No sticky residue, helmet-head hold, or limp hair here!

The verdict?

If you like fresh, aquatic scents, definitely give this one a go. It’s sort of like a hair freshener, if that makes any sense, and I love the simple, beachy vibes it gives off. The packaging is my only complaint (it’s a little too light on the “mist” and little too heavy on the “soak”), but for the long-lasting freshness and the 100% touchable finish (like I haven’t any product in my hair at all), I’m willing to forgive and forget.

While we’re being honest… I’m dying to see more silicone-free products from Redken. They did a really lovely job with this one!

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  • Is that big old jar conditioner? *Is intrigued*
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  • oh oh oh! i need this in my liiiife!

    i have a strong-ish sense of smell so if anyone's cooking or smoking, i WILL smell that stuff in my hair >.<

    i should definitely pick one of these babies up!
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    • Lol!! I hope you like the scent ^^ (Heck, even if you don't, it's bound to be looooads better than smoke, yeah?)

  • Sounds lovely, might try and hunt this range down :)

    • Do let me know what you think of it, if you give it a go? : )

  • Marisa

    Hi Rae, do you know where I can buy these? This is so good!!

    • Hi Marisa,

      Have you checked the Redken site for retail locations? I'm not sure where you live, so I'm afraid I can't tell you exactly where to find them! Good luck with the search :)

  • Nina

    Oh they sound niice. But I wish I had access to them. Hmm, do you know of any other similar products from more globally accessible brands, I wonder? By the way, I finally got my test results (I already got the blood test results but then came a patch test and it just ended today). According to the results, I'm allergic to nothing but, and that's a huge but, for some unknown reason I react like an allergic person. But I'm not allergic. Some products turn my lips and hands and feet into hell, but some wonderfully soothe them. I'm really confused and sick of this situation now. Oh and my doctor gave me an allergy med! Man, I'm reaaaally really confused :(

    • Hmm. I think some perfumes come in hair spray versions? It would really depend on what kind of scent you were looking for, though!

      It's awesome to hear that your test results come in clean, even if you're still reacting to god-knows-what! **huge hugs** I guess it's time to start in on a ton of less-than-fun ingredient testing; see how it goes?

      • Nina

        Yeah I think the same thing too :( I didn't check the ingredients yet but so far MAC lippies, Rimmel lippies and kiehl's lipbalm are treating nice to me. But Clarins isn't! That's heartbreaking. I better start researching ingredients *nerd mode on*

        • Haha, atta girl! I hope you end up finding a few ranges that work for you ♥

          Not sure if it's helpful, but my sister (who has insanely sensitive lips) has had a lot of luck with the Cargo PlantLove and Clinique (non-SPF) lines. Perhaps you could give them a try if you haven't already? :)

          • Nina

            I haven't tried anything Cargo yet but I will check it out next time I'm at the mall and I'm currently trying out Clinique, thanks for recommending ^^

  • You had me at oceanic scent…:)
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